Compassion Makes All The Difference

Kaaliyamal is an elderly woman living in Madurai, India.  After her husband’s death and being abandoned by her daughters, she lived on her own, isolated, and struggling to provide for her own basic day-to-day needs.  That is, until our HoPE Learning Center students found her and began caring for her.

She shares some of her heart-wrenching story:

Kaaliyamal was married off at a very young age, and she and her husband had five daughters.  The pair struggled to provide for their family, working as hired farmhands.  Kaaliyamal’s husband passed away at a young age, leaving her to raise their daughters alone.  She struggled to provide for them, but gave it her all, working endless hours and sacrificing everything she had for their wellbeing.  Unfortunately, two of her daughters passed away when the flu hit their village.

Kaaliyamal married off her three remaining daughters in the hopes that they would take care of her after their weddings.  All three promised her that they would come back to get her.  She waited for three days without food or water, until one of her neighbors found her on the verge of unconsciousness.

She says she remembers asking for her daughters and being told that no one was coming back for her.  It was then that she knew she’d been disowned by her daughters and came to the realization that not only was she alone, but that her only property, the house she lived in, would also be taken from her, leaving her to live in the streets.

Kaaliyamal’s neighbors did what they could to take care of her, but she got to the point where she couldn’t move around on her own, growing weak and dependent after years of pining after her daughters, suffering intense physical pain whenever she tries to move.

When our HoPE Learning Center students found Kaaliyamal, she was using her sari to cover herself, as she had nothing to protect her against the weather; neither did she have any other basic necessities.

Kaaliyamal is grateful to her Tripura Foundation sponsors for providing her monthly rationing, including the food she loves so much.  She especially loves the food given on special occasions from our HoPE Learning Center.  She says she feels loved and cared for when our HoPE Learning Center students visit her during the evenings and bring sweets to share with her.  She is thankful for the children who take care of her in her old age.

Help us reach out in compassion to more elderly members of our human family:

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Laurie, District PI Coordinator of New York

Meet Laurie Thomas, District PI Coordinator of New York. For the last year and a half, Laurie has been reaching outside of the average parameters of her life to do more for 1200 children in her community who need it the most.

We applaud her for tending to her children with attention to detail, often visiting their classrooms to check in on them, champion their progress, and give them the love and support they need to use PI as an independent tool for success in their lives.

What inspires us most about Laurie is that she did not bind herself with traditional views of what she was capable of doing based on her educational background, career history, or personal interests. She saw a need in her community and made the effort to reach into the unknown, committed to making a difference where it was needed most.

Get to Know Laurie…

“My name is Laurie Thomas. I am an artist by trade and live in New York City. I came here from Canada 26 years ago. I studied to receive my BFA in Canada and my MFA in the USA.

My paintings are exhibited and collected. One of my favorite projects are animal portraits. My grandfather had a photographic portrait studio in Canada.

For this past year, I have been introducing Phonemic Intelligence programs to NYC area. At present, we have two schools in the lower east side practicing PI. This is unfolding to include afterschool programs and many more public schools.

The private school agenda of PI is in beginning stages of conception. This will prosper as the public program grows.

What inspired me to bring PI to the students is the innate compassionate nature of children. PI gives the opportunity to bring the struggling parts of their brain to wholeness. The evidence of this is in their new capacity to be kind to themselves and others, and to suddenly make academic progress.

I see how the brain can do the transformational work. We do not have to struggle. Being part of a community effort brings a good sense of belonging for all us.”

Interested in service work like Laurie’s?

Laurie has been an amazing part of the Tripura Foundation’s team, helping to spread Dr. Pillai’s key tool for permanent transformation – Phonemic Intelligence.

If you are interested in becoming a PI coordinator to support the use of PI in the local school programs in your community, inquire at to speak with a PI programs support coordinator.

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HoPE Learning Centers Feel Like Home


Maruthavalli’s father passed away when the flu hit her family’s village. Her mother, grieving for her late husband, abandoned her elder girl child and took off with her younger son.

Maruthavalli was barely 8 years old when she was left behind. A villager found Maruthavalli alone in the house, crying in the corner, two days after her mother left. He immediately contacted her family and an uncle of Maruthavalli took her home. She was barely conscious from all the crying, fear and lack of food.

Maruthavalli is now 12 years old and still lives with her uncle. He decided it was best she grow up in a place away from all the memories of her father and mother. For the first 4 months after her father’s death she acted as if all was well, but then she started withdrawing from her family. She started having nightmares and would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Her uncle was worried about both her mental and physical health as she started growing thinner with each passing month.

