HoPE (Heaven on Planet Earth) is possible.

At Tripura Foundation, we are committed to inspiring and building HoPE for as many lives as we are able to reach, with each generous donation we receive.

This blog was created as a means to give you — our friends, supporters and donors — a more interactive look and feel into our HoPE projects and programs.  A window into how your heartfelt donations are being best used.  We invite you to get to know us and the people we serve on a closer and more personal level.

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Basking In The Bounties Of Basketry

Learning how to make something beautiful or useful = learning a skill that can provide essential life income.  And basketry is such a skill.

Ms. Karpagam Meenakshi conducted vocational classes on basket making  for Hope Learning Center children. She also taught creative crafts, including bowls made from dry coconut shells, bouquets made from newspapers and dry flowers, and pen stands made from ice cream sticks.

When the classes came to an end, the children thanked her for such useful guidance.

Some children decided to make the baskets and sell them for Rs. 150 in local fancy stores and make a profit of Rs. 100, which will help them pay for their studies and even partially support their families.

It doesn’t take much to fill the life baskets of children with HoPE. For only $10 per month, you can sponsor a HoPE Center child all year long, including attendance at summer workshops. For a onetime gift of $30, you can cover the costs of a local child during one of these transformative summer trainings.

Also, keep an eye open for upcoming stories with photos about our children learning other  skills within their special chosen trade groups!

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As Sweet As Can Be

Q: What could be sweeter than a cake baking class?

A:  A cake baking class teaching children a skill to support themselves and their families held at a HoPE Learning Center in Coimbatore, India.


Mrs. Elizabeth came from the Middle East and brought along recipes for many types of cakes.  Her specialty is a cake made with dates.

She demonstrated to the children how to bake the cake using a pressure cooker for times when other ovens might not be readily available.

She also spoke about different types of cakes and how to make them delicious, yet also cost-effective.

Under her guidance, our HoPE Center children enthusiastically baked three types of cakes, which they shared with each other and bundled up in pieces to take home to their parents.

They declared that in the future they will prepare a fine cake for Babaji’s birthday.

It doesn’t take much to fill the lives of children with HoPE and Sweetness. For only $10 a month, you can sponsor a HoPE Center child all year long, including attendance at summer workshops. For a onetime gift of $30, you can cover the costs of a local child during one of these transformative summer trainings.

Keep an eye open for more upcoming stories with photos about our children learning other  skills within their special chosen trade groups!


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In The Eye Of The Beholder

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

At a recent summer vocational training class held at a HoPE Learning Center in Coimbatore, children were taught how to recognize inner beauty and how to make everyone more beautiful on the outside as well.

Long-time beautician Mrs. Nithya, taught eager girls and boys how to use readily-available natural resources to beautify the hair, skin and nails of clients. She spoke about how healthy foods and fitness keep bodies and minds youthful and how different kinds of skin and hair require different beauty regimens.

She trained the children in creating different types of hair styles and Mehandi designs.

All of these skills could significantly enhance the incomes of these girls and boys in years to come.

It doesn’t take much to fill the lives of children with wonderment and beauty.

For only $10 a month, you can sponsor a HoPE Center child all year long, including attendance at summer workshops. For a one-time gift of $30, you can cover the costs of a local child during one of these transformative summer trainings.

Keep an eye open for more upcoming stories with photos about our children learning other  skills within their special chosen trade groups!

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Instilling Skills, Transforming Lives

At HoPE Learning Centers, children are taught many things – traditional academics, innovative life lessons, physical fitness, cultural awareness and skills that will possibly improve their abilities to support themselves in life.

During May, at RG Pudur Center, sixty children (40 HoPE Center students and 20 locals) were inaugurated into one of Tripura Foundation’s voc-ed summer training camps, where they welcomed esteemed volunteers, experts in their fields, with hand-made bouquets of flowers.

After initial presentations, like one about how to practice and  improve listening skills, the children were broken up into small groups to learn about basket making, cake making, crafts using waste materials, glass and fabric painting, jewelry making, hair styling and tailoring.

At the end of the program, all of the children were happy that they learned trades that were enjoyable and could spare them from hard futures trying to eke out wages as unskilled laborers.

Unfortunately, despite enormous popularity, we had to limit attendance at these popular workshops.  However, it doesn’t take much to transform the lives of children. For only $10 a month, you can sponsor a HoPE Center child all year long, including attendance at summer workshops. For a one-time gift of $30, you can cover the attendance of a local child during one of these transformative monthly training events.

Also, keep an eye open for upcoming stories with photos about our children learning skills within their specially chosen trade groups!

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HoPE for the Children of the World: How it All Began

About 20 years ago, I began my work in India.  I stayed in a room that had large ceiling-to-floor windows.  Across the street at an apartment complex, there was a young girl who was 8 years old who sat on a pile of dirt all day and opened the gate for all the cars of the residents.   She and her family lived in a tiny tomb-like enclosure in a pillar next to the gate.  Her mother cleaned the apartments and her father did maintenance work there.

