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Rekha Inspires Generosity & Sustainability On Diwali

Rekha is from Karaikalmedu, Puducherry and is attending the same school as her younger brother. Her mother is a housewife and her father is unemployed.

Her community is officially designated OBC (Other Backwards Community) by the Indian government due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities in the region. So, the local HoPE Learning Center is a valuable resource to all ages of people.

As part of her studies for the Diwali holiday, Rekha’s teacher explained the concept of Removal of Evil which teaches children to put away bad behaviors and replace them with good ones. Therefore, Rekha realized that she had a bad habit of watching TV at the neighbor’s house and decided to instead start focusing more on her studies.

In addition, Rekha recently has been more involved with conservation and helping the elderly. Her teachers and parents are proud of her and decided to create a conservation themed Diwali celebration at her HoPE Learning Center to instill sustainable values while celebrating the Festival of Lights.

In honor of the Spirit of Diwali, please consider making a special one-time gift (of $10, $40, $108 or more) to provide food and clothing to children, their families, and local elders. Even if you are a regular sponsor of a child or a HoPE Learning Center, you can still make a bigger difference in their lives on this day of light!

Resolution Solution!

While many of us struggle to lose weight, quit smoking, go back to school, or stick to goals aligned with other popular New Year’s resolutions, children all over the world struggle to make it through each day while hungry and living in dire circumstances.

Within our HoPE Learning Centers alone, 4040 children face many challenges associated with poverty, but these children also thrive among friends while they receive daily nutritious snacks, traditional academic tutoring, and innovative lessons that help transform the ways they think and act.

They also work to set and stick to their goals, and the overwhelming reports about the HoPE Learning Center children this month showed how much they get involved in creative activities:

Nandini’s speech in English for National Youth Day was inspiring.

Pavithra shared her divine mission to help elderly people.


Nithesh Kumar’s celebrated Pet Day by sharing interesting stories about how he admires and takes very good care of his parrot.

These are just three of the 4040 stories of children who have so little, but do so much to lead exemplary lives, often centered on helping others.

While doing whatever it takes to stick to your personal New Year’s resolutions, here is a possible solution: setting and keeping a resolution centered on others is a great way to reduce karma! 

It doesn’t take much to support and feed a special child like Nadini, Pavithra or Nithesh Kumar. Right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials, and daily mini meals. For only $300 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center (which will cover the daily costs for 40 children)!

It’s Not Too Late!

As 2016 comes to an end, many of us feel like the holidays flew by too quickly to accomplish everything that we wished to accomplish. Some of us made heartfelt donations to non-profit organizations. Others were not able to do so.  Either way, it is never too late give a gift of any size to benefit children or elderly people.

Also, if you live in the USA or India, you have until midnight on December 31st to make a 2016 tax-deductible contribution to one of our programs:

Give the Gift of Education: Help underprivileged children create a new destiny through Phonemic Intelligence, a unique education that can help to enhance intellectual, social, and emotional intelligence in just six minutes a day. Sponsor a child for an entire year for only $108!


Give the Gift of Dignity: Help forgotten and abandoned elders live with dignity.  Support an elder for one month with necessities like medicine, food, clothing, and hygienic supplies. Sponsor an elderly person for an entire year for just $480!



Give the Gift of Food: Help children, adults, and elderly people who live with daily hunger nourish their bodies and minds with nutritious food. $1 provides five meals to those who need it most. Serve 500 nutritious meals for just $100!



Give the Gift of 40 Futures: Feed, clothe, and educate 40 children throughout 2017. Sponsor a HoPE Learning Center for a full year for $4,320!




P.S. Thank you for all of the needs you’ve filled and the dreams you’ve helped come true. We look forward to doing more of this with you throughout 2017!



Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor a HoPE Center

Tripura Foundation has been seeking sponsors for 17 HoPE Learning Centers in Southern India.  Many of you have jumped at the opportunity, and we are thrilled to report that success continues to grow, as 7 centers have been fully sponsored for the remainder of the year!

That leaves just 10 centers requiring a monthly sponsorship.  Donate just $350 each month to care for, feed, educate, and provide other basic essentials.  400 children are still counting on the miracle of our support.

Why is it important to donate today and sponsor a HoPE Learning Center? We’re glad you asked.


A lesson is underway at our Guruvarajpet HoPE Center

1. You will directly impact 40 children’s lives.

That’s how many children we are able to serve at each HoPE Learning Center. Provide them with a safe place to nourish their bodies, cultivate their minds, and discover their own self-worth.

This boy is all smiles at our Varthagan Street HoPE Learning Center

2. Your contribution goes straight to the children.

Tripura Foundation operates with extremely low overhead expenses. Studies show that Americans believe not-for-profit organizations should spend no more than 23% of funds on overheard. At Tripura, we strive to keep our operating costs under 20%. In fact, we are able to provide four mini-meals for HoPE Center children with just a $1 contribution. Our work is truly a labor of love and the vast majority of all donations go directly to the communities we serve.

