Marcos Finds A Smile

At Tripura Foundation, one of our greatest satisfactions is witnessing the positive transformation of children; even one small child.

At first sight, Marcos Gabriel García Crespo seems quite serious and shy. This is because he didn’t grow up knowing how to smile. He lives in a small shack in La Paz, Mexico with his parents and three siblings. Life is tough and they rarely have enough to eat or to celebrate.

When we asked him what had changed for him after he attended activities at his local HoPE Learning Center, he replied:Since I started coming to the Center I feel joy. I am happy! I like coming here because I learn many things, play and eat. When we do the Phonemic Intelligence sounds, I see purple, pink and blue lights and I feel great. At home, I’m more relaxed; and, at school, I am learning better.”

Unfortunately, this former HoPE Center is no longer operational due to situations beyond Tripura Foundation’s control. Yet, Tripura Foundation helps many children like Marcos through our Phonemic Intelligence school programs in Mexico, India, the USA and other nations.

For a one-time gift of $108, you too can bring a smile to the face of a sweet child like Marcos for an entire year.  Donate today!

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From Silent Victim To Social Butterfly…

When Manjula first came to her local HoPE Learning Center less than a year ago, she was sad, silent and ignored almost everything that happened around her.

She sunk low to the ground and did not know how to laugh and play with the other children. Now, she is happy, peaceful and enjoying her life in connection with everyone around her.

When first approached, she nervously twitched. She could barely talk with a teacher about her about her favorite flowers. When asked about her family, she immediately tensed and recoiled. Yet, with gentle prompting, she shared bits and pieces of her life story.

Manjula’s father was an alcoholic who came home every day to verbally abuse the entire family. As the oldest child, Manjula felt like she had to take care of her little brother and protect him from her father. She avoided contact with other children so that they wouldn’t see what was going on.

Her mother worked in the neighbourhood and brought home scraps of food, but she had never tried to end this cycle of abuse because she didn’t recognize that it was a cycle that she could help end.

So, HoPE Learning Center teachers stepped in. They spoke to Manjula’s mother about how parental behaviors were affecting her children and gave her tools to make positive changes. Armed with knowledge, she finally took steps to correct the behaviours of her alcoholic husband.

Since then, Manjula’s father stopped drinking and both parents have  been taking proper care of their children.

Manjula talks non-stop about all the beautiful things she has experienced in her life. She says that she finally feels safe and free to soar like a social butterfly among her peers. She is grateful to Tripura Foundation for the changes in her life and aims to make future children at her HoPE Learning Center proud of what she will accomplish when she grows up.

Everyone is pleased about the positive transformation of Manjula; but, for every child who we are able to help find her/his wings, there are many more who still suffer in silence. For only $10 a month, you could help completely transform the life of a precious child.

Help us save one, right now!

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May 8 | One Day-a-Year to Maximize Charitable Actions

On May 8th [Sunday], the effects of our charitable actions are their most powerful during a rare once-a-year celestial alignment known as “Akshaya Tritiya,” or the “Non-Depleting 3rd Moon.”

Ancient Seers have revealed that the charitable work done with a pure heart on this day is the secret to receiving our own material and spiritual blessings.

“Feeding a starved human being and helping the poor with needed items are keys to receive material and spiritual blessings”. – Dr. Pillai

 What can you do on this day to maximize the benefits?

  • Offer to help others, even in small ways, at work or home
  • Feed the hungry
  • Lift up those in suffering in prayer, meditation or intention
  • Donate clothes, home items, or things you no longer need

Tripura invites you to maximize the power of your giving by feeding the undernourished children, women, and men of rural India.  For every $1 you give, 5 meals are fed to those in severe need through Million Meals of HoPE.

Make a small sacrifice by skipping a restaurant meal or an entertainment and look what you can do…
  • $20 feeds 100 meals 
  • $50 feeds 250 meals
  • $100 feeds 500 meals.

Invite in the biggest blessings, when you commit to regular service to those in need.  Select “charge my card monthly” when you make your donation to become a monthly sponsor.

Click Here to Make a Contribution to Million Meals of Hope.

Take advantage of the one day of the year guaranteed to multiply your ability to help and be helped.


Your Tripura Team

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From Near Starvation To Sustenance – We Save Lives!

BPL = Below Poverty Line.

This is more than just a term used in government reports; it describes the lives of millions of human beings too.  Many of these are elderly people.  In India, over 23 million elderly people fit this description and 10 million more are classified as “destitute.”

These are not lazy individuals.  Most of these elderly people need to work simply to survive until the day they die, or until they no longer have the ability to work.  Most have been abandoned by families too poor to support them.  Most subsist on only on one meal per day, with no one to help them obtain water to drink from village wells or to help them soothe their aches and pains.

