Malathi Strives and Thrives

Malathi is an 8th grade student at the Kizhavanam HoPE Learning Center. She attends classes with her two siblings. Her parents work as day laborers and don’t make enough to provide for the family, so the resources of the HoPE Learning Center have been really important to her health and development.

Before coming to her local HoPE Learning Center she was an average student, but classes in Yoga and Phonemic Intelligence have helped improve her academic performance. Daily mini meals have also helped her to physically and mentally thrive. Malathi has been scoring good marks ever since and now demonstrates motivation and diligence in her studies.

September is Hunger Action Month.

Part of helping kids like Malathi grow and succeed is making sure they get adequate nutrition. Fortunately, through our Million Meals of HoPE program, Tripura Foundation annually serves nearly a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers. Many of these kids would otherwise subsist on watery rice most days.

This September, in addition to sponsoring a child or an entire HoPE Learning Center, in honor of Hunger Action Month, please make a heartfelt contribution to our Million Meals of HoPE Program. We are able to serve 5 meals for every dollar donated.

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