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Thank You for Diwali & Everything!

Diwali is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. At HoPE Learning Centers, every year, the children enjoy the feasts and new clothes provided by our generous sponsors. They are ever thankful for the blessings which your donations bring to their lives during Diwali and all year long.

Here are a few examples of what they had to say (and show):

Rekha Inspires Generosity & Sustainability On Diwali

Rekha is from Karaikalmedu, Puducherry and is attending the same school as her younger brother. Her mother is a housewife and her father is unemployed.

Her community is officially designated OBC (Other Backwards Community) by the Indian government due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities in the region. So, the local HoPE Learning Center is a valuable resource to all ages of people.

As part of her studies for the Diwali holiday, Rekha’s teacher explained the concept of Removal of Evil which teaches children to put away bad behaviors and replace them with good ones. Therefore, Rekha realized that she had a bad habit of watching TV at the neighbor’s house and decided to instead start focusing more on her studies.

In addition, Rekha recently has been more involved with conservation and helping the elderly. Her teachers and parents are proud of her and decided to create a conservation themed Diwali celebration at her HoPE Learning Center to instill sustainable values while celebrating the Festival of Lights.

In honor of the Spirit of Diwali, please consider making a special one-time gift (of $10, $40, $108 or more) to provide food and clothing to children, their families, and local elders. Even if you are a regular sponsor of a child or a HoPE Learning Center, you can still make a bigger difference in their lives on this day of light!

Without Hunger, Pethandi May Cure Cancer!

Pethandi is an enthusiastic student who really gets excited about her studies. She loves to watch National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel so she can learn more about science and English.

After seeing those around her struggle to pay for hospital bills and medicines, she hopes to become a doctor and to provide the people of her village with free medical care. Someday she is confident she will find ways to treat cancer and wants to provide no-cost treatments to people who cannot afford to pay.

Recently Pethandi and the children in her class celebrated World Health Day. The children drew charts and created placards to raise health awareness and took part in rallies around their village. They also shared what they had learned about healthy drinks and food that taste good in the summer.

An important part of health is proper nutrition. HoPE Learning Centers provide over 1,000,000 mini-meals to kids like Pethandi throughout India. September is Hunger Action Month. Your contribution to HoPE Learning Centers can keep amazing kids like Pethandi and her classmates healthy and happy.

Please take the time to sponsor a HoPE Center child (for only $9 a month) or an entire HoPE Learning Center (for $360 a month)! Your modest contribution can not only change a child’s life, but perhaps it might even provide new hope for hundreds of sick, suffering villagers in years to come!

Varshini’s Ambitions Depend On Nutrition

Varshini’s parents are illiterate and cannot not help him with his studies. His lessons on Yoga and Phonemic Intelligence have been very helpful to his development, in fact he is now helping his friends with their studies as well.

He is also grateful for the mini-meals he gets at school so he can concentrate on his work instead of being distracted by a hungry tummy.

Varshini says his ambition is to become Civil Servant so one day he will be able to help the poor and downtrodden. He feels that as an IAS Officer he would have lot of opportunities to serve the people and make their lives better.

But those aspirations can seem distant for millions of kids who are facing hunger. Children who have gone hungry at least once in their lives are 2 1/2 times more likely to suffer long-term adverse health effects than those who had proper nutrition.

On the plus, we at Tripura Foundation annually serve almost a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers. Many of these children otherwise subsist on watery rice, so the mini-meals offer more in nutrition than food during the remainder of their days.

Take Action! Help eliminate hunger! Sponsor a HoPE Center child (for only $9 a month) or an entire HoPE Learning Center (for $360 a month)! Your modest contribution will uplift the lives and destinies of our future leaders!

Malathi Strives and Thrives

Malathi is an 8th grade student at the Kizhavanam HoPE Learning Center. She attends classes with her two siblings. Her parents work as day laborers and don’t make enough to provide for the family, so the resources of the HoPE Learning Center have been really important to her health and development.

Before coming to her local HoPE Learning Center she was an average student, but classes in Yoga and Phonemic Intelligence have helped improve her academic performance. Daily mini meals have also helped her to physically and mentally thrive. Malathi has been scoring good marks ever since and now demonstrates motivation and diligence in her studies.

September is Hunger Action Month.

Part of helping kids like Malathi grow and succeed is making sure they get adequate nutrition. Fortunately, through our Million Meals of HoPE program, Tripura Foundation annually serves nearly a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers. Many of these kids would otherwise subsist on watery rice most days.

This September, in addition to sponsoring a child or an entire HoPE Learning Center, in honor of Hunger Action Month, please make a heartfelt contribution to our Million Meals of HoPE Program. We are able to serve 5 meals for every dollar donated.

Sanjana Shares Stories of Success

Sanjana has two siblings and her entire family struggles to make ends meet. Regardless, she never complains and chose instead to tell us about all of the good things in her village and her life.  

She said, “Nowadays, I concentrate on studies and also excel in sports after coming to HoPE Center due to constant encouragement and training given by teachers.

Lots of flower gardens and vegetable gardens are in my village. Mangrove is one of the most prevalent around my village and during the Mango season plenty of different varieties come to the market for sale.

