HoPE Hero Rakesh is a Lifesaver!

Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Center students continue to impress and amaze all those around them with their heroic and brave acts of compassion, love and selflessness.

Take, for example, Rakesh, a ninth standard student at our Murukkampattu HoPE Learning Center.  In the short video clip below, discover exactly what makes Rakesh one of our bravest HoPE heroes yet!

With your continued support and generous donations, more and more children like Rakesh will have the resources and support they require to have the presence of mind to watch out for those around them, to create a brighter, happier future, and to spread compassion and HoPE wherever they go – to help end poverty and suffering everywhere!

To make your donation, visit the Tripura Foundation donation page, and select ‘HoPE Child’ in the ‘Designate To’ drop-down menu to ensure your contribution goes to another child with the potential to become our next HoPE hero.

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Project SAVE : Meet HoPE Hero Sabreesh

The Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Centers have given students in various villages in India a true sense of purpose and strength, and these children continue to perform acts of compassion and love.

In the short video clip above, discover exactly what makes Sabreesh an inspirational HoPE hero. Though he suffers from a condition that often leaves him tired and weak, he not only finds the strength to keep up his grades and school attendance, but he also recently performed a heroic act that saved the life of an older woman in his village.  Watch and share the video above to inspire and be inspired!

With your continued support and generous donations, more and more children like Sabreesh will have the resources and support they need to begin creating a brighter future for themselves, leaving poverty behind, and spreading compassion and HoPE wherever they go.

To make your donation, visit the Tripura Foundation donation page, and select ‘HoPE Child’ in the ‘Designate To’ drop-down menu to ensure your contribution goes to another child with the potential to become our next HoPE hero!

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Project SAVE : Meet HoPE Hero Santhanalukshmi

The students of Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Centers in India continue to perform acts of bravery and compassion!

In the above video, we introduce Santhanalakshmi, another amazing young Tripura HoPE hero attending 8th grade in the Trichy area in India.  Click PLAY above to find out exactly what makes her a true hero, especially to two of her classmates who would have otherwise drowned in a nearby river if it wasn’t for her quick thinking and fast action.

Your recurring monthly donation (no matter how small!) makes all the difference in the lives of children like Santhanalakshmi and her two classmates!

To make your contribution, visit the Tripura Foundation donation page, and select ‘HoPE Child’ in the ‘Designate To’ drop-down menu to ensure your contribution goes to another child with the potential to become our next HoPE hero!

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Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Wish : Brain Education for All Children

Dr. Pillai’s birthday is on February 1, and he has a very personal birthday wish, a monumental vision for a new world.  This vision includes a special kind of education that can teach children to help others and give back to people in need around them, thus creating a new world where compassion rules.

“Going forward in the 21st century we have to really get together as one race.  The Human Race.”

Dr. Pillai envisions a world where 1 billion poor children are given exactly what they need to have a better quality of life.  Tripura Foundation is working toward making this a reality.

DID YOU KNOW?  We can literally change our brain state, allowing for a more compassionate, calm, intelligent existence.  Scientists continue to prove that Phonemic Intelligence (PI) practices WORK.

“The highest intelligence lies in sounds, and when children access that intelligence, it changes their entire destiny.”

What we’ve discovered is essentially that regular practice of the PI sound exercise not only balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which creates a hemispheric synchronization where the brain systems can work more coherently, but it also activates the anterior cingulate, which is the part of the brain that regulates emotions, learning, memory.  It also lowers anxiety and irritability and enhances social awareness, intuition and empathy.

Watch the video above to find out how Tripura Foundation’s Phonemic Intelligence practices have already made a huge difference in the lives of children around the globe and how you can help extend the reach of this very valuable brain-changing education!

To making Dr. Pillai’s vision a REALITY,
Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

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Project SAVE: Meet HoPE Hero Pothiraja

Pothiraja is in the 8th grade and lives in Veerapandi Village (Madurai) India.  This young boy has undergone lot of struggle in his life prior to joining Tripura’s HoPE Learning Center. He lost his father at a very young age and his mother is mentally ill. He used to stay hungry and would wander aimlessly, because he and his mother had no permanent home. They would spend their cold nights in an unprotected bus stop for shelter.

Pothiraja would help homemakers in Madurai village, and he was fed in return. He ran errands for others and did not attend school regularly. The villagers utilized his innocence by making him do household chores for them.

The bus stop shelter where he and his mother were staying is near one of Tripura’s HoPE Learning Centers.  When a girl named Kaveri, a 5th grader, asked Pothiraja why he wasn’t attending school, he told her that there was no one to care for him or help him in his studies.  So this girl took him to one of the HoPE Lerning Center teachers, who asked him to attend classes at the center regularly and requested that he rejoin school.

