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HoPE Hero Rakesh is a Lifesaver!

Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Center students continue to impress and amaze all those around them with their heroic and brave acts of compassion, love and selflessness.

Take, for example, Rakesh, a ninth standard student at our Murukkampattu HoPE Learning Center.  In the short video clip below, discover exactly what makes Rakesh one of our bravest HoPE heroes yet!

With your continued support and generous donations, more and more children like Rakesh will have the resources and support they require to have the presence of mind to watch out for those around them, to create a brighter, happier future, and to spread compassion and HoPE wherever they go – to help end poverty and suffering everywhere!

To make your donation, visit the Tripura Foundation donation page, and select ‘HoPE Child’ in the ‘Designate To’ drop-down menu to ensure your contribution goes to another child with the potential to become our next HoPE hero.

Happy New Year 2015!

As 2014 comes to a close, we here at Tripura Foundation want to wish you a happy, peaceful, prosperous and blessed new year!

We’d also like to thank you and let you know how much we truly appreciate your support throughout the past year to help us move closer to making Heaven on Planet Earth (HoPE) a reality for all.

I very much look forward to continuing to connect with you here on the HoPE Post Blog (and the Tripura Foundation Facebook page) throughout 2015, bringing you more stories from our Ambassadors of HoPE, Project SAVE Heroes, Miracle Makers and much, much more.

Your continued support means the very world to us and to those we’re able to help with the generous donations we receive.  Even if it’s just a few dollars a month, your recurring monthly donation goes such a long way toward eradicating poverty, educating the young and caring for the destitute elderly.

If you feel called to do so, please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation.  Together, we can keep the compassion and love of the holiday season alive throughout the New Year by blessing the lives of others less fortunate.

In Gratitude,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

Dr. Pillai’s Intelligence Enhancing Solution

“The kids are growing up…” we feel inspired by their compassion

There we were taking care of children from the poorest of poor neighborhoods in rural India. We tried our best to support their growth through our HoPE learning centers and also our most innovative Phonemic Intelligence program. But who would have thought that these children would inspire us in turn with their 360 degree transformations and such lofty levels of compassion. Look here, our children, feeding the poor abandoned elderly of their villages. We say proudly, the kids are growing up… We feel inspired, don’t you?

I am Lesly Berenice García Ortega

I am 11 years old. I remember that before to come to the HoPE center I was confused and I used to fight with my   sister, who is 7, and with my mother. Now, with the practice of the sounds, we get along much better; I feel more free and confident. I am studying in 6th grade. I already was a good student, but now I am better, my general     grades  are 9.6 out of 10.

My favorite lesson of the Personal Transformation Program is the one about assertiveness. Now I have moved from aggression to dialogue and I can solve my problems in a better way.

My mom is a housewife and my dad is a mason. We all practice the sounds together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; because the other days we go to church. During the vacation time I was sad, because I wanted to come to the center; I wait all day to come.

I feel happier; I know I’m in a better path now.

HoPE center La Pasión, México. April, 2014

Note: She answered to an open question about her life before and after the Sounds Technique and the Personal Transformation Program. The testimony reflects her own words –not common in children of her age and environment.

Hope for students who are suffering

Sounds for Hope US

By Alice Moore

I suffered a great deal in my youth from anxiety and fear. This directly affected my studies in a negative way. I was not able to concentrate. My mind was always somewhere else. I would daydream to comfort myself or find myself caught in fear in my mind. My ability to succeed in certain subjects was blocked by these challenges. I was elated to learn as an adult that my challenges could be alleviated and eliminated by changing the condition of my brain. I learned that there were parts of the brain that could get stronger and over time, solve the problems of overwhelm and anxiety.

In my first experiences with practicing Phonemic Intelligence’s brain-strengthening exercises, I immediately felt calmer and more focused in the present moment.These discoveries have lead to my passion for sharing the Phonemic Intelligence brain changing education with as many students as possible, especially those students suffering in school.

I have the great joy of my job being: sharing these simple and profound brain- changing exercises with students all over the US. I get to watch students (and teachers!) change and grow as they become empowered by a balanced whole brain state.

What’s even more exciting is the proven science behind these experiences. The facts are the facts! Neuroscientists and doctors continue to explain what exactly is happening in the brain and why regular practice of these sound exercises makes us feel better. In addition to the scientifically proven facts we have the experience that it works.

Our science based tools strengthen the anterior cingulate with enhances compassion and empathy.

There was one student recently who made me laugh and warmed my heart.  She is a 2nd grader and has a 4 year old little brother who tends to always hit her. She told me she practiced the brain exercise at home with him in the room and he calmed down. She reported: “He is not hitting me anymore!”

Our exercise does more than just focus the person who is practicing and this is the experience we have in the classrooms. Even those who don’t participate are positively affected by the practice.

