Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor a HoPE Center

Tripura Foundation has been seeking sponsors for 17 HoPE Learning Centers in Southern India.  Many of you have jumped at the opportunity, and we are thrilled to report that success continues to grow, as 7 centers have been fully sponsored for the remainder of the year!

That leaves just 10 centers requiring a monthly sponsorship.  Donate just $350 each month to care for, feed, educate, and provide other basic essentials.  400 children are still counting on the miracle of our support.

Why is it important to donate today and sponsor a HoPE Learning Center? We’re glad you asked.


A lesson is underway at our Guruvarajpet HoPE Center

1. You will directly impact 40 children’s lives.

That’s how many children we are able to serve at each HoPE Learning Center. Provide them with a safe place to nourish their bodies, cultivate their minds, and discover their own self-worth.

This boy is all smiles at our Varthagan Street HoPE Learning Center

2. Your contribution goes straight to the children.

Tripura Foundation operates with extremely low overhead expenses. Studies show that Americans believe not-for-profit organizations should spend no more than 23% of funds on overheard. At Tripura, we strive to keep our operating costs under 20%. In fact, we are able to provide four mini-meals for HoPE Center children with just a $1 contribution. Our work is truly a labor of love and the vast majority of all donations go directly to the communities we serve.

3. Get to know the children through monthly reports

Learn about the 40 children benefiting from your generosity through customized reports created just for you. We’ll send them through email every month so you can track your children’s progress and follow along with their lessons and activities.

Students display awards in front of their sponsor banner in Pallagunta

 4. Your personal banner will be hung at the HoPE Center.

As their sponsor, the children will be naturally curious about you. The banner allows them to put a face and name the the one providing them with a daily reprieve from the extreme poverty in which they live.

5.  You’ll receive daily prayers from the children.

Of all the benefits you receive from sponsoring a HoPE Center, this one means the most. Every day, 40 children will pray for your well-being. Though they can’t travel to meet you in person, their daily prayers will reach you and rest in your heart.

Our youngsters celebrate Diwali with their village elders

Sponsor a HoPE Center now!

6.  Recurring donations prevent any disruption of our HoPE Center’s services.

While we gratefully accept donations at any time throughout the year, your recurring HoPE Center sponsorship serves as the lifeblood of Tripura’s work serving 4,040 children in impoverished communities. By sponsoring one or more centers for just $350 per center, you’ll ensure the community’s peace of mind that the children are taken care of by Tripura Foundation.

An evening snack is the perfect way to end the day at our Thangachimadam HoPE Center

7.  Donating to a worthy cause could improve your health.

Several studies suggest that giving is good for you, and may promote health benefits such as stress relief, lower blood pressure, and longevity of life. There’s no denying the power of positive thoughts and deeds in our lives. What better way to confirm this than by sponsoring a HoPE Learning Center?

8.  Visit your HoPE Center at any time.

If you are able to, we welcome sponsors to actually come and visit their HoPE Center and meet the children face to face. Visiting your sponsored children is a powerful way to truly understand the impact your gift has on the lives of our HoPE children.

9.  Be a part of a Story of Hope.

You’ve likely followed Tripura Foundation’s progress for some time now, and have read many of our stories of HoPE featured in our newsletters. Rather than simply reading one of these stories, sponsoring a HoPE Center allows you to actually be an integral part of one.

HoPE Center children go on a field trip to a museum.

10.  The Children Need YOU.

We could go on and on about the importance of giving and the tangible benefits of becoming a sponsor. But when it comes down to it, the simple fact of the matter is that these children need you. As much as their parents struggle to provide the basic necessities of life for these kids, the unfortunate reality is that it just can’t happen. There isn’t enough money. There isn’t enough food. There isn’t enough time to go to school. Children living in extreme poverty can’t rely on their families to provide for them. Instead, they are often forced to work at a young age in order to help feed their families. Our programs help break the overwhelming cycle of poverty. These children rely on Tripura’s HoPE Centers. And our HoPE Centers rely on you.

Become a sponsor today.

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Narendran – Future Police Officer

Narendran, slowly taking in his surroundings, rubs his weary eyes for a moment before sharing his story. He is admirably calm and collected on the outside, though looking into his eyes, one can see they are filled with sad memories.

Several years after Narendran was born, his father was diagnosed with a kidney problem and has had to be hospitalized often.  Narendran cried while he spoke of his father. His deepest and most hopeful wish is for his father to become well again. Both Narendran and his mother take turns taking his father to the hospital twice a week. Every Saturday, Narendran brings his father to the hospital for treatment to take care of him until it is time to go home.