3. Get to know the children through monthly reports

Learn about the 40 children benefiting from your generosity through customized reports created just for you. We’ll send them through email every month so you can track your children’s progress and follow along with their lessons and activities.

Students display awards in front of their sponsor banner in Pallagunta

 4. Your personal banner will be hung at the HoPE Center.

As their sponsor, the children will be naturally curious about you. The banner allows them to put a face and name the the one providing them with a daily reprieve from the extreme poverty in which they live.

5.  You’ll receive daily prayers from the children.

Of all the benefits you receive from sponsoring a HoPE Center, this one means the most. Every day, 40 children will pray for your well-being. Though they can’t travel to meet you in person, their daily prayers will reach you and rest in your heart.

Our youngsters celebrate Diwali with their village elders

Sponsor a HoPE Center now!

6.  Recurring donations prevent any disruption of our HoPE Center’s services.

While we gratefully accept donations at any time throughout the year, your recurring HoPE Center sponsorship serves as the lifeblood of Tripura’s work serving 4,040 children in impoverished communities. By sponsoring one or more centers for just $350 per center, you’ll ensure the community’s peace of mind that the children are taken care of by Tripura Foundation.

An evening snack is the perfect way to end the day at our Thangachimadam HoPE Center

7.  Donating to a worthy cause could improve your health.

Several studies suggest that giving is good for you, and may promote health benefits such as stress relief, lower blood pressure, and longevity of life. There’s no denying the power of positive thoughts and deeds in our lives. What better way to confirm this than by sponsoring a HoPE Learning Center?

8.  Visit your HoPE Center at any time.

If you are able to, we welcome sponsors to actually come and visit their HoPE Center and meet the children face to face. Visiting your sponsored children is a powerful way to truly understand the impact your gift has on the lives of our HoPE children.

9.  Be a part of a Story of Hope.

You’ve likely followed Tripura Foundation’s progress for some time now, and have read many of our stories of HoPE featured in our newsletters. Rather than simply reading one of these stories, sponsoring a HoPE Center allows you to actually be an integral part of one.

HoPE Center children go on a field trip to a museum.

10.  The Children Need YOU.

We could go on and on about the importance of giving and the tangible benefits of becoming a sponsor. But when it comes down to it, the simple fact of the matter is that these children need you. As much as their parents struggle to provide the basic necessities of life for these kids, the unfortunate reality is that it just can’t happen. There isn’t enough money. There isn’t enough food. There isn’t enough time to go to school. Children living in extreme poverty can’t rely on their families to provide for them. Instead, they are often forced to work at a young age in order to help feed their families. Our programs help break the overwhelming cycle of poverty. These children rely on Tripura’s HoPE Centers. And our HoPE Centers rely on you.

Become a sponsor today.

Narendran – Future Police Officer

Narendran, slowly taking in his surroundings, rubs his weary eyes for a moment before sharing his story. He is admirably calm and collected on the outside, though looking into his eyes, one can see they are filled with sad memories.

Several years after Narendran was born, his father was diagnosed with a kidney problem and has had to be hospitalized often.  Narendran cried while he spoke of his father. His deepest and most hopeful wish is for his father to become well again. Both Narendran and his mother take turns taking his father to the hospital twice a week. Every Saturday, Narendran brings his father to the hospital for treatment to take care of him until it is time to go home.

Narendran has two little sisters who look up to him. His mother works for a back-bending 12 hours a day.  Since his mother is exhausted every day after work, Narendran takes on the entire household chores.  Every morning, Narendran prepares breakfast for the family and helps his sisters get ready for for their school. He waits to get ready for school until after his sisters leave.  In the evening, he returns to his little sisters and spends time with them in their mother’s absence.

Narendran wants to become a police officer, but not just a regular officer.  It is his goal to be an officer of the highest rank that he could possibly achieve in the police department. When asked why he chose this goal, he said, “I was once told that I am a deeply compassionate boy by a man, and something sparked inside me making me wonder why not become a police officer and protect my people. What more can I do for this society than protect it with my will?”  He also tells us that he has been collecting all of the necessary information for achieving this goal.

Even though he is downcast about some elements of his home life, Narendran also speaks with great hope when he mentions his father. He swears that he will achieve something great to make his family proud, and he thanks our HoPE Learning Center for all the support he has received so far. He says that he draws strength and hope by spending time with his friends and teachers who encourage and help him plan for his future life.

It is only with the help, support and donations from kind hearts like yours that we can continue to support underprivileged and overworked children like Narendran.  Visit this link to learn ways you can help, or click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to make your heartfelt donation.  Thank you.