My heart is also deeply moved by a high school student who seemed the most resistant and unlikely to participate in the exercise. He sat in the back of the room, with anger on his face, at least it seemed. He did not seem alert or interested. For some reason he became willing to participate and after practice of the exercise he looked at me with bright eyes. He shared that he definitely was skeptical and didn’t think it would work at all, but was happy to feel a “deep sense of calm inside” that he doesn’t usually feel. He said he felt clear and awake. He was surprised and said he looked forward to trying it again.

These are only a few of the positive daily responses I hear from students, teachers and from our Phonemic Intelligence Champion Volunteers around the globe. There are hundreds of stories of people healing and strengthening their ability to learn.

To learn about our cutting edge technologies to share with your schools and communities, contact us at

Celebrate Principals, Teachers and Volunteers who truly are dedicated to the best interests of their students

Sounds for Hope US
By Alice Moore

One of our star pilots this year is at Hope Rural School in Indiantown, Florida  US. This pilot was started by Dr. Becky Prostko and Brent Cooper, along with assistance from Mary Ann Unger, Jodie Hartshorne, Rosemary Murphy and Dot Vanderhoff- our Phonemic Intelligence Volunteer Champions in Florida.

We are proud to be working with this progressive school that serves primarily children of migrant workers and fosters values of justice and love. This special school not only strives to educate the children, but also the parents of the students. Their commitment of over 25 years is inspiring!

The Principal of this school agrees with us: giving students tools to strengthen their brains, especially the anterior cingulate, is a powerful gift!

150 students (grades preK-5th grade) and 10 teachers are practicing our core brain strengthening technique every day in the morning before their lessons begin. Teachers report that the less than 10-minute sound exercise has been easy to implement and the students love it.

These brain-changing exercises literally balance both hemispheres of the brain and create an environment for peace and calm, allowing learning to be easier and more effective.

Another star pilot is in Northern California at Dunsmuir Elementary School, Dunsmuir, California started by our Phonemic Intelligence Volunteer Champions: Betsy Hibbits, Sarah Burns and Marrio Romero.

We are proud to partner with teacher Tony Garcia and Principal Helen Herd, and each of the teachers practicing with their students. Many of these children have economic and emotional challenges that affect their ability to learn at school.

These teachers, schools and volunteers are the pioneers out in the field, hands on, experiencing the effects of Phonemic Intelligence. We always ask the students how they feel after they practice the exercise and we hear the most encouraging and amazing responses.

After practicing with the students on a recent visit, to Dunsmuir Elementary a 3rd grade boy responded to our question: “How do you feel, now?” He exclaimed: “I feel excited, because I have a lot of things to do in my life!”  I personally have never heard a 3rd grader say that with such enthusiasm and it was inspiring to learn that this student had a broader perspective and a true sense of hope.

A 5th grade student expresses: “I’m going to start practicing the exercise before I read because I have a lot of thoughts when I read.” When we asked what she meant, she said she had trouble concentrating while reading because there were too may thoughts in her mind, she was distracted all the time and could not focus. This was my experience as a child-reading comprehension was difficult because of so many thoughts in my head and seems to be a common experience for students.

Our experience of practicing the exercise is that thoughts and anxiety slows down (the activity of the amygdala, slows down) and calm and clarity is the most common response as the anterior cingulate is activated.

To learn about our cutting edge technologies to share with your schools and communities, contact us at

Bringing Calm and Focus to students at US public schools with Phonemic Intelligence

Sounds for Hope US                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

By Alice Moore

Every day in the newspapers and on the news we see concern for students who are distracted and unable to concentrate on their studies at school. At the most extreme, students are suffering from ADD, ADHD and other disorders where they are being medicated to help them focus and learn effectively which is only one solution to putting our brains in a balanced state.

We all know there are many reasons for these disturbing challenges and many side effects to the solution of medication, although necessary in some cases, this is controversial and not an option for everyone. Fortunately educators all over the world are passionate about additional solutions for this!

Tripura Foundation is a part of that solution. Through our cutting edge science based education: Phonemic Intelligence, we are changing the way teachers, families and students experience learning and education all over the world. I have had the amazing opportunity this year to work with Tripura Foundation and to pilot Phonemic Intelligence programs in the US.

In my hometown of San Francisco, we have been piloting our programs at several public schools and after school programs where students and teachers are challenged with overwhelm, anxiety and frustration about achieving all that they need to do in a given school day. In addition students face serious financial and emotional pressures that interfere with the ability to succeed at school.

Before our pilots, teachers say: “There is no time, no time to do all we need to do, we just cannot add another lesson.”

These feelings of constant overwhelm and anxiety, create a stressful environment for learning, for the teachers and the students.

We have a solution to support our teachers to create healthy environment for learning.

We encourage the teachers to put the core technique as a priority, setting a specific time each day to practice, so it’s just part of the routine. It takes less than 10 minutes. The results of this structure and continued practice are beneficial and essential for success and progress.