Narendran has two little sisters who look up to him. His mother works for a back-bending 12 hours a day.  Since his mother is exhausted every day after work, Narendran takes on the entire household chores.  Every morning, Narendran prepares breakfast for the family and helps his sisters get ready for for their school. He waits to get ready for school until after his sisters leave.  In the evening, he returns to his little sisters and spends time with them in their mother’s absence.

Narendran wants to become a police officer, but not just a regular officer.  It is his goal to be an officer of the highest rank that he could possibly achieve in the police department. When asked why he chose this goal, he said, “I was once told that I am a deeply compassionate boy by a man, and something sparked inside me making me wonder why not become a police officer and protect my people. What more can I do for this society than protect it with my will?”  He also tells us that he has been collecting all of the necessary information for achieving this goal.

Even though he is downcast about some elements of his home life, Narendran also speaks with great hope when he mentions his father. He swears that he will achieve something great to make his family proud, and he thanks our HoPE Learning Center for all the support he has received so far. He says that he draws strength and hope by spending time with his friends and teachers who encourage and help him plan for his future life.

It is only with the help, support and donations from kind hearts like yours that we can continue to support underprivileged and overworked children like Narendran.  Visit this link to learn ways you can help, or click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to make your heartfelt donation.  Thank you.

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Nagajothi – A Wise Teacher

Nagajothi grew up as one of four children in a family that struggled each day to survive.  As the youngest child, Nagajothi was bought up with great love and care by her family.  She studied more than her siblings and made it to the 12th grade.

Yet, by the time Nagajothi reached her late teens, survival became the family priority over education.

Nagajothi’s brother watched as she slowly sank into depression while home, and recommended that she join a tailoring class.

So in 1993, she did.  Nagajothi began to like tailoring and wanted to continue learning.  However, the course that she attended was just 30 days and only covered the basics. Unable to afford to learn from any other private sources, Nagajothi was forced to give up.

In 1996, she was married off to a young, supportive man, who helped her join a 60-day tailoring course. Happy with that, Nagajothi continued where she had left off and learned more.  Unfortunately, after the tailoring course was through, she had a hip operation which left her bedridden for four months.

She says, “I finally understood the pain of being bed ridden. It hurt being in one position so long. When I was finally able to walk, I had to use a walking stick, and each step I took gave me unbearable pain in the lungs.”

On a much happier note, Nagajothi was blessed with a baby boy soon after she recovered.  She now has three children, two sons and a daughter, whom she adores.  She says, “They are the best of God’s gift to me. I absolutely adore them. They are the happiness of my life. Not only are they my children, they are my best friends who advise and support me through difficult times.”

Nagajothi went on to learn many new techniques in tailoring and started training women in her neighborhood. This gave them hope and strength that they can create beautiful dresses and help sustain their families.  Around this time, Tripura Foundation asked her to become one of our tailoring teachers.

Nagajothi says, “I was more than glad to help and took the offer immediately, because I was going through a rough phase and this opportunity gave me hope of better survival and a chance to prove myself. My dream job has now come true and I am finally happy. It gives me great pleasure teaching young women. It gives us confidence and a means to earn a living through tailoring.”

Help us here at Tripura Foundation give confidence and HoPE to more women like Nagajothi and those she teaches.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to make your monthly contribution.  Thank you.

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Guru Purnima: An Auspicious Time to Give

July 31, 2015, signifies a most remarkable day of the year. It is the first full moon after the Summer Solstice and is customarily known as Guru Purnima – a day to give gratitude to your Guru.

Dr. Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation to change the world by eliminating extreme poverty and hunger while empowering children and women with holistic education opportunities. In just four years, we have gone from six HoPE Learning Centers to 100, serving 4040 children in India.

Children like Sarala, who started off in the program as a young high schooler and immediately thrived in computer science – a field she never would have had access to in her other studies. With help from the Tripura Foundation, she recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while serving as a mentor for younger students at the HoPE Learning Center. Sarala now attends a prestigious College in Chennai and is working on her Master’s degree.

Stories like this from the Tripura Foundation don’t have traditional endings – in fact, they hardly have endings at all. What starts off as a single donation becomes a rippling effect across the globe. One child receives hope, kindness, and a life-changing opportunity, then continues to pass that lesson on to more children. The cycle continues.

This is the lesson we learn from Dr. Pillai – one action, one click of a button, can have a massive impact on the entire world. And it never stops. The pledge you make today continues to grow in magnitude as more and more people across the world work together to eradicate extreme pain and suffering.

Celebrate Guru Purnima with us and Dr. Pillai by making a donation to support one of 17 currently unsponsored HoPE Learning Centers. Through the center, children are given education, mini meals, extra curricular activities, outings, basic medical care, and other basic necessities.

