Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future

Through our Million Meals of HoPE initiative, we’ve become a vital umbrella organization with a national commitment to feed the hungry. To strategically consolidate efforts, we partner with food banks that have local community reach.

One of our partner food banks, Feeding America West Michigan, shared the following story of HoPE from Brandy, one of their clients:

When her husband was injured and couldn’t work, Brandy became the sole income-earner for her family of five.  Now in the last semester of her bachelor’s degree program, she looks to the Mobile Pantry at Rockford, Michigan’s American Legion (one of many food bank locations we partner with) to help her bridge the gap between finishing college and beginning her career.

Because of your kind and generous donations, Brandy isn’t forced to give up on her career goals and future financial security to ensure her family can eat today.  Instead, she can continue working on finishing her degree to better the financial future of her family.

Your contribution can make a huge difference. Even a $1 donation can have a significant impact on humanity.  Commit to making a monthly donation to Tripura Foundation to help more people like Brandy build their own bridge to a better future.  Click the Donate Now button below.

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From Despair to HoPE

Karupaathaal did not have a great start in life. She has no memories of her childhood, and she was married in her early teens. Life felt cruel to her because she was never blessed with a child. She only had her husband to lean on throughout her life, until he passed away.  Since then, she has been living a miserable, lonely existence.

Karupaathaal is now nearly 90 years old, lives alone in a small thatched house, and has no family to care for her. Suffering a partial loss of sight has made it difficult for her to provide herself even the most basic necessities. Adding to her sorrow and loneliness, she has a medical condition that doesn’t allow her to stand or walk properly. To get anywhere in her house, she has to crawl.  She also cannot speak continuously without taking breaks in the middle of sentences.

Until a couple of years ago, even in her poor health condition, she still worked tirelessly for her daily survival. As she has aged, her medical condition has worsened and rendered her unable to continue working.

As part of the Tripura Foundation HoPE for the Elderly initiative, and through your generous donations, we are able to provide her with food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities.

It’s also heartwarming to see our HoPE Learning Center students reaching out to Karupaathaal with such compassion and care.  Some of them cook for her and help her with chores. They also visit her regularly just to keep her company and spend time with her. This encourages her and gives her HoPE.  It has even helped her regain her health to a certain degree.

After spending the majority her life alone and in poor health, Karupaathaal is thriving with the support of Tripura Foundation and our HoPE Learning Center students.

Like Karupaathaal, there are many thousands more elderly people suffering ill health in solitude, struggling to survive, living in despair.  We depend on donations from compassionate souls like you to continue providing help and HoPE to aging members of our communities.

Make your generous donation by clicking the button below.  Thank you.

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Sisters In Need of HoPE

Panjaliammal, Chinnaponu and a neighbor receiving rations from Tripura Foundation.

Panjaliammal and Chinnaponu are two elderly sisters living in India.  They both grew up in dire poverty.  Their parents barely earned enough to feed the family, so as soon as the sisters were old enough, their parents got them married, and they moved to different areas in India with their husbands.

Chinnaponu had a very short married life.  Problems with her husband forced her to leave him.  She arrived at her sister’s house with nowhere else to go.  Panjaliammal lived with her husband, who worked in a tannery, and also had a young son.

They were struggling to earn enough just to get by, but they accepted Chinnaponu into their home.  Panjaliammal would cook for her husband, son and sister, even though she was partially blind.

As the years passed, Panjaliammal’s vision started to rapidly decline.  Her husband was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Cancer.  This meant he could no longer work and had to be taken care of at home.

Panjaliammal’s son, who was now a grown man, abandoned his parents after he got married.

Chinnaponu worked in the neighborhood wherever she was offered a wage, but as she aged, she was unable to continue working.  Life became even more difficult for Panjaliammal after her husband passed away.  The sisters had to resort to begging their neighbors for food.

Tripura Foundation’s India HoPE Learning Center students are often the ones who find or know of the elderly members of their villages that are in desperate need of a helping hand.  So, as soon as the sisters were found, we stepped in to aid them with food, supplies, clothing and home support.