One of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Learning Center teachers met Maruthavalli and offered her help to study. Maruthavalli started at our HoPE Learning Center in Madurai about a year ago. At first, she was always on her own, doing her own homework, withdrawn into herself. She rarely showed any kind of emotion.

Other children at the Center approached Maruthavalli, made friends with her, and she gradually started interacting. Her uncle was brimming with happiness the very first day Maruthavalli came home smiling from the Center. He immediately approached the teachers and the children and thanked them for helping his niece.

To this day, even though Maruthavalli has an amazing academic performance and is happy and content with her life, she still aches for her mother. She still goes back to her old self anytime someone brings up her mother – she resorts to sitting in a corner until she calms down herself enough to allow outside help. Both the teachers and her friends are helping her understand her life now and keep her happy. Even though there is still a long way for her to fully come to terms with her life, Maruthavalli has decided she wants to help other children who have suffered like her. She says she would like to earn enough money to help others.

She also says that she is very thankful for the teachers who found her and her friends who make her happy. She says she is ever grateful to the sponsors of Tripura Foundation for the HoPE Learning Center she attends, as well as the evening snacks, which have helped her gain a healthy weight. She feels that the HoPE Learning Center is one place where she feels like home.

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Introducing the HoPE Survival Gift Pack

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your love and support for our HoPE for Chennai initiative! In Phase 2 of our initiative, we are delivering HoPE Survival Gift Packs to the poorest people who have been hit the hardest by the Chennai floods.  Their tiny huts have either been washed away or badly damaged, and the few belongings they had are gone as well.  No work has been available for at least 6 weeks due to the rains and then the flood, so they literally have no money for food.
Introducing the HoPE Survival Gift Pack!

Chennai Gift Packs

Give a HoPE Survival Gift Pack for Just $30
(Choose “HoPE for Chennai” When Donating)

Yesterday, after completing a distribution of HoPE Survival Gift Packs to 100 people in a village near Chennai, our Tripura India Trustee Yadeesh called me. He shared that he was deeply moved by the plight of the people – most of them were abandoned by relatives, some were blind, others were suffering from leprosy, or very old.

 Learn About the People Who
Will Be Receiving the Survival Packs

Gift Pack Recipients

One particular elderly lady whose roof collapsed in the midst of the cyclone was stranded in her hut and trapped in water, alone and helpless.  Since the flood, she has not been able to walk due to being trapped in water for so long.

Yadeesh told me that he was so grateful that our HoPE Survival Gift Packs were going to people who were so carefully selected by our HoPE Center champions on the ground, and so very deserving.

Our HoPE Survival Gift Pack is certainly the greatest Christmas gift these good souls could ever receive. We greatly appreciate all donations made to “HoPE for Chennai” so we can continue to bring HoPE to those who need it the most in the aftermath of this disaster.

Love, Mohini
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Chennai Ground Zero Report

The recent flood disaster in Chennai created devastation everywhere…

  • Flooded homes
  • Massive power outages
  • Contaminated water supply
  • Destroyed vehicles and businesses
  • Roads submerged in stagnant water mixed with garbage

For the poor and homeless, the devastation has been far more severe. For many of them, their homes have either been destroyed, or literally swept away, and they have been displaced to interim refugee camps. It’s a nightmare scenario.

Global Director of Tripura Reporting from Ground Zero

Chennai Flood Devastation

Elaine Kueper, Global Director of Tripura Foundation, has been spearheading our relief efforts. Watch in the videos below to hear her report from ground zero, learn about what Tripura is doing to help and meet the HoPE volunteers.
See Our Relief Efforts in Action

We Are Helping Provide Emergency Relief

We put out a call for donations to help aid in the relief efforts in Chennai, and many of you have responded. For the poor people of Chennai, this has been a precious gift of much needed support.

Although we are not set up to be an emergency relief organization, many courageous volunteers have stepped forward to help us implement a three-pronged relief effort:

  1. Feeding the hungry – Many people were stranded and hadn’t eaten for days. Our volunteers drove extensively and waded through the water to reach them, and have been able to feed almost 1000 hot meals so far.
  2. Providing survival necessities – We have been identifying devastated families in the remote areas near our Chennai HoPE Center locations to distribute food provisions, clothes, blankets, and mats.
  3. Helping families rebuild – Many people are out of work for the foreseeable future, and have no way to take care of themselves or family. For impoverished families, this lack of income has made a dire situation even worse. We have been identifying the worst-affected families for vocational rehabilitation and training to help them start earning money again, and support their families.