A monthly gift of $350 provides funding for one center’s monthly services, so consider a recurring gift. We are grateful for any amount during this particularly auspicious time of year.

To learn more about the HoPE Learning Centers needing sponsorship, visit this link.

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Pursuing Her Father’s Dream

Maria Jocelyn

Maria Jocelyn comes from a family of fishermen on the shores of Rameshwaram. The hot and salty air blowing through the area makes it difficult for anyone but natives to live there.

Maria’s father, a fisherman, had a dream to go to school and become educated. Unfortunately, he lacked both the resources to study and the spare time to pursue education.  He passed away without realizing his dream.

As a little girl, Maria Jocelyn had seen her father struggle for a daily living and wanted to realize her father’s dream since he could not.  And so she enrolled in a local school and studied to become a teacher.  As she finished her studies, she quickly joined one of the local schools and started working as a teacher.

Since Rameshwaram is a secluded dry place with the majority of population living under various levels of poverty, education has not always been given the utmost priority.  Knowing this as she grew up, Maria Jocelyn wanted to change the mindsets of her neighbors.  She wanted the villagers to send their children to schools rather than taking them out to learn how to fish at tender young ages.

After making her father’s dream come true by becoming literate, she was paid enough as a teacher to support her two fishermen brothers and mother.  Still, the small amount she earned was not enough for her to make a living, only enough to survive.

After some time, she was invited to start as a teacher at a Tripura Foundation-sponsored HoPE Learning Center in her village. The salary that she earns now as a HoPE Learning Center teacher is truly helpful to her family.  She is very thankful to Tripura Foundation and its donors for her thriving teaching opportunity.

She says, “I want to make use of this opportunity to bring about positive changes in the life of the children in my village. I want to educate them and make them understand the importance of being educated. Bringing changes in such a place with old-fashioned morals is difficult, but I try my best. Though I have my own problems at home, when I meet the children, my worries evaporate. The only thing in my mind is to help them in any way I can. I identify the weaker children and spend more time with them to help them improve gradually.

As for the other children, there is always room for improvement. I give them activities that are not only based on education but are also fun. Many kids in my neighborhood have alcoholic parents and suffer from emotional problems. I try to make them forget and make them realize that there is hope for all and make them smile. It gives me happiness watching them laugh happily forgetting their problems at such a young age. The children are happy to spend time in our HoPE Learning Center and make it to class regularly.

I thank Tripura Foundation and our sponsors for giving these children hope to live a better life. I am also thankful for my career, which is a lifeline to my family”.

Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to sponsor a HoPE Learning Center child or teacher, for as little as $10 a month.  We thank you and Maria Jocelyn thanks you.

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HoPE (Heaven on Planet Earth) is possible.

At Tripura Foundation, we are committed to inspiring and building HoPE for as many lives as we are able to reach, with each generous donation we receive.

This blog was created as a means to give you — our friends, supporters and donors — a more interactive look and feel into our HoPE projects and programs.  A window into how your heartfelt donations are being best used.  We invite you to get to know us and the people we serve on a closer and more personal level.

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A Beacon of HoPE

Malayayi and her daughter

Malayayi, a single mother, has gone from from feeling utterly hopeless and attempting to take her own life, to shining as a beacon of hope to all of the women in her village.

Malayayi was born into a family of ten whose elderly parents had little to offer their children. By the time she came of age, Malayayi was married, but her marriage didn’t last. After four months, her husband abandoned her while she was pregnant.

She was left heartbroken and alone. With no one to depend on, Malayayi took refuge with members of her family until she gave birth.  Malayayi was blessed with a baby girl, but was in no emotional state to celebrate the birth.

Malayayi tells us, “I had attempted suicides a number of times and failed. I had no hope and had no desire of living. Even though I had my daughter I was in no position to offer her a future. I felt useless.

Then a ray of HoPE shined into Malayayi’s life.  She continues, “When I thought all was lost, I was offered the priceless position to work as a teacher in a HoPE Learning Center. I have the skills for teaching and I speak very well. I thanked God for answering all my prayers and took this as a sign from the almighty to live a life for the sake of my only child.

The salary given to me was very essential to feed myself and my daughter every day as I had no other means of survival.

As I became a teacher, I started realizing that there’s more to life than what I had thought. My life gradually changed from a woeful one to a contented one. Seeing the children every day, watching them smile made my days. Every day when I woke up, my first thought would be what more can I do for the children? I found happiness in their happiness. I temporarily forgot my miserable life and started making the best out of my time with the children.”

By working at her local HoPE Learning Center for 3 years, she has brought about remarkable changes in the children. She says that Phonemic Intelligence and yoga helped her become calm and peaceful. She practices them regularly and says they also help her focus.