Like these aging sisters, there are thousands of other elderly people, abandoned by their families, suffering ill health, and struggling to survive.  We depend on donations from kind hearts like yourself to give help and HoPE to these elderly folks living in lonely, destitute circumstances.

Click the button below to donate generously to our HoPE for the Elderly initiative, so we can extend a helping hand to more aging people in need of HoPE.

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Orphaned Twice – Kanavalli’s Story

Anyone who looks at Kanavalli for the first time would have no idea that she has endured so much pain in her 12 short years of existence on this earth. She doesn’t know who her biological parents are, as she grew up in an orphanage from infancy.

It’s equally hard to believe her story as she narrates how she came to live with Mariyayi, who she fondly calls her grandma.

Kanavalli says “I don’t remember when I came to my grandma’s house. My father [Mariyayi’s son] adopted me from the orphanage. He was the only child to his parents. He grew up in this village and he was married. Even after several years of their marriage my foster parents were not blessed with a child and they decided to go for adoption. When they thought that everything was going on well suddenly my mother died of an ailment. Since my father was so attached to my mother he did not wanted to marry and he wanted to fulfill her last wish, so he came to the orphanage and adopted me.

My father and my grandma took good care of me. My father was so affectionate and he took good care of me. I thought that everything was going well. However God had different plans for me. A few years ago my father met with an accident and was severely injured. Before he left this world he called my grandma (his mother) and asked her to promise him that she will take good care of me.

My grandma takes good care of me. We are only left with each other for support. I feel both sad and happy for my grandma. I am sad because she is already 80 years old and partially blind. But she does so much for me. I am happy that she is the only person who is there for me.

I have to thank God for bringing me to Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Learning Center. My teachers Ms. Sudha and Ms. Kasthuri, in HoPE Learning Center are the main source of my strength. Till recently, we were surviving only on the old age pension of Rs.1,000 ($18) a month given by the government. I wanted to thank our HoPE coordinator Mr. Saravanan for providing a monthly ration under the HoPE for the Elderly scheme to my grandma. Also I wanted to thank my sponsors for giving us a daily snack.  Till last year I would not go out anywhere since I did not have a proper dress to wear, now I am happy to go out as HoPE learning center provides us good dress clothes during Diwali festival. With this help and support of Tripura Foundation, I believe that I will come up in life and will take care of my grandma.

My only prayers these days to God are that my grandma should live long so that I will not be orphaned again.”

Make a donation to our HoPE Learning Centers or HoPE for the Elderly initiatives at the button below, to help more orphaned children and elderly folks living in destitute circumstances, like Kanavalli and her grandmother.  Thank you.

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[Video] Success in 2014 and HoPE for the Future

As a way of saying THANK YOU to all of you who have shared your great love and generosity with Tripura Foundation, we’ve put together this video to illustrate our 2014 accomplishments — not just in numbers, but also with personal stories of success from those we’ve helped.

THANK YOU so much for helping us bring forth another successful year of HoPE, education and care to those who needed it most in 2014.

It is our wish to build on last year’s success to make 2015 an even more uplifting, poverty-ending year of HoPE for all.

To continue helping us help those in need, please make your donation by clicking the button below or visiting this link.  Thank you.

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Selva Kumar’s Heartbreaking Story of Abandonment

Selva Kumar was three years old when his parents discovered he had a medical condition.  He suffers from partial paralysis.

After learning of his condition, his parents abandoned him when he was four years old.  They left him in the care of his 70-year-old grandmother.  He and his grandmother had no place to live, and so, knowing their plight, the local villagers gave them a small thatched-roof house to stay in. His grandmother performs labor work, but earns nowhere near enough to support both herself and Selva Kumar.  She is old and doesn’t have much to offer him — they are given food by caring neighbors to help see them through.

Selva Kumar has recently been attending his local HoPE Center and our HoPE teachers have been helping him with his studies. When he first arrived, he neither recognized what was spoken to him nor replied when questioned. Though he is a 7th grader he barely knew the alphabet before attending our Center. Our teachers have been making special efforts to teach him the alphabet and he has been making slow progress.

