Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Gifts are thoughtful and to be appreciated. Some last longer than others, like: recipes, perennial flowers, fruit of the month clubs and gift cards. These are gifts that seem to keep giving back to the recipients long after they are given.

Yet, there are other types of gifts that keep giving back to the recipients and to the world. Choose one or more options below to provide relief and empowerment to children and elders. Select the “gift donation” option to also send a nice e-card to loved ones to let them know that you did this in their name.

Give the Gift of Education –
Help underprivileged children create a new destiny through Phonemic Intelligence – a unique kind of education that can help enhance intellectual, social, and emotional intelligence in just six minutes a day. Sponsor a child for one month for just $9!

Give the Gift of Dignity – Help forgotten and abandoned elders live with dignity.  Support an elder for one month with necessities like medicine, food, clothing, and hygienic supplies. Sponsor an elderly person for just $40!

Give the Gift of Food – Help those living with hunger on a daily basis nourish their bodies and minds with nutritious food. $1 provides five meals to those who need it most. Serve 50 nutritious meals for just $10!


P.S.  Have a very happy holiday season!!!


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