How to Become a Miracle Maker in Four Easy Steps

Hello everyone!

I’m Chandra Sullivan, and I’ve been given the opportunity to write regular blog posts for the HoPE Post blog, alongside managing the Tripura Foundation Builds HoPE and Pillai Center Facebook pages.  My aim in maintaining the HoPE Post blog is to make it lively, informative, uplifting, and inspiring.

Tripura Foundation’s current donations for the year have yet to cover its costs of operation.  And while we’re still serving those in need in the face of dwindling funds, we really need your help to ensure we raise enough funds to cover our costs and, most importantly, are able to continue serving those in greatest need around the globe.

Mohini (Elaine) Kueper, Global Director of Tripura Foundation USA, recently celebrated her birthday, during which she made a personal request: a plea for help in raising the funds we desperately need to continue making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

She says, “Like any mother, I cannot turn my back on my children in great need. Before the end of 2014, we need to raise $100,000.  For my birthday, I’m asking you to contribute anything you can to help my children. Even $10 feeds and educates a child for a month. 

Every dollar helps.  Every dollar counts.  Please donate anything you’re able.

I’m also asking you to create your own mini-fundraiser for your birthday, the holiday season, or any celebration where you can rally support from your family and friends.  We’ve found a way to do most of the work for you.

How to become a HoPE Miracle Maker in four EASY steps:

  1. Visit the HoPE Miracle Makers website.
  2. Choose an occasion. Whether it’s your birthday, a special celebration, or just because, decide what event you’d like to turn into a miracle-making fundraiser.
  3. Give us the details. We’ll create a customized fundraiser just for you, including your very own webpage, email templates, social media sharing ideas, plus an invitation to join our HoPE Miracle Maker Facebook group, where you can get support, share ideas, and receive encouragement from other HoPE Miracle Makers.
  4. One hundred percent of the money you raise will go directly to educating children, feeding the hungry, and providing entrepreneurial training to out-of-work women.

With the holiday season arriving soon, becoming a HoPE Miracle Maker is a beautifully unique way to celebrate a little differently this year, to bring to light the many who do without, to brighten the lives of those less fortunate, and to bring that much more joy to an already joyous season.  Join us and become a HoPE Miracle Maker today!!

With love, light and HoPE,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member


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See The Bright Children of Rameshwaram’s HoPE Center, Thanks to Dr Pillai

Recently, a small group of Dr Pillai students were blessed to attend a Tripura Foundation charity fundraiser on the island of Rameshwaram, Dr. Pillai’s birthplace, and also the greatest karma busting vortex on the earth plane.

The trip was also like a mini-Ambassadors of HoPE Trip because Dr.Pillai’s students visited one of the HoPE Centers on Rameshwaram and shared their love and compassion with the HoPE Center children there who were part of the poor Rameshwaram fishing community.
These children had really nothing to their name other than the shirts on their back, but their enthusiasm and desire to learn and become better people, thanks to the benefit of Dr.Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence teachings, was endearing.
The HoPE Center children in their classroom
The children were shy at first but once our unofficial “Ambassadors of HoPE” started interacting and playing games with them, the children transformed into enthusiastic bundles of joy.
Ambassadors of HoPE

We introduced the children to a little acting competition (thanks to a special effects app on the iPad) in which the children, along with one of our Ambassadors, had to act as if they were caught in an avalanche and were trying to escape.

As these children came from a remote fishing community, they had never seen an iPad before and what how it could conjure fantastic Hollywood type effects.

But once the children saw a demonstration, all of them couldn’t wait for their group’s turn participate and act out in a Hollywood special effects movie!

Here is one of the groups acting with our Henky:

By the time we had to leave, wonderful bonds of love and affection had formed between the Ambassadors and the HoPE Center children.
The photographs below say it all!
Ambassadors distributing a well-deserved meal
Our Ambassadors with the HoPE Center children
Thanks to Donors and Dr. Pillai.
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Pratiksha-Ray of HOPE for her old parents-ARAMBOL CENTER

BEFORE Joining HoPE Learning Center











Pratiksha has been at top of her class for the last two years after joining HoPE Learning Center. She aspires to be a doctor and serve poor. A recent experience made her to change her goal from teacher to be a doctor. Recently, her family went through tremendous problems when her mother was ill and they couldn’t afford the medicine and doctor’s fees.



















Pratiksha handing over ration to her parents under MILLION MEALS OF HOPE. Remarkable change is seen not only in Pratiksha but also her parents. HoPE Learning Centers have not only transformed children but also their families. Pratiksha’s parents are unemployed and often fall ill.

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Sukadha a shy, timid girl who used to be very scared even to speak has turned to be bright and active after joining HoPE Center. She has shown improvement not only in academics but also social skills, actively participates, speaks English confidently, practices hygiene, conscious about appearance, has become compassionate and has a goal. She wants to be a Lawyer. Sukadha’s father is alcoholic and mother is a housewife. Their monthly income is not more then 2000/- pm. Her father works as a laborer.

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Every Child Counts! Tripura Foundation Strives to Uphold the Rights of Children

At Tripura Foundation, we are passionate about our cause to promote equal rights of children, to bring them out of poverty and suffering and to support their full participation in the social and economic development of their communities. 

