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Guru Purnima: An Auspicious Time to Give

July 31, 2015, signifies a most remarkable day of the year. It is the first full moon after the Summer Solstice and is customarily known as Guru Purnima – a day to give gratitude to your Guru.

Dr. Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation to change the world by eliminating extreme poverty and hunger while empowering children and women with holistic education opportunities. In just four years, we have gone from six HoPE Learning Centers to 100, serving 4040 children in India.

Children like Sarala, who started off in the program as a young high schooler and immediately thrived in computer science – a field she never would have had access to in her other studies. With help from the Tripura Foundation, she recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while serving as a mentor for younger students at the HoPE Learning Center. Sarala now attends a prestigious College in Chennai and is working on her Master’s degree.

Stories like this from the Tripura Foundation don’t have traditional endings – in fact, they hardly have endings at all. What starts off as a single donation becomes a rippling effect across the globe. One child receives hope, kindness, and a life-changing opportunity, then continues to pass that lesson on to more children. The cycle continues.

This is the lesson we learn from Dr. Pillai – one action, one click of a button, can have a massive impact on the entire world. And it never stops. The pledge you make today continues to grow in magnitude as more and more people across the world work together to eradicate extreme pain and suffering.

Celebrate Guru Purnima with us and Dr. Pillai by making a donation to support one of 17 currently unsponsored HoPE Learning Centers. Through the center, children are given education, mini meals, extra curricular activities, outings, basic medical care, and other basic necessities.

A monthly gift of $350 provides funding for one center’s monthly services, so consider a recurring gift. We are grateful for any amount during this particularly auspicious time of year.

To learn more about the HoPE Learning Centers needing sponsorship, visit this link.

A Beacon of HoPE

Malayayi and her daughter

Malayayi, a single mother, has gone from from feeling utterly hopeless and attempting to take her own life, to shining as a beacon of hope to all of the women in her village.

Malayayi was born into a family of ten whose elderly parents had little to offer their children. By the time she came of age, Malayayi was married, but her marriage didn’t last. After four months, her husband abandoned her while she was pregnant.

She was left heartbroken and alone. With no one to depend on, Malayayi took refuge with members of her family until she gave birth.  Malayayi was blessed with a baby girl, but was in no emotional state to celebrate the birth.

Malayayi tells us, “I had attempted suicides a number of times and failed. I had no hope and had no desire of living. Even though I had my daughter I was in no position to offer her a future. I felt useless.

Then a ray of HoPE shined into Malayayi’s life.  She continues, “When I thought all was lost, I was offered the priceless position to work as a teacher in a HoPE Learning Center. I have the skills for teaching and I speak very well. I thanked God for answering all my prayers and took this as a sign from the almighty to live a life for the sake of my only child.

The salary given to me was very essential to feed myself and my daughter every day as I had no other means of survival.

As I became a teacher, I started realizing that there’s more to life than what I had thought. My life gradually changed from a woeful one to a contented one. Seeing the children every day, watching them smile made my days. Every day when I woke up, my first thought would be what more can I do for the children? I found happiness in their happiness. I temporarily forgot my miserable life and started making the best out of my time with the children.”

By working at her local HoPE Learning Center for 3 years, she has brought about remarkable changes in the children. She says that Phonemic Intelligence and yoga helped her become calm and peaceful. She practices them regularly and says they also help her focus.

Her previous struggles not only strengthened her, but they also helped her show everyone that with dedication and hard work anyone could achieve their goals.

She currently lives happily with her daughter and continues to teach at her local Tripura Foundation HoPE Learning Center, spending time with the children to help make their lives better.

Sponsor a HoPE Learning Center student for as little as $10 a month by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button below.

Assisting Rosetta and her Granddaughter


Rosetta, a resident of the South Bronx for over 40 years, has been attending the Melrose Mobile Market (one of Tripura Foundation’s partner food banks) since its launch in October 2004.

Rosetta lives with her granddaughter and says that the free produce distribution at the market helps her get through the month, whereas she and her granddaughter would otherwise be struggling and hungry.

