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Introducing the HoPE Survival Gift Pack

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your love and support for our HoPE for Chennai initiative! In Phase 2 of our initiative, we are delivering HoPE Survival Gift Packs to the poorest people who have been hit the hardest by the Chennai floods.  Their tiny huts have either been washed away or badly damaged, and the few belongings they had are gone as well.  No work has been available for at least 6 weeks due to the rains and then the flood, so they literally have no money for food.
Introducing the HoPE Survival Gift Pack!

Chennai Gift Packs

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Yesterday, after completing a distribution of HoPE Survival Gift Packs to 100 people in a village near Chennai, our Tripura India Trustee Yadeesh called me. He shared that he was deeply moved by the plight of the people – most of them were abandoned by relatives, some were blind, others were suffering from leprosy, or very old.

 Learn About the People Who
Will Be Receiving the Survival Packs

Gift Pack Recipients

One particular elderly lady whose roof collapsed in the midst of the cyclone was stranded in her hut and trapped in water, alone and helpless.  Since the flood, she has not been able to walk due to being trapped in water for so long.

Yadeesh told me that he was so grateful that our HoPE Survival Gift Packs were going to people who were so carefully selected by our HoPE Center champions on the ground, and so very deserving.

Our HoPE Survival Gift Pack is certainly the greatest Christmas gift these good souls could ever receive. We greatly appreciate all donations made to “HoPE for Chennai” so we can continue to bring HoPE to those who need it the most in the aftermath of this disaster.

Love, Mohini

A Million Dollar Journey of HoPE

On our most recent Ambassadors of HoPE trip, our Ambassadors visited HoPE learning centers in Rameswaram to find out how the widows and children had transformed over the 12 months since we began our support initiatives there.  Our initiatives included: 11 new HoPE Centers to educate and care for 450 children and 2 Tailoring Centers to train 30 women with entrepreneurial skills.

It’s always refreshing to hear great testimonies from our Ambassadors of HoPE, sharing the love, happiness and joy they experience during their trip.  Most often, having given of their time, finances and hearts to attend one of our Ambassadors of HoPE trips, they feel as though the journey itself and the interactions with the children they’re helping to support are indeed priceless!

Today, I’d like to share with you one such inspiring story from Jnani, one of the attendees of our most recent Ambassadors of HoPE trip.  

“Ever since the first HoPE Center was created, I knew this is an idea whose time has come – this is a movement that will change the world.   I have been happy to support HoPE through donations and prayers, and when I discovered I could attend the Ambassador of HoPE trip in November, I eagerly signed up.  What a great opportunity to learn firsthand the effect of Phoenemic Intelligence (PI) on the forgotten children of this world.

As we global emissaries gathered in Swamimalai for breakfast the first morning, we were instantly bonded in eager anticipation to see the children and experience the great work HoPE Centers is achieving for the planet.

First we visited the temple of Goddess Lakshmi’s birthplace.  As we said our prayers for the day, we could feel her blessings pouring out on us and our mission as Ambassadors of HoPE.

We arrived at the first HoPE Center.  There were the children, standing tall and proudly wearing their bright purple HoPE Center shirts. We were greeted with big smiles, cheers, flowers and even fireworks.  It was immediately evident that these children’s lives have been forever made better by the work of HoPE PI.  Even though some of these children had only been in the program for a month, there was an intelligence in their eyes and speech, a confident handshake, and gracious manners.  As we passed out a HoPE Gift Pack to each child, they said, ‘thank you’ in clear English and an open heart.

Through the weekend, we heard children’s stories, met dedicated teachers, honored scholastic achievement, taught new hygiene practices.  We viewed clever art and science projects made especially for this day of celebration.  From bending and harnessing energy from water, beautiful painted butterfly wings made from seashells, to the many happy faces, the effect of HoPE was seen everywhere.  Together we learned, laughed, danced, and played games all united in our hearts of love for each other.

As we were saying our final good-byes, one little sweet girl dressed in her best baubles and bangles and with a light in her eyes, shyly threw her arms around me and whispered in my ear, ‘you are my best friend’.

We gave $500 and received a Million in return!”

What a touching story and powerful testimony to the positive changes HoPE Centers and our Ambassadors of HoPE bring to the world, wouldn’t you agree?

Wishing you HoPE and love,
Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

Gifts of HoPE Enliven the World!

I just love to hear stories from Ambassadors of HoPE who visit our HoPE Centers around the world.  I hope to make my own visit when the time is right!

One such recent story comes from our Jai Radha (Gina Guerrieri) and I’d like to share it here with you today:

“Recently I had the honor of visiting one of Tripura Foundation’s rural HoPE Centers.  As we approached, the children were lined up and we were presented with a bouquet of local flora.  

They started out a bit shy, as I imagine it’s not a regular occurrence to have a westerner visit their rural town.

 Once they began to warm up though, the enthusiasm was unleashed! They were eager to show us how they do Phonemic Intelligence, followed by some yoga poses.

Then we shared snack time with them, which I have to say was quite tasty!  The “talent show” portion of our visit was by far the most energetic performances I have ever seen. These children are examples of unbridled joy and enthusiasm!