That’s our vision and it’s the world we would like to build with you.

In our mission to alleviate suffering for children, we have employed many means and interventions. Through our observations in monitoring over 90 centers worldwide, we have found that our program “Phonemic Intelligence” is key to the solution of poverty eradication that we are achieving for underprivileged children in many parts of the world. Phonemic Intelligence is a set of brain strengthening exercises for children that has proven very effective in promoting enhanced learning ability and focus among children.

In this series of videos, you can learn more about the Phonemic Intelligence Program and how you can contribute to this solution reaching more underprivileged children across the world.

To donate, Go to

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Dr. Pillai’s Intelligence Enhancing Solution

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The Ever Smiling Boy!

This ever smiling boy is César Adrián Romo. When he started coming to the HoPE center, his grades were 6s or 7s out of 10s. Now he is having 9s and 10. He is 12 and is about to finish elementary school.

He said that he likes to be in the center better than in his house, that this is a good place to be. When he was asked about the practice of the sounds, he answered that he gets sleepy and starts recalling happy moments like Christmas, birthdays.…and his girlfriends.

The subject that he has mostly enjoyed was one about poetry in the philosophy class, because he found a way to express what he feels.

He still does not know what he would like to be. But he got really excited talking about science and an experiment where he had to explode a potato and the battery exploded instead!


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Dear Mohini,

We arrived on Sunday night at La Paz, about 2 hours away from Cabo by road on the Mar de Cortez side. It is a semi desertic ecosystem.

On Monday we drove approximately 35 minutes to the city of La Pasion, where the Hope center is located, the poverty is extreme, the houses are made of plywood, most of them have one room where they cook and sleep. There are no paved roads and no running water, the temperature was 105 degrees, I believe Lucia told me the population was 400 and 200 hundred are children!!!!!

The PI and PTP are held in the town’s rec center which was donated , it is a plywood building consisting of two adjacent rooms, one aprox 12 X 24 and the smaller one that serves as a storage room mostly, there is a small bathroom which frankly i didn’t see.

We proceeded to visit some homes so I could meet the families, we visited 4 homes, we sat and talked to the moms, I guess dads were working. All the mother’s answer were very similar, I asked all of them if their kids had been attending the program from the beginning? What changes have you noticed? Have their grades changed? Are you happy and will they continue to attend?

Absolutely all of them answered the same thing, all of the kids had been there from the very beginning. They all had seen a difference in their character , calmer, more cooperative, less aggressive. All of them had improved their grades, they were very happy to be a part of this and planned to keep their children in the program.

Then we went to the rec center for the day’s session. I met all of the children and 2 of their teachers. There were 22 that day, we did the sounds in English. The PTP lesson for that day was personal safety, and then we did the sound again in Spanish! We handed them their snacks , guided by one of the girls they prayed and recited the ARUT PERUM JYOTI mantra. It was very touching. I’m in love with those kids!

We left and drove about 1 hour to the opening of the other center in the Colony called Ciudad del Cielo (city of heaven, go figure) where Lucia gave a short presentation, we did the sounds, I gave a little talk expanding on TF , today was the opening and they had 10 very enthusiastic kids!!!!!

Overall, I firmly believe that Lucia and her Tripura team (I met most of them) have done an amazing job. They all have put their hearts into this project and it really shows. The children know the sounds and participate eagerly. The teachers agreed that all the kids have changed tremendously since they have been participating in the program. One of them even wants to grow up to be a teacher of HOPE centers!!!!!!!

The Kids needed a sink and I left Lucia  $100 to buy it. We also bought them 2 fans (the heat is extreme) and an extension cord!! We will pay for the extra electricity charges too. I cannot imagine the summer there.

Thanks so much for allowing me to be  a part of this amazing experience. I feel truly blessed!!!!!!!!

Love, K

Here is a link to a video of K’s drive to the Learning Center: Drive To La Pasion – June 2014 Give it a couple of minutes to load.

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“The kids are growing up…” we feel inspired by their compassion

There we were taking care of children from the poorest of poor neighborhoods in rural India. We tried our best to support their growth through our HoPE learning centers and also our most innovative Phonemic Intelligence program. But who would have thought that these children would inspire us in turn with their 360 degree transformations and such lofty levels of compassion. Look here, our children, feeding the poor abandoned elderly of their villages. We say proudly, the kids are growing up… We feel inspired, don’t you?

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Joana, one of our brightest stars


By Lucía Briseño Haro

Joana has assisted to the HoPE center since the day we started, almost one year ago. She has always been very smiley and smart, but she was always ready to fight when the others made fun of her. Her mom, who is an employee in a convenience store, said that before to go to the HoPE center she used to be playing out of the house all day, but now she stays at home doing her homework, playing with her younger sister and doing handcrafts. Thanks to her new behavior at home, her mom decided to send her other two sisters to the center too.

She is 10 years old and attends 4th grade at the local school and has the highest grades of her class. Her professor always puts her as an example and asked her to remind him to do the PI exercise every day in the classroom.

For months she said that she wanted to be a singer, and recently she said that she wanted to be a teacher of HoPE centers.

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