Madhan: From Mischief to a Passion for Art

Madhan is a mischievous 7th grade boy. He has two younger siblings and his parents work as laborers in the city.  In the past, after coming home from school, Madhan would play with his brother and sister. Their playing often ended up with them quarrelling. Madhan would get furious and would sometimes beat them up.

He would waste his time by watching television in the neighborhood and would never read his daily lessons or do his homework. His parents, Sabeena and Yesuraj, were very worried about him. Through a friend, Yesuraj came to know about our HoPE Learning Center in their town, and enrolled Madhan right away. Initially, Madhan was reluctant to come to the center, but he quickly made friends and came to at least chat with them.

Then our center teachers gradually helped Mohan understand the importance of studies and made sure he read his daily lessons and did his homework properly.

Now, after attending the HoPE Learning Center for one year, Mohan enjoys drawing and craft work, which he learned during our center’s monthly activities. He is now learning technical aspects of drawing and his grades have much improved.

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HoPE Learning Center’s Aspiring Pastry Chef

When Krishnaveni first joined her local HoPE Learning Center, she did not know how to read even a single line in English, and she struggled with her studies.  After a year-long effort taken on by the HoPE Learning Center mentors, Krishnaveni is able to pass all her subjects.

For any event announced at the HoPE Learning Center, Krishnaveni volunteers herself and earnestly gets into full swing to prepare for the event, whether it is oratorical, competition, or arts and crafts related.

Though a small girl, Krishnaveni shows great interest in preparing different kinds of food.  She watches cooking shows on TV and tries cooking at home. Krishnaveni says she likes cakes and muffins very much, and last year her maternal uncle took her to a bakery shop and bought cakes and muffins for her to eat.

Krishnaveni aspires to run a pastry shop of her own.

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HoPE Learning Centers Instill Confidence and Responsibility

Arunkumar (Arun) is in the 6th grade.  He astonished his schoolteachers and parents by getting good scores in all subjects on his last term exams.

Before joining his local HoPE Learning Center, he had no interest in studies.  Instead of studying, he used to play after school hours, simply wiling away the time pelting stones at a mango tree and returning home late without bothering to complete his homework or any assignments given to him.

Arun’s parents were in distress until they learned about the HoPE Learning Center in their village. They decided to give it a try and signed their son up to join the center.  HoPE teachers grabbed his attention regarding his studies by creating a timetable for him to complete them.  Teachers also gave him worksheets to complete after each lesson, as well as some responsibilities at the center itself.

All of this guidance has helped Arun tremendously and the result is good marks in all subjects. Arun now understands his capabilities and is confident that he too can go to college for higher studies.

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Hemalatha – From Depressed to Blessed

Hemalatha is currently in 7th grade.  She especially loves walking to school on crisp mornings.  She comes from a large household, with three siblings, her parents and her maternal grandparents all living under the same roof.  Her father suffers from alcoholism and spends all of his earnings on drinking.  Her mother, the only other income-earner of the family, struggles to provide for the large family.

Hemalatha was born with a disability – her right leg is partially bent and hinders her ability to walk correctly.  She tells us she has been harassed and teased over her disability all the way through her school years, from kindergarten onward.

All those years of being teased and abused led her to believe that she was different, wrong, defective, and that was why she had no friends.  She never realized that what the other children were doing to her was wrong.  She never thought to stand up to them, and no one stood up for her either.  It wasn’t until she was in 6th grade and joined her local HoPE Learning Center that she learned to accept herself just as she is.

When Hemalatha was readily accepted and treated with dignity and respect by the staff and students of the HoPE Learning Center, she was overwhelmed by the love and care showed to her.  She tells us that whenever she cried to her mother about being born different, her mother would assure her she was perfect, but she never truly believed it.  Finding friends who cared for her rather than teasing her was a huge step for Hemalatha, and so she had trouble trusting at first.

Gradually, as the years have passed, she has learned to accept the love and care provided to her and she has even learned to love herself, just as she is.

Hemalatha is thankful to her friends and teachers at the HoPE Learning Center, and her mother is very proud of how far she has come in the past few years.  Hemalatha helps everyone in her village, and now works alongside her mother doing household chores for village neighbors to help provide for her family.

Even though her family still struggles financially, she says she is very happy and eternally grateful to Tripura Foundation for helping change her mind, change her life, and love herself despite the hate she received for so many years.

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Compassion Makes All The Difference