The young girl had a very bright, beautiful and lively face.  Since I witnessed her daily life of monotonous work from her station on the pile of dirt, I began to wonder about her future and if she ever dreamt of going to school and creating a different life for herself.  I became attached to her and contemplated how I could sponsor her education.  Our staff invited her to our house, and I asked her about her dreams.  She wanted to be an accountant.  I offered to her and her father that I would pay for any school fees, and even offered that she could stay with us, since we had electricity, for her to study at night and people to tutor her.

Her father refused my offer, and said she needed to continue with her work as the gate-keeper.  The years passed by and she grew to be a young lady, and daily she still sat on a pile of dirt and opened the gate for the residents.  I wondered at her inner life- how did she face each day knowing that it would be a day of grinding poverty and monotonous chores, and that her dreams were hopeless to achieve without education?  What was it like to live in a tiny tomb in a pillar with 4 people, and see life from a station on a pile of dirt?  How many other children were living the same desperate lives, unseen and unheard and no opportunity in sight?  I could have been that young girl, instead of growing up in the US with everything I needed to be anyone I wanted to be.

I vowed to do what I could to bring transformational education to as many poor children in India as possible, and give them the opportunity to learn how to dream of a new life, and take steps in every way to make that dream a reality.  We began our educational programs first in a tutoring center in a slum for the children of fishermen, and then by partnering with the Rotary Club to provide alternative education on the weekends for their Boystown.  Today we have 101 of our own after-school centers throughout India for 4040 of the poorest children living in broken families in remote villages, and we deliver our educational programs in 40 schools for 16,000 underprivileged children in US, Mexico and India- and expanding to more children every day.

What happened to the beautiful girl, my neighbor?  Eventually we moved, and I never saw her ever again.  However, her memory is etched on my heart forever.  Likely she grew up to be a maid like her mother- illiterate and married to an illiterate husband, with children of her own.  She probably stopped hoping and dreaming, and just lived.

Every day there are children all over the world living through hopeless situations that are like a mini-prison- growing up to live in a permanent prison of poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of jobs, lack of money, lack of everything.  At Tripura Foundation, we are dedicated to bringing these children the HoPE of transformational education that empowers their brain, lights up their soul, brightens their faces and inspires inner dreams that blossom into new lives of achievement and fulfillment, and service to their family and communities.

And HoPE is happening every day- we invite you to join our mission to bring HoPE to the world.  To us, HoPE means Heaven on Planet Earth- a world of peace, love and prosperity for all.

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Chinnaka Sings Songs of HoPE

Looking back with tears in her eyes, Chinnaka described the day when she first heard the news that her son and daughter-in-law died in a motor vehicle accident in which they were traveling.

It was the day that she gave up singing due to sorrow and stress.

Chinnaka was suddenly the full-time guardian of her two grandchildren, a boy and a girl, who were too young to support themselves. She met all of their needs until they were taken into a hostel because Chinnaka was too old to work. She has a government pension, but it is too meager to pay for enough food to even feed herself.

Chinnaka just about lost all hope until she was selected for our HoPE for the Elderly program after being identified by a group of HoPE Learning Center students.

Thanks to our compassionate children for identifying this need, and our generous sponsors, Chinnaka and 75 other destitute elders receive monthly groceries and toiletries (including rice, Toor dal, sunflower oil, chili powder, pepper, cumin seeds, mustard, pickle bottle, bath soap, washing soap, shampoo, tooth powder, coconut oil, cough syrup, and pain relieving gel) to help keep them fed, groomed an in less pain. They also receive occasional items of clothing. More importantly, they know that they are cared for and not completely forsaken by humanity.

Most importantly, Chinnaka again has a smiling face and once again sings plenty of happy folk songs.

For only $30 a month, you can feed, clothe, comfort and restore dignity to a poor elderly person like Chinnaka. You could be the one to restore a HoPEful song or save a precious life!

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From Trauma to Triumph – Bharathi Thrives Again!

Traumatic events can happen at any time. The more frightened and helpless someone feels, the more likely s/he is to be traumatized. Victims may experience upsetting emotions, frightening memories, or senses of constant danger. Or, they might feel numb, disconnected, and unable to trust other people. When bad things happen, it can take a while to get over the pain and feel safe again, especially if the victim or loved one of a victim is a child.

Bharathi is in 7th grade and attends her local HoPE Learning Center after school. According to her teachers, she is a bright and bold student, but Bharathi’s abilities to focus on studies and excel in school were significantly impacted when her father met with an accident which led to the amputation of his right leg.