After a few weeks of regular practice teachers report that they now look forward to practicing the brain strengthening core technique and if they forget for some reason, the students are the first to remind the teacher: “Hey, we need to do our brain exercises!”

 At Spring Valley Science Elementary School, in San Francisco, 2nd grade teacher Courtney Cook reports that her students become calm, focused and ready to learn after they practice the less than 10 minute core technique of Phonemic Intelligence, a simple brain strengthening exercise using vocalization of sounds and hand gestures. Her daily practice happens after recess. “It regroups them after they have been outside playing, gets them focused and ready to learn”

No one can deny the change everyone feels in the room from after the exercise. Students are smiling, energized and ready to study. It just makes sense!

To learn more about our pilot programs in the US, contact us at:

The Promise of Phonemic Intelligence

Labels Don’t Matter. Intelligence Does.

What do you think of this story?

“I am very happy to be autistic” says Jacob, 15 year old son of Kristine Barnett. Jacob was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, and doctors said he would never speak. But Kristine did not give up on her son and pushed hard to find a way out and when the teachers told her that there was no hope, she rebelled and took her own path.

“A lot of people thought that I had lost my mind,” she recalls. Instead of focusing on Jacob’s limitations, Kristine nurtured his interests. Now her 15-year-old son is on track to win a Nobel Prize for his work in theoretical physics.

Interestingly, I myself was mildly dyslexic and when I would look at a question in a test paper, the words would fly out and rearrange themselves and form a different question than the one in the test paper and I would often finish my paper…only to realize that I had written the answer to a question which wasn’t even on the paper. My parents and teachers thought that I day dream a lot and that I don’t even read the questions properly. They suggested that I focus more in the class and read the questions carefully. But it did not help since my problem was different. I never even mentioned this to anyone except once and at that time someone close to me laughed saying that I day dream too much, and that made me believe that I was stupid and could not even read a question properly. Luckily after I started practising the Phonemic Intelligence technique, this problem disappeared on its own and I am happy to share this story with all of you today. I would like children to benefit from this miracle technique. My own grades tell a tale.  I went from getting an average of 6 /10 to getting 9.2/10 in university.

I have since then started to strongly believe that labels do not matter, our intelligence does and I find Phonemic Intelligence is a great tool to boost our intelligence. Thank you.

Sunny Dasgupta

To learn more about our programs in the US, contact us at:

Soft Skills Are Not Enough, Not Anymore

We have all been convinced that soft skills are a major contributor to success, they certainly are. But we have seen increasingly that people with even the best personalities and soft skills fall short in life only because they could not handle the pressures that life brings upon us. Handling pressure is being seen as a key skill in executive circles now a day. It’s always been so in athletics and sports. But now more than ever the stress of daily life leaves us fatigued and frustrated.

If this is the case with us, we cannot even begin to comprehend what it is like for our children and what they have to face. As parents, we try to do everything we possibly can so that our children can have a safe and secure life. But how are we to help them face that which we ourselves could not?

How are we to prepare them for things that we ourselves are not prepared for? The threatening economic conditions, weather, war, diseases. The worst is always yet to come. Are our children prepared for what’s to come? What can we do?

One thing is certain we need to remain relaxed under high stress, think clear, weigh our options and choose wisely to be able to live a life of sanity. Now, the question is how do we prepare our kids so that they are more prepared than we were?

Modern science has some answers for us. Increasingly, brain research is becoming a key area of focus for Government and Scientific community worldwide. This increased interest in brain research is born out of an anguish of the scientific community which claims we know less than 5% of our brain, or shall I say less than 5% of ourselves? More and more research is being funded to understand the brain. The importance of better brain functioning is well established and there have been numerous studies that have facilitated an understanding of how the different parts of brain control our psychology and wellbeing.

We at Tripura Foundation believe in leaving no stone unturned for our kids. We believe so do you.

Here is our comprehensive model for development:

Formal Education + Tutoring for Academic Success + Nutrition+ Brain Changing Education= Life Success

We know that formal education, tutoring, nutrition are easy to provide if you are relatively well off but how do you give them a better, faster and smarter brain? which is key in today’s world. The answer lies in Tripura Foundation’s Founder, Dr. Pillai’s 30 years of research on sounds and their beneficial effect on the brain. Studies done by Dr. Pillai and numerous other research groups have produced surprising results in very short time frames.

We are talking about helping our kids achieve higher grades, more peaceful behaviour and much better ability to handle the stress of daily life.

Phonemic Intelligence is our key solution to the many problems and challenges that face our children, problems that soft skill training and formal education are just not prepared to handle.

We appreciate you reading this message and if you feel interested in knowing more about our Phonemic Intelligence Programs, please contact us at:

Looking forward to a better future for all our children.

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