As this disaster has destroyed many lives that cannot be fixed overnight, the need for this relief/rehabilitation program will be ongoing over the coming months. We at Tripura are dedicated to providing as much support as we can to those who need it the most.

Click here to support the ongoing relief efforts in Chennai. Make a donation to the “HoPE for Chennai” campaign

Meet the HoPE Volunteers

Your Tripura Team

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Give the Elderly in India a Reason to Smile Again

In India, the well-being of the elderly people has been ignored for a long time. They need your help. Make a donation here.

They were strong enough to carry another human in their womb for nine months. Strong enough to raise a child until he or she goes to school. Strong enough to labor to support their children’s education. But now, that strength is no longer there. Who will take care of the elderly in their time of need?

This situation is one of grave suffering. Some of them can only afford to eat once a day or not at all. They can’t buy medicine for the ailments that come with their advanced age.  The worst pain they feel is of being neglected by the people they trust to support them in their time of weakness. Often, their own children may not have enough means to support them.

We are on a mission to change that. You can help us make sure the elders who have no one else to turn to receive the support they need.

70 Year Old Abolished from Home

Let’s take a look at Grandma Kalavatidevi Amarnath Yadav. At 70 years old and out of strength, she needed the care and love of her children. They had other plans. Her son and grandson tried to force her into signing her home over to them by beating her hand with a hammer.

After she refused to sign, they abolished her from her own home.  She wandered the streets for days fearing for her life.

Grandma Kalavatidevi Amarnath Yadav after reporting the incident at the local police station.

The Elderly in India Need Heroes.
That Hero Could be You.

Her story is not unique. Elderly men in India are also ousted from their own homes by their children. It’s a horrific and tragic epidemic.
By donating just $40 a month (or any other amount), you can give the elderly in India a reason to smile again.

Tripura Foundation provides food, provide basic medical treatment, shelter and hope to the elders. We aim to improve their lives. To make their lives better. To provide comfort and compassion.

Help us by donating $40 a month (or any other amount) to care for them.

We are currently able to care for a selected number of Elders. There are thousands that still need our help.

Other elders like Periyandi are living in mud homes in extreme conditions.

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Thousands Abandoned and Live Without HoPE

When we told you about the neglect and extreme poverty that elders living in India’s rural villages were experiencing, you responded with kindness.

Like the HoPE Learning Centers children that devised this program, you recognized the need and took action.

Because of your generous support we were able to care for 65 elders in 11 regions.  Elders such as Adirammiah and Chandra received food, clothing, medical care, and basic necessities.

You are a true HoPE Hero.

Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Vision

This is just the beginning. There is still much work to be done and we cannot do it alone.

We are able to care for 65 village elders a month, but there are still thousands who have been abandoned and who live without hope. We want to reach all of them.

Please consider making a recurring monthly donation of $40 or more to support our continued efforts.

Our immediate goal is to increase our reach and assistance to 85 elders a month.

Your monthly gift will help us do just that. One hundred percent of donations will be used to expand and enhance our existing HoPE For The Elderly program.

The Difference Only You Can Make

Your monthly donation of $40 will provide daily meals, new apparel, and medicine such as cough syrup and pain relieving gel. Donations above $40 help us do even more!

So, for less than $1.50 a day you will be able to connect a destitute elderly person with a village of compassionate children and help us reach our goal of caring for 85 elders a month.

Will you help us not only meet this goal, but exceed it?
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Help Us Change 85 Elders’ Lives

Our elders are the backbone of every community. They hold the knowledge, culture and heartbeat of villages and communities, passing their legacies onto the next generation for years to come.

Which is why, when our elders suffer and lose hope, our entire community suffers with them. Yet, when elders are supported and given a glimmer of hope, entire communities rise up.

We know that there are millions of elders silently suffering with hunger, weakness and neglect throughout India. These women and men are now left to suffer alone.

It’s sometimes easy to get lost in the numbers. Yet, each of those numbers represents a life, a story, a face and they deserve to be remembered and supported. They deserve dignity.

Women like Srimati are often widowed or have been abandoned by their husbands. All alone, the are without money for food, medical care and other basic necessities.

Through the Tripura Foundation, we can restore Srimati’s dignity and give her hope that tomorrow is worth living for. We can show her that the world is full of people who care about her.

Our HoPE for the Elderly Program: Tripura Foundation reaches elders right in their community – going door to door to provide them with food, clothing, medical care and basic necessities. Hope delivered right to their door.