Tulasi and Panjaliammal

Mr. Tulasi and his wife Panjaliammal


Mr. Tulasi and his wife fit these descriptions. They live in a one-room mud-walled house with a thatched roof.  When it rains, the earthen floors turn into thick, wet mud.  There is no electricity in their house.  All they have is an oil lamp, but they rarely have oil to keep it lit during long dark nights.  On good days, they are able to eat one small meal, but there are also many days when they have nothing to eat except watery rice porridge.

Mr. Tulasi no longer has the strength or stamina to work outside the home due to a prolonged illness. He tries to help his wife with household chores such as cooking, cleaning and washing because she is currently the sole breadwinner.  Each day, she walks a few miles to a field where she works at hard labor while exposed to the brutality of the sun during summer and high humidity during winter. These relentless daily assignments pay only 40 rupees, which is less than a single US dollar a day. 

Mr. Tulasi

Mr. Tulasi and his wife are grateful for the assistance they receive.

Thanks to our compassionate HoPE Center children for identifying this need, as well as our generous sponsors, Mr Tulasi and 75 other destitute elders receive monthly groceries (including rice, Toor dal, sunflower oil, chili powder, pepper, cumin seeds, mustard, pickle bottle, bath soap, washing soap, shampoo, tooth powder, coconut oil, cough syrup, and pain relieving gel) to help keep them fed, groomed and in less pain. They also receive occasional articles of clothing.  More importantly, they know that they are cared for and not completely forsaken by humanity.

With your help, we can work toward the goal of making categories like “BPL” and “destitute” obsolete. For only $30 a month, we can feed, clothe, comfort and restore dignity to poor elderly people like Mr. Tulasi and his wife.  Will you help?

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Although advertising and the Bollywood entertainment industry markets in Mumbai seem saturated at present, there is a huge demand for photographers by magazines and online media. With an explosion of communication networks in India, digital photography has become a profession with great commercial value.

This is the world's most prospective line-up of future photographers!

In April, children from the R.G. Pudhur HoPE Learning Center, accompanied by the regional coordinator and mentors, visited the International Photography Exhibition that took place in Coimbatore, India.

Besides traditional photography, they learned about video, digital imaging, signage and advertising.

State-of-the-art cameras and video equipment were also on display by leading branded companies like Sony and Canon.

HoPE children in good cheer asked valid questions, which were answered in great detail.

Mr. Babu Venkataraman from M/s.Tamron (Manufacturers of Camera Lenses) took pictures of our students and then had them printed and laminated so they could take copies home.

In great zeal, our children took notes about what they witnessed during displays of vintage video cameras used during the World War, and Phantom digital high-speed cameras (which fly through the air taking pictures via remote controls).

At the end of the day, several students revealed that they want to pursue photography as a hobby or career.

The statement “a picture speaks a thousand words” is not just a colorful phrase. It is an exceptional medium of self-expression. It is an art form that demands a sense of technical expertise. It is also a potential lucrative career for rural Indian children with limited options.

You can help manifest the possibility of billions of words by sponsoring a child for only $10 per month.

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Our Gift to YOU

Dear Tripura Family,

We’d like to say thank you for your generous support enabling Tripura to positively change lives and alleviate human suffering.

In the spirit of keeping with Dr. Pillai’s dream that we all commit to sharing $1-a-day, we are delighted to honor your commitment with a gift in return.


A Gift For You

A Gift For YouThrough the generosity of our partner, Pillai Center, anyone signed up as recurring sponsor giving at least $1-a-day ($30 monthly) or more by May 3rd will receive the following:

Both gifts are opportunities to increase your wealth consciousness and multiply the abundance you share.

How Do I Receive My Gift?

Click here to visit the Tripura Donate page and begin your recurring donation of $30 or more no later than May 3rd.

  1. In the DONATE section, select at least $30 or more
  2. In DONATION FREQUENCY, select “Charge my card monthly”
  3. In PROGRAM ALLOCATION, select the initiative that speaks to you most, or simply select General Fund
  4. Click DONATE NOW – and you’re done!

If you are already signed up to donate $30 or more monthly, sit back and relax!

Once the May 3rd deadline for sign-up has passed, we’ll be sending all those who qualify instructions via email on how to access your gifts via the Pillai Center website.  Keep an eye on your inbox!

Continue Giving and ReceivingTripura is committed to giving back more often to generous sponsors like you on a monthly basis.Once you sign up as a recurring sponsor, donating $30 or more per month, you’ll receive more special gifts like these from our growing list of Tripura partners.

At the beginning of each month, keep a look-out for a special Tripura member’s mailer sharing what gifts are available for redemption.

In Service,
Your Tripura Team

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World Forestry Day = Yay!