Guru Purnima: An Auspicious Time to Give

July 31, 2015, signifies a most remarkable day of the year. It is the first full moon after the Summer Solstice and is customarily known as Guru Purnima – a day to give gratitude to your Guru.

Dr. Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation to change the world by eliminating extreme poverty and hunger while empowering children and women with holistic education opportunities. In just four years, we have gone from six HoPE Learning Centers to 100, serving 4040 children in India.

Children like Sarala, who started off in the program as a young high schooler and immediately thrived in computer science – a field she never would have had access to in her other studies. With help from the Tripura Foundation, she recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while serving as a mentor for younger students at the HoPE Learning Center. Sarala now attends a prestigious College in Chennai and is working on her Master’s degree.

Stories like this from the Tripura Foundation don’t have traditional endings – in fact, they hardly have endings at all. What starts off as a single donation becomes a rippling effect across the globe. One child receives hope, kindness, and a life-changing opportunity, then continues to pass that lesson on to more children. The cycle continues.

This is the lesson we learn from Dr. Pillai – one action, one click of a button, can have a massive impact on the entire world. And it never stops. The pledge you make today continues to grow in magnitude as more and more people across the world work together to eradicate extreme pain and suffering.

Celebrate Guru Purnima with us and Dr. Pillai by making a donation to support one of 17 currently unsponsored HoPE Learning Centers. Through the center, children are given education, mini meals, extra curricular activities, outings, basic medical care, and other basic necessities.

A monthly gift of $350 provides funding for one center’s monthly services, so consider a recurring gift. We are grateful for any amount during this particularly auspicious time of year.

To learn more about the HoPE Learning Centers needing sponsorship, visit this link.

Our HoPE Learning Centers Inspire Confidence


Lalitha joined one of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Learning Centers about three years ago.

She is the youngest of six children.  She lost her mother at birth, and as the sole wage-earner, her father struggles to provide the basic necessities for himself and his children.

When she joined our HoPE Learning Center, Lalitha was a shy, nervous child. She never spoke to anyone other than her family and was clearly seen having a tough time making friends.

We found out that this was because she thought that children with mothers would never want to be friends with her.

Lalitha says, “I never had friends in my neighborhood before coming to HoPE Learning Center. On the very first day coming here I remember sitting alone in the corner and being very nervous seeing all the new faces. But, as my fellow mates started introducing themselves, I gradually came out of my shell. I found out that children liked me despite my extreme shyness.  They helped me overcome my fears, and my teachers helped a great deal in making me who I am now.”

“I am very grateful to the sponsors of HoPE Learning Centers for providing us daily snacks. For me and many others like me who suffer without a proper meal once a day, the snacks are the chief reason for our health.”

“The yoga and Phonemic Intelligence have helped me concentrate in academics, and I enjoy all the monthly activities held here. Studying in a local government school, my English was very poor, but I have been learning a lot from the HoPE Learning Center and it had greatly improved my language skills. Now, my father proudly says his daughter speaks English.”

“I can never really express how thankful I am to Tripura Foundation because it has given me a chance to survive and hope for my future. All of my happiest memories come from the time I’ve spent in the HoPE Learning Center, and I am very grateful for that.”

Help us bring HoPE to more children who are struggling right now, thinking no one loves them or would want to be their friend.  Sponsor a child for as little as $10 a month by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button below.

Selva Kumar’s Heartbreaking Story of Abandonment

Selva Kumar was three years old when his parents discovered he had a medical condition.  He suffers from partial paralysis.

After learning of his condition, his parents abandoned him when he was four years old.  They left him in the care of his 70-year-old grandmother.  He and his grandmother had no place to live, and so, knowing their plight, the local villagers gave them a small thatched-roof house to stay in. His grandmother performs labor work, but earns nowhere near enough to support both herself and Selva Kumar.  She is old and doesn’t have much to offer him — they are given food by caring neighbors to help see them through.

Selva Kumar has recently been attending his local HoPE Center and our HoPE teachers have been helping him with his studies. When he first arrived, he neither recognized what was spoken to him nor replied when questioned. Though he is a 7th grader he barely knew the alphabet before attending our Center. Our teachers have been making special efforts to teach him the alphabet and he has been making slow progress.

He had not been able to concentrate on his studies because of his medical problem, and his mind always seemed to wander toward playing rather than studying.  Practicing Tripura Foundation’s Phonemic Intelligence techniques has helped him improve his studies and concentrate better.  Practicing yoga and Phonemic Intelligence has been helping him calm his mind.

The younger children who attend our Tripura Foundation HoPE Center spend time playing with him to help cheer him up.  He generally doesn’t talk with the children he plays with, but lately he has been conversing with his teachers and friends. It’s slow but steady progress.