Her previous struggles not only strengthened her, but they also helped her show everyone that with dedication and hard work anyone could achieve their goals.

She currently lives happily with her daughter and continues to teach at her local Tripura Foundation HoPE Learning Center, spending time with the children to help make their lives better.

Sponsor a HoPE Learning Center student for as little as $10 a month by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button below.

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Help Preynitha Realize Her Dream of Becoming a Doctor

Preynitha with her grandmother and little brother

Preynitha was seven years old when a deadly viral fever hit her village during the winter. Like many others in her village, Preynitha’s mother passed away.  Soon after, Preynitha’s father abandoned her and her little brother to go live with another woman.  At this time, Preynitha and her brother started living with their maternal grandmother.

Preynitha is now 10 years old and bears the great burden of taking care of herself, her grandmother and her little brother.

At first, her grandmother began working in neighboring houses as a maid.  However, she earned such a small amount that she could not afford daily meals for herself and the children.  The villagers took pity on the kids and gave them leftovers at the end of each day.  When Preynitha saw that the food was only sufficient for two, so she skipped meals to let her grandmother and little brother eat.

As the days passed, her grandmother could do nothing but helplessly watch her granddaughter grow thinner and thinner. Meanwhile, Preynitha came to the realization that the only means to put an end to their suffering was to study hard enough to earn money to support her family.  On top of studying, she also tried to work as a maid in other houses in the neighborhood to meet immediate needs.

At first, because she was only 10, no one wanted to hire her, but she persisted and showed that she was responsible. Little by little, the number of houses increased and she began earning enough to eat every day.

She says she realized that God had not given up on her when she was introduced to her local Tripura Foundation HoPE Learning Center.  After attending regularly, she was able to concentrate better on her studies and eat a very healthy snack every day.  She also now practices yoga at home, which has helped her regain her health.

Preynitha was barely able to contain her tears when she spoke about her life before attending her local HoPE Learning Center, and how she is so very thankful to our HoPE sponsors.  She wants to become a doctor in the future and says that she will never give up on her dream of healing the sick people in her village.

Help us continue to give Preynitha HoPE for her future, and expand our reach to give HoPE to even more children living in poverty and distress.  With as little as $10 a month, you can make a huge impact in the life of a child.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below.

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Assisting Rosetta and her Granddaughter


Rosetta, a resident of the South Bronx for over 40 years, has been attending the Melrose Mobile Market (one of Tripura Foundation’s partner food banks) since its launch in October 2004.

Rosetta lives with her granddaughter and says that the free produce distribution at the market helps her get through the month, whereas she and her granddaughter would otherwise be struggling and hungry.

She says: “The green vegetables are fresh,” and “We all work together and the food is delicious. And the food is fresh. I feel comfortable out here because everyone is so nice. They help me.”

Rosetta attends the Mobile Market twice a month and cooks the items she receives with her granddaughter.

We are happy to be able to assist many elderly folks in making ends meet each month, helping them live with more dignity.  However, we are only able to continue assisting people like Rosetta with donations from kind and generous hearts such as yours.

For just $10 a month, you can make a huge difference in the lives of those in need.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to make your contribution.  Thank you.

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Restoring Dignity to the Elderly

Ms. Vellayammal

Senior citizens who are poor and live alone or with dependent children find themselves vulnerable, powerless and are often neglected by their own family and grown up children. These senior citizens are too old or physically weak and thus unable to find work. They are forced to beg, and are often homeless.

Moved by the plight of these destitute single men and women, Tripura Foundation spearheaded a program of sponsoring elderly ones on an urgent basis. Our HoPE for the Elderly volunteers and staff members conducted surveys and identified destitute men/women over 60 years of age.

Of note, elderly women are often widows or have been abandoned by their husbands. They do not have money for food, medical care and other basic necessities. HoPE for the Elderly has been supporting such elderly men and women by providing food rations and other necessities every month at their door step.

Under this program, Ms. Vellayammal of Kumbakonam region was identified as a neglected senior citizen.  Each month, HoPE staff and volunteers drop off a ration kit to her, consisting of rice, toor dal, sunflower oil, chili powder, pepper, cumin seeds, mustard, pickle bottle, bath soap, washing soap, shampoo, tooth powder, coconut oil, cough syrup, and pain relieving gel.

With this support, Ms. Vellayammal now has food three times a day.  It makes her happy that she is able to live with dignity, and with a feeling of pride.  Ms. Vellayammal thanks the HoPE for the Elderly donors and expresses her sincere gratitude toward such kind assistance.

Find it in your heart to make a kind and generous monthly donation to help another elderly person live with dignity and pride.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below.

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