It was recently World Forestry Day! In March, children at our HoPE Learning Centers participated in activities that demonstrated the importance of environmental stewardship. Rather than write about how each zone chose to participate in its own unique way, we will let these beautiful photos do the talking!


Forest rangers gave speeches and distributed free tree saplings for students in 13 HoPE Learning Centers in the Gummidipoondi Zone (including these bright children from Kannanbakkam) to plant in barren areas of their villages.


In the Coimbatore Zone, Veeriyampalayam children presented colorful rangoli depicting the theme “Forest Day “using the natural vegetables and fruit colours. They planted vegetables and were instructed to gift roots and tree saplings to their friends and relatives on their birthdays and other important functions.


Students from the Madurai Zone created innovative logos and banners, conducted drawing competitions among children, planted trees in public places and sowed seeds.


In the Trichy Zone, children made and wore colorful masks while giving inspiring speeches. They also made sure that older, already-existing greenery was taken care of, which is even more important than planting new bushes and trees.


In Goa, children created innovative containers for saplings and planted them in bare places in their communities. They also drew colorful charts depicting the importance of trees and how bad deforestation affects Mother Earth.


Children from Tiruttani Zone Centers made miniature models of forests and animals, which made it easy for the younger children to understand natural cycles.

Kumbakonam Zone children helped identify houses which were without trees, planted saplings and requested that the residents take care of them. This not only created awareness but also helped increase the green counts.


Save The Forest and Animals and Trees? Yes, please! By sponsoring three children for only $30 per month ($10 per child), you will also help ensure that the earth + her flora and fauna are safely stewarded for years to come! Click the ‘Donate’ button below to make your contribution today.

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Threads Of HoPE

Q: What might Selvi’s future look like without the intervention of a caring neighbor and Tripura Foundation’s Tailoring Center program?

A: Probably quite hopeless. Even though we should never underestimate the determination of a mother to feed a hungry family, Selvi was fighting numerous disadvantages due to a lifetime of poverty without much support.

When Selvi was eight years old, her mother wasn’t able to recover from the shock of her husband’s early death. She struggled with depression and didn’t take care of her three children. As the middle child, Selvi was cared for by an older sister but had to watch over her younger brother. Survival meant hard work and quick thinking. so young Selvi hardly had time to embrace life.

Without many options available to improve her conditions, Selvi got married and became a mother in her teens. She had no idea how to raise her two female babies. Unsupported and without education, she lost all hope of giving her daughters a brighter future than the one that she had endured.

Eventually, a neighbor took pity on Selvi’s plight and stepped in to teach her basic sewing skills. For a while, Selvi earned meager wages mending the clothing of neighbors, but this was not enough to feed her children. Due to poor stitching skills, people soon realized that Selvi was not well trained and stopped giving her work.

Fortunately, Selvi heard about Tripura Foundation’s tailoring program. With professional help, she is excelling in her work at home and has been earning enough to feed her hungry family.

With threads of HoPE, support and great effort, Selvi has been transformed from a terrified, young girl into a confident, mature woman. She is grateful to be able to build a secure future for her children.

This is indeed a story with a happy ending, but millions of women and children are stuck in cycles of poverty similar to Selvi’s. With your support, Tripura Foundation is able to empower women like Selvi with tailoring skills so that they too can afford to feed their families. A one-time donation of $30 will go a long way to add HoPE to the future of a woman like Selvi.

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Jute Bag Manufacturing Workshop

We conducted a vocational training program in making jute products on March 25 & 26, 2016, in the Alladipatti HoPE vocational training center in Kodaikanal to improve the economic conditions of the capable and deserving women in that region.

About 15 women were trained in making hand purses and shopping bags.  This is an initiative program from our Hope Centers which is planned to be extensively carried out in other zones, too.

Click the arrows on the photo below to view more photos from this workshop:

TF Jute Bag Workshop

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Madhan: From Mischief to a Passion for Art

Madhan is a mischievous 7th grade boy. He has two younger siblings and his parents work as laborers in the city.  In the past, after coming home from school, Madhan would play with his brother and sister. Their playing often ended up with them quarrelling. Madhan would get furious and would sometimes beat them up.

He would waste his time by watching television in the neighborhood and would never read his daily lessons or do his homework. His parents, Sabeena and Yesuraj, were very worried about him. Through a friend, Yesuraj came to know about our HoPE Learning Center in their town, and enrolled Madhan right away. Initially, Madhan was reluctant to come to the center, but he quickly made friends and came to at least chat with them.

Then our center teachers gradually helped Mohan understand the importance of studies and made sure he read his daily lessons and did his homework properly.

Now, after attending the HoPE Learning Center for one year, Mohan enjoys drawing and craft work, which he learned during our center’s monthly activities. He is now learning technical aspects of drawing and his grades have much improved.

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