Four months after he joined the learning center we noticed a miraculous change in his overall attitude. He now attends classes full of confidence and is doing well at his school.  He carries a sweet smile on his face, leaving behind bad memories of the past and is looking toward a bright future.

He one day wishes to become a police officer.  There is a spark and a drive within Pothiraja which gives us no doubt that he will achieve his goal.

You have an opportunity to be a part of Project SAVE by making a donation to sponsor other children just like Pothiraja, who are in need of food, shelter and education, so they’re able to not just survive, but truly THRIVE.

Kindly make your donation at this link:  http://www.tripurafoundation.org/donate_8

With love,
Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

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Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive All Year Long!

Now that 2015 is well underway and all our Christmas and other holiday decorations are packed away for another year, let’s not be so quick to forget what the holiday season each year is really all about.

Compassion, caring and coming together in celebration of love.

There are still so very many poverty-stricken children, families and elderly, and their needs don’t just go away after the season of giving is through.

And so, I thought I’d do a little bit of a video ‘throwback’ today, to Diwali 2014.

When my son, Dalton (age 10), learned of the plight of children in other areas of the world who are far less fortunate than himself, he took action.  He learned that if he raised just $10 he could help provide shoes, food and other comforts to a child in desperate need.

That was all it took for him to hit the streets of our neighborhood to rake leaves to earn just as much as he possibly could, to help as many children as he possibly could.  He ended up raising very close to $100 prior to Diwali, and even reached out by way of this video to ask others (like you!) to help him raise even more.  And boy did it make this mom very proud and happy to see him so motivated to serve others!

Click play below to hear his message, then head on over to the Tripura Foundation donations page to learn the different ways you can help someone in need today!  It would mean the world not only to Dalton, but also to me, the rest of the Tripura Foundation team, and –of course– those who benefit from your most generous donation.

Peace and blessings,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

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Help Feed the Impoverished

Dr. Pillai tells us, “If you are compassionate to the have-nots, you will receive abundance.  It’s an important concept.  Help feed the impoverished.”

By sharing what we have (even if we have just a little ourselves), we will receive abundance in return, an abundance of love, compassion, and HoPE!

Want to know one way to make an even bigger impact on feeding the impoverished?  Our HoPE Miracle Maker program makes it super easy to set up your own online fundraising site, gives you all the tools necessary to ask for donations by email and through social media channels, and we guide you every step of the way.

All you need to do is choose a special occasion (birthday, holiday, event or ‘just because’), give us a few details, and we’ll get you set up!  We think fundraising is best when it’s a collaborative effort, and so when you commit to hosting your own fundraiser, you have the support not only of the Tripura team, but also that of other Miracle Makers around the world.  And so you will receive an invitation to our HoPE Miracle Makers Facebook group after you register, where you and other Miracle Makers can share your success stories, tips for fundraising and encourage each other’s charitable efforts.

One hundred percent of the money you raise will go directly to educating children, feeding the hungry, and providing entrepreneurial training to out-of-work women.  Stir compassion in others by reaching out and asking them to help you help others in need!

Visit the HoPE Miracle Maker website here.

Love and Light,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

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Happy New Year 2015!

As 2014 comes to a close, we here at Tripura Foundation want to wish you a happy, peaceful, prosperous and blessed new year!

We’d also like to thank you and let you know how much we truly appreciate your support throughout the past year to help us move closer to making Heaven on Planet Earth (HoPE) a reality for all.

I very much look forward to continuing to connect with you here on the HoPE Post Blog (and the Tripura Foundation Facebook page) throughout 2015, bringing you more stories from our Ambassadors of HoPE, Project SAVE Heroes, Miracle Makers and much, much more.

Your continued support means the very world to us and to those we’re able to help with the generous donations we receive.  Even if it’s just a few dollars a month, your recurring monthly donation goes such a long way toward eradicating poverty, educating the young and caring for the destitute elderly.

If you feel called to do so, please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation.  Together, we can keep the compassion and love of the holiday season alive throughout the New Year by blessing the lives of others less fortunate.

In Gratitude,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

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Gifts of HoPE Enliven the World!

I just love to hear stories from Ambassadors of HoPE who visit our HoPE Centers around the world.  I hope to make my own visit when the time is right!

One such recent story comes from our Jai Radha (Gina Guerrieri) and I’d like to share it here with you today:

“Recently I had the honor of visiting one of Tripura Foundation’s rural HoPE Centers.  As we approached, the children were lined up and we were presented with a bouquet of local flora.  

They started out a bit shy, as I imagine it’s not a regular occurrence to have a westerner visit their rural town.

 Once they began to warm up though, the enthusiasm was unleashed! They were eager to show us how they do Phonemic Intelligence, followed by some yoga poses.

Then we shared snack time with them, which I have to say was quite tasty!  The “talent show” portion of our visit was by far the most energetic performances I have ever seen. These children are examples of unbridled joy and enthusiasm!