For just $40 a month, a woman like Srimati will be able to share her stories, enjoy the company of her friends all while receiving nutritious food, medicine and home support. You can be one of those people who supports women like Srimati.

Give a Recurring Donation Here.

Much like Srimati, Adirammiah was an elder suffering in silence. He was hungry and lacked the basic essentials to live his life clean and nourished.

Thanks to the generous support of a donor, Adirammiah received:

toor dal,
sunflower oil,
washing soap,
tooth powder,
coconut oil,
cough syrup, and
pain relieving gel.
While someone may look at these items as simple staples, our help provided for a life-changing circumstances for Adirammiah. His pride is restored, alongside of his dignity. All because someone cared enough to remind Adirammiah that he mattered.

We know the need is great, which is why we are growing our program.

We want to be able to reach at least 85 elders every month and change their life just like we have for Adirammiah.

For just $40 a month, you could change a life by sponsoring someone like Srimati.

Click here to head straight to our donation page to get started.

In order to reach 85 elders every month, we need to raise $40,800 this year for our HoPE for the Elderly program.

Will you help us not only meet this goal, but exceed it?

Their lives, their dignity, their hope- all can change because of you. By restoring their hope, we ensure the backbones of our communities remain strong for the next generation.

Together, we can remind our elders that they matter.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

Thank you.

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Tripura Foundation is Now a UN accredited NGO!

As a leader in on-the-ground efforts to eradicate extreme poverty in the world, Tripura Foundation is proud to announce our recent accreditation as a consulting non-governmental organization to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

This designation comes with extensive privileges and responsibilities, and we are overwhelmed by this opportunity to further advocate on behalf of all the people we serve throughout the world.

“It was thrilling to be at the UN headquarters in NYC for Tripura’s review to be recommended for consultative status, and even more thrilling to receive confirmation that we are now a UN accredited NGO!  With our innovative Phonemic Intelligence educational technology that is being implemented very successfully for over 23,000 children in public and private schools in US, Mexico, India and now Haiti, as well as our 101 HoPE Centers in India, I’m confident that Tripura can contribute significantly to our shared goals with the UN of poverty eradication and universal primary education for all children.” – Mohini at ECOSOC’s review of Tripura Foundation

With this special consultative status, Tripura Foundation is able to:

  •  Offer expert information and advice to United Nations members and the Economic and Social Council
  •  Learn about the Council’s provisional agenda and request items to be added
  •  Submit written statements regarding our areas of expertise to the Council’s members
  •  Attend UN meetings and conferences in New York, Geneva, and Vienna

We would like to express our deepest thanks to supporters like you who enable us to carry out this important work. Gaining this important accreditation from the United Nations puts us one step closer to ensuring that no person in the world will go hungry, neglected, and forgotten.

Remember them as you consider making a donation today.

Thank you.

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Offering HoPE One Day at a Time

Nandhini was in third grade and her sister a toddler when their father started having intense pains in his stomach and was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer and the doctors informed the family that it was too late to save him, as the cancer was already in a late stage. The family couldn’t afford pain medicine for him and had to bring him home.

Every day and night, the little sisters had to listen to their father cry out in pain and watch helplessly as he withered in front of their eyes. Though Nandhini was not old enough to fully understand what was happening, she would hold her little sister away from the cries of pain. She would tell her stories, sing her songs, or take her out of the house so that the toddler wouldn’t get scared.

Sadly, a few months after being brought home, her father breathed his last.

Nandhini’s mother, who stayed home to take care of her husband, began work as a cook after his death. She currently works as a cook in a nearby college.

The family had to move out of their old house because they were no longer able to pay rent. Nandhini’s aunt, a widow with no children, took Nandhini’s family in to live with her. She works at a construction site and earns only when there is work at the site.

Even though Nandhini’s mother and aunt don’t make much money, they have been able to sustain enough to get the family a small meal every day.

Years have passed since her father’s death, yet Nandhini wakes up at the middle of the night hearing her father’s screams. She says she can barely sleep at night.

She has been a part of one of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Learning Centers for two years now, but she has not yet been able to come out of quiet and withdrawn states. Nevertheless, we are hopeful that our HoPE Center is making a difference in her life, little by little.

She says that she wishes to become a doctor to cure as many people as possible. With ambition as big as that, we are certain that her sad, hopeless countenance is slowly being replaced by HoPE and courage.  No matter what, with YOUR help, Tripura Foundation is here to help her to rise and shine.

Help us make an even bigger impact and help even more children like Nandhini and her little sister by sponsoring a HoPE Learning Center.  Visit this link to make your contribution. Thank you.

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