Nivetha is a big-hearted, outgoing girl who has attended HoPE Learning Center classes regularly for over a year. Initially, she was grateful for daily mini meals, but not very interested in traditional academic studies. Yet the longer she attended, the more she began to pay attention, until she became hooked and soon improved her grades tremendously.

Her father is a cattle rearer. In their community, girls are usually not allowed to pursue higher education. Females are expected to take on roles of household work and raising families.

Since Nivetha joined her local HoPE Learning Center and became excited about her studies, she has expressed fervent interest in becoming a teacher and starting her own HoPE Learning Center so she can inspire children like herself to seek higher education.

She continuously asks questions about how she can succeed in making her dream come true and tells her teachers about the challenges she currently faces.

At this time, we are not sure if Nivetha will find ways to achieve her dream or if she will instead play the roles most desired by her parents and community. Either way, she is now a woman on the crossroads between tradition and change, and we support her in every way!

It doesn’t take much to help a special child like Nivetha reach for her dreams. Right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials and daily mini meals. That’s only 30 cents a day!  For only $360 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center, including Nivetha’s Center, Vellanaipatti!


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