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April 2010
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  • Official Launch of Our New Blog Site
  • Girlstown Year-End Wrap Out Party
  • From the Volunteer Diary
  • HoPE Town Manila HoPE Family Profile
  • HoPE Town India Update
  • Global Donations
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  • Official Launch- Welcome to Our New Blog Site!
Hope Post
Hope Post

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new blog site

You can always access it through a click through on our web site as well You can even bookmark both of them!

HoPE Post Blog was created in order to be able to give you, our friends, supporters and donors, a more interactive look and feel into our HoPE projects and programs. Get to know us, the Tripura staff and volunteers, and the people we serve on a more up close and personal level.

Please write into us with your comments and best wishes as we’d love to hear from you. In fact, the more positive comments that you post there, the more favorable we are to Google, which means that more and more people will become aware of our shared mission.

Find videos, pictures, newsletter archives and story posts. We will update it regularly so be sure to sign on to twitter or even subscribe to the RSS feed.

  • Girlstown Year-End Wrap Out Party:
Tripura Foundation
Girlstown May 2005
(girls, parents, Tripura staff and volunteers)

In 2005 when asked through a Tamil-English interpreter, the girls answered the question “What do you want to be when you grow up” with a puzzled look on their faces. This wasn’t a common question for them like it is for kids in the Western world or those from privileged communities in India.

The girls had no options back then so had no concept of what ‘being’ something meant. Their fathers are coolies or laborers, and their mothers too, that is when they are able to secure the low paid work- back breaking temporary work carrying heavy loads of bricks on their heads, or wrapping up fishing nets. The girls had no understanding but of the endless cycle of generations of coolie labor.

Now when asked this same question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the girls are quick to chime “doctor”, “collector” (a gov’t position), “teacher”, “research scientist”, and even “superstar”!

We treated the girls to a day at a local amusement park. They screamed with delight on the rides, played the games, ate a picnic lunch and splashed around in the wave pool. They know how fortunate they are and are thankful to you all for your support.

Tripura Foundation
Year-End-Exam -Stress-Buster-Day at DizzeeWorld

  • From the Volunteer Diary:
Tripura Foundation
Mrs. Subha Natarajan-Volunteer Conversational English and Computer Skills Teacher at Girlstown

This lovely lady lives near Girlstown in Chennai (Madambakkam) and does volunteer teaching of spoken English and computer basics for our girls. Her husband is a banker and her daughter is in 12th standard which is a very critical year in a young student’s life as the important grades are needed in order to be accepted into the higher learning facility of her choice. Mrs. Natarajan tutors her daughter and also makes time every week to come to Girlstown and spend time with our girls.

At 43, she is now somewhat retired from the salaried work force. She takes care of her in-laws who live with them. She spent 5 years teaching English and Computer Applications at various matriculation schools in and around Chennai.

She has her BComm and completed her post graduate diploma in Computer Applications. She is an English major through correspondence from a major Chennai college. The girls have improved in their English conversation skills incredibly since Mrs Natarajan has been in their lives. Her loving support and encouragement have given the girls the necessary to speak confidently to the English staff and volunteers of Tripura.

  • HoPE Town Manila HoPE Family Profile
Tripura Foundation
More HoPE Town homes have been completed in Manila

Tripura Foundation
Zenaida and Leopoldo Constantino and Family

Mom is a housewife while Dad is a ‘scavenger’ Their monthly income is unstable but usually fetches around $25 USD They have 8 children ranging from 32 to 12 and several grandchildren.

Tripura Foundation

  • HoPE Town India Update

The planning continues for the first HoPE Town in India as architectural designs are being drawn. Some plans were mentioned before about building ‘green’, using natural materials and organic farming.

We have more exciting plans to share with you and that is to bring technology to HoPE Town in a very big way. Our goal is to Tripura Foundationprovide Internet access to every home that we build with computer training for the adults and for the children leading to known jobs available for people with basic computer skills.

Imagine a high-tech HoPE Town linking people from the lowest level of society with the information super highway!

  • Global Donations
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Hope Post
Hope Post