This was a terrible blow to Bharathi and her mother, who works at a construction site as a laborer. Not only did the family suffer major losses of income, but Bharathi became fearful and stressed. She lost sleep due to nightmares. She was no longer cheerful, and she lost interest in pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher.

Seeing her plight, our HoPE mentors consoled and counseled her. Other students were coached on how to support her with friendship and kindness.

Because of the support she received from her HoPE Learning Center, Bharathi overcame the effects of this sudden, traumatic experience. She recently reported that she is no longer having nightmares and is again thriving in school just before final exams.

Reach out NOW to help us help another child like Bharathi. For only $10 a month, this kind act will also cleanse away layers of your karmic trauma!

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Marcos Finds A Smile

At Tripura Foundation, one of our greatest satisfactions is witnessing the positive transformation of children; even one small child.

At first sight, Marcos Gabriel García Crespo seems quite serious and shy. This is because he didn’t grow up knowing how to smile. He lives in a small shack in La Paz, Mexico with his parents and three siblings. Life is tough and they rarely have enough to eat or to celebrate.

When we asked him what had changed for him after he attended activities at his local HoPE Learning Center, he replied:Since I started coming to the Center I feel joy. I am happy! I like coming here because I learn many things, play and eat. When we do the Phonemic Intelligence sounds, I see purple, pink and blue lights and I feel great. At home, I’m more relaxed; and, at school, I am learning better.”

Unfortunately, this former HoPE Center is no longer operational due to situations beyond Tripura Foundation’s control. Yet, Tripura Foundation helps many children like Marcos through our Phonemic Intelligence school programs in Mexico, India, the USA and other nations.

For a one-time gift of $108, you too can bring a smile to the face of a sweet child like Marcos for an entire year.  Donate today!

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From Silent Victim To Social Butterfly…

When Manjula first came to her local HoPE Learning Center less than a year ago, she was sad, silent and ignored almost everything that happened around her.

She sunk low to the ground and did not know how to laugh and play with the other children. Now, she is happy, peaceful and enjoying her life in connection with everyone around her.

When first approached, she nervously twitched. She could barely talk with a teacher about her about her favorite flowers. When asked about her family, she immediately tensed and recoiled. Yet, with gentle prompting, she shared bits and pieces of her life story.

Manjula’s father was an alcoholic who came home every day to verbally abuse the entire family. As the oldest child, Manjula felt like she had to take care of her little brother and protect him from her father. She avoided contact with other children so that they wouldn’t see what was going on.

Her mother worked in the neighbourhood and brought home scraps of food, but she had never tried to end this cycle of abuse because she didn’t recognize that it was a cycle that she could help end.

So, HoPE Learning Center teachers stepped in. They spoke to Manjula’s mother about how parental behaviors were affecting her children and gave her tools to make positive changes. Armed with knowledge, she finally took steps to correct the behaviours of her alcoholic husband.

Since then, Manjula’s father stopped drinking and both parents have  been taking proper care of their children.

Manjula talks non-stop about all the beautiful things she has experienced in her life. She says that she finally feels safe and free to soar like a social butterfly among her peers. She is grateful to Tripura Foundation for the changes in her life and aims to make future children at her HoPE Learning Center proud of what she will accomplish when she grows up.

Everyone is pleased about the positive transformation of Manjula; but, for every child who we are able to help find her/his wings, there are many more who still suffer in silence. For only $10 a month, you could help completely transform the life of a precious child.

Help us save one, right now!

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May 8 | One Day-a-Year to Maximize Charitable Actions

On May 8th [Sunday], the effects of our charitable actions are their most powerful during a rare once-a-year celestial alignment known as “Akshaya Tritiya,” or the “Non-Depleting 3rd Moon.”

Ancient Seers have revealed that the charitable work done with a pure heart on this day is the secret to receiving our own material and spiritual blessings.

“Feeding a starved human being and helping the poor with needed items are keys to receive material and spiritual blessings”. – Dr. Pillai

 What can you do on this day to maximize the benefits?

  • Offer to help others, even in small ways, at work or home
  • Feed the hungry
  • Lift up those in suffering in prayer, meditation or intention
  • Donate clothes, home items, or things you no longer need

Tripura invites you to maximize the power of your giving by feeding the undernourished children, women, and men of rural India.  For every $1 you give, 5 meals are fed to those in severe need through Million Meals of HoPE.

Make a small sacrifice by skipping a restaurant meal or an entertainment and look what you can do…
  • $20 feeds 100 meals 
  • $50 feeds 250 meals
  • $100 feeds 500 meals.

Invite in the biggest blessings, when you commit to regular service to those in need.  Select “charge my card monthly” when you make your donation to become a monthly sponsor.

Click Here to Make a Contribution to Million Meals of Hope.

Take advantage of the one day of the year guaranteed to multiply your ability to help and be helped.


Your Tripura Team

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