Pure water was once a shortage in my village, but we now have a big water tank which supplies plenty for consumption. All the villagers are very happy.”

It doesn’t take much to help a grateful child in need like Sanjana. Right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials, themed activities, and daily mini meals for one child. For only $300 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center filled with 40 children.

Kowsalya Cares For Her Mother

Kowsalya is in 7th grade in Agalanganallur. Her mother is has severe epilepsy and can no longer bring in even the meager wages she used to earn as a laborer. Kowsalya’s father divorced her mother for this reason.

Kowsalya does most of the household chores before going to school. She washes clothes and dishes, and sweeps the floor. She also struggles to find odd jobs to bring home money so she and her mother can eat.

Despite this level of responsibility at such a young age, Kowsalya is friendly toward all and cares for everyone. She has learned yoga, phonemic intelligence, and meditation through her local Tripura Foundation HoPE Learning Center. During weekends she takes her mother to temple nearby where her mother loves to spend time.

Kowsalya wishes to become a teacher when she grows up, but she is open to most courses of study. Her main goal in life is to earn enough money to be able to take care of her mother and perhaps others in need, too.

It doesn’t take much to provide light and sustenance to a special child like Kowsalya.

Right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials, themed activities, and daily mini meals. For only $300 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center filled with 40 children.

Dinesh the Bully Becomes a Hero

Dinesh has been a 9th Grade student of our HoPE Learning Center for the past four years. During this tenure he learned Phonemic Intelligence and yoga.

He used to forget what he learned, but now he is able to retain his school lessons and score good marks in all subjects.

More importantly, before joining our HoPE Center, Dinesh used to pick quarrels with strangers and even his friends when he was frightened and anxious.  He was identified as being a bully by other children.

Yet, after joining the HoPE Center, his attitude changed, particularly when he was asked to identify poor, elderly beneficiaries in his village. In fact, Dinesh stepped way up and volunteered to give away rationing kits within our HoPE for the Elderly program. He and his friends in the village now help destitute elders by getting them supplies and picking up their pensions at the post office for them.

Also, last year, Dinesh and his friends arranged a cultural program for the people of his village during the Diwali festival, during which they demonstrated silamban (Indian martial arts). These days, Dinesh is described much more as a hero than a bully.

It doesn’t take much to encourage a child like Dinesh to change in positive ways. Right now, a mere $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials, theme activities, and daily mini meals for one child. For $300 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center filled with 40 children.


Nivetha is a big-hearted, outgoing girl who has attended HoPE Learning Center classes regularly for over a year. Initially, she was grateful for daily mini meals, but not very interested in traditional academic studies. Yet the longer she attended, the more she began to pay attention, until she became hooked and soon improved her grades tremendously.

Her father is a cattle rearer. In their community, girls are usually not allowed to pursue higher education. Females are expected to take on roles of household work and raising families.

Since Nivetha joined her local HoPE Learning Center and became excited about her studies, she has expressed fervent interest in becoming a teacher and starting her own HoPE Learning Center so she can inspire children like herself to seek higher education.

She continuously asks questions about how she can succeed in making her dream come true and tells her teachers about the challenges she currently faces.

At this time, we are not sure if Nivetha will find ways to achieve her dream or if she will instead play the roles most desired by her parents and community. Either way, she is now a woman on the crossroads between tradition and change, and we support her in every way!

It doesn’t take much to help a special child like Nivetha reach for her dreams. Right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials and daily mini meals. That’s only 30 cents a day!  For only $360 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center, including Nivetha’s Center, Vellanaipatti!


Make Every Day a Holiday to Fight Hunger

Q: What is the date of the holiday to celebrate the fight against hunger?

A: It depends…

On May 28, World Hunger Awareness Day is celebrated in the UK and a number of western nations. It emphasizes how better nutrition builds better citizens.

In 2008, Feeding American established September as World Hunger Month with a goal of raising awareness about the effects of hunger and encouraging people to take action all month to finds ways to take action to fight it.

World Food Security Day is celebrated on October 6 and World Food Day on October 16. Both have similar themes about growing populations, climate change and what shifts in agricultural and economic trends are necessary to keep people fed, especially in third world countries.

There are many other holidays dedicated to hunger and feedings as well as the fact that most holidays feature celebratory feasts with special seasonal foods.

Surprisingly, even with our current high human population, hunger is not caused by a lack of resources. The world produces enough food to feed the planet’s 7 billion-plus people, so why are so many going hungry? Poverty and disparity in incomes are mostly to blame. According to experts, hunger exists mainly because most hungry people don’t have the resources to grow or buy food.

On the plus, we at Tripura Foundation teach lessons about the importance of cultivating healthy food as well as annually serve almost a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers and staple foods to elderly people in nearby villages.

We believe that every day should be a special holiday to fight hunger. So, we invite you to join us in this fight by sponsoring a HoPE Center child (for only 30 cents a day) or an entire HoPE Learning Center (for $360 a month)! Your modest contribution will help tip the scales in favor of the eradication of hunger and starvation!


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