She says: “The green vegetables are fresh,” and “We all work together and the food is delicious. And the food is fresh. I feel comfortable out here because everyone is so nice. They help me.”

Rosetta attends the Mobile Market twice a month and cooks the items she receives with her granddaughter.

We are happy to be able to assist many elderly folks in making ends meet each month, helping them live with more dignity.  However, we are only able to continue assisting people like Rosetta with donations from kind and generous hearts such as yours.

For just $10 a month, you can make a huge difference in the lives of those in need.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to make your contribution.  Thank you.

“Where Will My Next Meal Come From?”

“Where Will My Next Meal Come From?”

Every day, millions of people come face-to-face with this very question.

And all they can do is HOPE…

Hope that their next meal will come from SOMEONE.

Someone like you.

Click below to listen to our Hunger Song:


Join your hands with ours to help feed the hungry.

Click the Donate Now button below to make your contribution.

Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future

Through our Million Meals of HoPE initiative, we’ve become a vital umbrella organization with a national commitment to feed the hungry. To strategically consolidate efforts, we partner with food banks that have local community reach.

One of our partner food banks, Feeding America West Michigan, shared the following story of HoPE from Brandy, one of their clients:

When her husband was injured and couldn’t work, Brandy became the sole income-earner for her family of five.  Now in the last semester of her bachelor’s degree program, she looks to the Mobile Pantry at Rockford, Michigan’s American Legion (one of many food bank locations we partner with) to help her bridge the gap between finishing college and beginning her career.

Because of your kind and generous donations, Brandy isn’t forced to give up on her career goals and future financial security to ensure her family can eat today.  Instead, she can continue working on finishing her degree to better the financial future of her family.

Your contribution can make a huge difference. Even a $1 donation can have a significant impact on humanity.  Commit to making a monthly donation to Tripura Foundation to help more people like Brandy build their own bridge to a better future.  Click the Donate Now button below.

Sisters In Need of HoPE

Panjaliammal, Chinnaponu and a neighbor receiving rations from Tripura Foundation.

Panjaliammal and Chinnaponu are two elderly sisters living in India.  They both grew up in dire poverty.  Their parents barely earned enough to feed the family, so as soon as the sisters were old enough, their parents got them married, and they moved to different areas in India with their husbands.

Chinnaponu had a very short married life.  Problems with her husband forced her to leave him.  She arrived at her sister’s house with nowhere else to go.  Panjaliammal lived with her husband, who worked in a tannery, and also had a young son.

They were struggling to earn enough just to get by, but they accepted Chinnaponu into their home.  Panjaliammal would cook for her husband, son and sister, even though she was partially blind.

As the years passed, Panjaliammal’s vision started to rapidly decline.  Her husband was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Cancer.  This meant he could no longer work and had to be taken care of at home.

Panjaliammal’s son, who was now a grown man, abandoned his parents after he got married.

Chinnaponu worked in the neighborhood wherever she was offered a wage, but as she aged, she was unable to continue working.  Life became even more difficult for Panjaliammal after her husband passed away.  The sisters had to resort to begging their neighbors for food.

Tripura Foundation’s India HoPE Learning Center students are often the ones who find or know of the elderly members of their villages that are in desperate need of a helping hand.  So, as soon as the sisters were found, we stepped in to aid them with food, supplies, clothing and home support.

Like these aging sisters, there are thousands of other elderly people, abandoned by their families, suffering ill health, and struggling to survive.  We depend on donations from kind hearts like yourself to give help and HoPE to these elderly folks living in lonely, destitute circumstances.

Click the button below to donate generously to our HoPE for the Elderly initiative, so we can extend a helping hand to more aging people in need of HoPE.

Helping One Family Has the Power to Uplift an Entire Community

Through our Million Meals of HoPE initiative, we have become a vital umbrella organization with a national commitment to feed the hungry. To strategically consolidate efforts, we partner with food banks that have local community reach.