His parents visit him once or twice yearly, usually during festivals, and leave him some money.  They have no intention of taking him back with them or assuring him of a better future. It is truly heartbreaking that he has been forsaken in this way, and that he has grown up without any medical assistance to help him live a better, more hopeful life.

Tripura Foundation is a budding lifeline to this young man and many others like him, but we can only continue doing so with YOUR help.  Please click here to make a recurring donation of as little as $10 a month.  Your regular contribution helps us ensure a brighter future for children in greatest need.  Thank you.

Successful Implementation of Our First Phonemic Intelligence Pilot in Detroit Michigan

In Detroit, Michigan, three 5th grade classes (100 students total) were trained in the implementation of Tripura Foundation’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI) program.

Training the students to use the technique was delightful, easy and enjoyable. The children were all positive in their responses.  Their hearts were BIG, open and ready for the future!

Below are quotes from some of these Detroit 5th grade students after their very first time practicing the PI technique:

“It felt breathtaking.”

“I feel that I’m ready to take my reading test.”

“I feel like I can do anything.”

“I feel like I just woke up.”

“I feel energized.”

“I feel tingly.”

“I feel confident.”

“I feel weird.” [said with a big smile!]

“I feel like I’ve just been born.”

When the student who stated “I feel like I’ve just been born.” was asked: “Can you tell us more about what you mean?” he said: “Everything’s new, everything’s possible. I could do everything new.”


Detroit Public Schools’ Chief Innovations Officer, Lamont Satchel, had this to say:

“The meeting today with the principals and teachers went extremely well; far better than I imagined. Alice did an outstanding job of explaining PI, and the PI practice she led was both powerful and peaceful. The interaction of Meena and Alice with the principals and teachers during and after the presentation was key to solidifying their level of comfort and embrace of PI. We look forward to the results of the Pilot and eventual expansion of PI to all our schools.”

With positive feedback and response such as this, together, we’ve set the stage to potentially help many more students in Michigan and beyond, who will benefit from brain-enhancing education!

A Million Dollar Journey of HoPE

On our most recent Ambassadors of HoPE trip, our Ambassadors visited HoPE learning centers in Rameswaram to find out how the widows and children had transformed over the 12 months since we began our support initiatives there.  Our initiatives included: 11 new HoPE Centers to educate and care for 450 children and 2 Tailoring Centers to train 30 women with entrepreneurial skills.

It’s always refreshing to hear great testimonies from our Ambassadors of HoPE, sharing the love, happiness and joy they experience during their trip.  Most often, having given of their time, finances and hearts to attend one of our Ambassadors of HoPE trips, they feel as though the journey itself and the interactions with the children they’re helping to support are indeed priceless!

Today, I’d like to share with you one such inspiring story from Jnani, one of the attendees of our most recent Ambassadors of HoPE trip.  

“Ever since the first HoPE Center was created, I knew this is an idea whose time has come – this is a movement that will change the world.   I have been happy to support HoPE through donations and prayers, and when I discovered I could attend the Ambassador of HoPE trip in November, I eagerly signed up.  What a great opportunity to learn firsthand the effect of Phoenemic Intelligence (PI) on the forgotten children of this world.

As we global emissaries gathered in Swamimalai for breakfast the first morning, we were instantly bonded in eager anticipation to see the children and experience the great work HoPE Centers is achieving for the planet.

First we visited the temple of Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace.  As we said our prayers for the day, we could feel her blessings pouring out on us and our mission as Ambassadors of HoPE.

We arrived at the first HoPE Center.  There were the children, standing tall and proudly wearing their bright purple HoPE Center shirts. We were greeted with big smiles, cheers, flowers and even fireworks.  It was immediately evident that these children’s lives have been forever made better by the work of HoPE PI.  Even though some of these children had only been in the program for a month, there was an intelligence in their eyes and speech, a confident handshake, and gracious manners.  As we passed out a HoPE Gift Pack to each child, they said, ‘thank you’ in clear English and an open heart.

Through the weekend, we heard children’s stories, met dedicated teachers, honored scholastic achievement, taught new hygiene practices.  We viewed clever art and science projects made especially for this day of celebration.  From bending and harnessing energy from water, beautiful painted butterfly wings made from seashells, to the many happy faces, the effect of HoPE was seen everywhere.  Together we learned, laughed, danced, and played games all united in our hearts of love for each other.

As we were saying our final good-byes, one little sweet girl dressed in her best baubles and bangles and with a light in her eyes, shyly threw her arms around me and whispered in my ear, ‘you are my best friend’.

We gave $500 and received a Million in return!”

What a touching story and powerful testimony to the positive changes HoPE Centers and our Ambassadors of HoPE bring to the world, wouldn’t you agree?

Wishing you HoPE and love,
Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

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