One of our partner food banks, City Harvest of New York City, recently shared the following wonderful story of HoPE from one of the clients they serve:

After living in a shelter for some time, Lenora moved to the Melrose Section of the Bronx, where she has been living for nine years now.

Last March, Lenora was laid off from her job as a nurse’s aide and began to worry about how she would be able to support herself and her five children, with a sixth on the way, without any government assistance.

Although she was skeptical at first, a good friend convinced her to attend their local Mobile Markets.

This initiative has since turned into a family activity for Lenora and her children. Her kids love bringing back food and enjoy trying new foods.  Because of Mobile Markets, Lenora and her children were able to try zucchini for the first time and all of them now enjoy eating it.

Lenora has also started volunteering at the Markets.  By picking up food for elderly residents who are unable to attend the market and delivering it directly to them, she is proudly able to give back to her own community.

Please consider a generous DONATION HERE to help us continue to uplift other women, children, families and communities like Lenora, her children and their neighbors.

Help Feed the Impoverished

Dr. Pillai tells us, “If you are compassionate to the have-nots, you will receive abundance.  It’s an important concept.  Help feed the impoverished.”

By sharing what we have (even if we have just a little ourselves), we will receive abundance in return, an abundance of love, compassion, and HoPE!

Want to know one way to make an even bigger impact on feeding the impoverished?  Our HoPE Miracle Maker program makes it super easy to set up your own online fundraising site, gives you all the tools necessary to ask for donations by email and through social media channels, and we guide you every step of the way.

All you need to do is choose a special occasion (birthday, holiday, event or ‘just because’), give us a few details, and we’ll get you set up!  We think fundraising is best when it’s a collaborative effort, and so when you commit to hosting your own fundraiser, you have the support not only of the Tripura team, but also that of other Miracle Makers around the world.  And so you will receive an invitation to our HoPE Miracle Makers Facebook group after you register, where you and other Miracle Makers can share your success stories, tips for fundraising and encourage each other’s charitable efforts.

One hundred percent of the money you raise will go directly to educating children, feeding the hungry, and providing entrepreneurial training to out-of-work women.  Stir compassion in others by reaching out and asking them to help you help others in need!

Visit the HoPE Miracle Maker website here.

Love and Light,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

Happy New Year 2015!

As 2014 comes to a close, we here at Tripura Foundation want to wish you a happy, peaceful, prosperous and blessed new year!

We’d also like to thank you and let you know how much we truly appreciate your support throughout the past year to help us move closer to making Heaven on Planet Earth (HoPE) a reality for all.

I very much look forward to continuing to connect with you here on the HoPE Post Blog (and the Tripura Foundation Facebook page) throughout 2015, bringing you more stories from our Ambassadors of HoPE, Project SAVE Heroes, Miracle Makers and much, much more.

Your continued support means the very world to us and to those we’re able to help with the generous donations we receive.  Even if it’s just a few dollars a month, your recurring monthly donation goes such a long way toward eradicating poverty, educating the young and caring for the destitute elderly.

If you feel called to do so, please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation.  Together, we can keep the compassion and love of the holiday season alive throughout the New Year by blessing the lives of others less fortunate.

In Gratitude,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

Gifts of HoPE Enliven the World!

I just love to hear stories from Ambassadors of HoPE who visit our HoPE Centers around the world.  I hope to make my own visit when the time is right!

One such recent story comes from our Jai Radha (Gina Guerrieri) and I’d like to share it here with you today:

“Recently I had the honor of visiting one of Tripura Foundation’s rural HoPE Centers.  As we approached, the children were lined up and we were presented with a bouquet of local flora.  

They started out a bit shy, as I imagine it’s not a regular occurrence to have a westerner visit their rural town.

 Once they began to warm up though, the enthusiasm was unleashed! They were eager to show us how they do Phonemic Intelligence, followed by some yoga poses.

Then we shared snack time with them, which I have to say was quite tasty!  The “talent show” portion of our visit was by far the most energetic performances I have ever seen. These children are examples of unbridled joy and enthusiasm!