He had not been able to concentrate on his studies because of his medical problem, and his mind always seemed to wander toward playing rather than studying.  Practicing Tripura Foundation’s Phonemic Intelligence techniques has helped him improve his studies and concentrate better.  Practicing yoga and Phonemic Intelligence has been helping him calm his mind.

The younger children who attend our Tripura Foundation HoPE Center spend time playing with him to help cheer him up.  He generally doesn’t talk with the children he plays with, but lately he has been conversing with his teachers and friends. It’s slow but steady progress.

His parents visit him once or twice yearly, usually during festivals, and leave him some money.  They have no intention of taking him back with them or assuring him of a better future. It is truly heartbreaking that he has been forsaken in this way, and that he has grown up without any medical assistance to help him live a better, more hopeful life.

Tripura Foundation is a budding lifeline to this young man and many others like him, but we can only continue doing so with YOUR help.  Please click here to make a recurring donation of as little as $10 a month.  Your regular contribution helps us ensure a brighter future for children in greatest need.  Thank you.

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Heroic Hemalatha

Hemalatha of Velur, India, is a widow and mother of two children.

When Hemalatha married Sugumar, she was barely 22 years of age.  Her husband was working as a daily wager in an industrial motor manufacturing company. After six months of marriage, her husband became ill.  When she took him to the hospital, she received the shock of her life. The doctors diagnosed him with chronic pulmonary disorder. They informed her that her husband’s lung was beyond the repairable stage and there was nothing they could do to heal him.

To add to their misfortune, Sugumar was soon terminated from work due to his illness. Life became even harder for the couple, as they were expecting their first child.  Hemalatha delivered a baby boy while her husband’s health steadily degenerated.

For a period of time they were supported by her father-in-law who worked in agricultural labor.  However, the sparse income was not enough to support four people.  Hemalatha, unable to even afford formula for her newborn child, nearly lost all hope.

When the local village school headmaster came to know about Hemalatha’s plight, he recommended her to their local Tripura Foundation coordinator and requested that she be given a job to help her sustain herself and her family.

Tripura provided HoPE for Hemalatha by giving her a teacher’s assistant position along with Rs.1,500 as a monthly salary.  During her first day on the job, she said:

“I am so grateful to Babaji and the sponsors for giving me a job that is near my home in the same village.”

The monthly salary was essential for the livelihood of her family, as she was able to feed her baby and afford 10 days of medical supplies for her husband each month.

After a year of sincere dedication to her job, Tripura Foundation promoted her to a teaching position and increased her monthly salary to Rs.2,500, which enabled her to afford 20 days of medical supplies for her husband each month. When she became pregnant for a second time, she was still able to take proper care of her husband. Every day she earnestly prayed to God to save her husband. Eventually though, her husband’s health became worse and he became bedridden.

Even while enduring her many problems, she never asked for leave from work.  She came to the learning center every day and taught the children with great dedication.  The children loved her so much, and she loved them. She said,

“These children gave me the strength to endure my problems.”

As her husband’s health condition became critical, she borrowed Rs.10,000 and withdrew Rs.7,000 from the bank, from her government-provided child welfare money, and admitted her husband to the hospital in a last attempt to save his life.

Unfortunately, it was too late.  The very next day, her husband breathed his last.  Needless to say, she was heartbroken. She was unsuccessful in saving her husband’s life, and she had also lost all the money that she had borrowed.

These sufferings were not enough to weaken her completely though.  She not only came out of her sorrow, but at the same time she also showed the world that determination and dedication will help a person overcome all odds.

Now, a year and a half after her husband’s death, she is determined to further her studies and continue taking care of her two children and her in-laws with the help and support of Tripura Foundation.  Her biggest desire in life is to give her sons a good education so they can grow up to be doctors who will serve those in underpriviliged circumstances.

She is grateful to Tripura Foundation and her sponsors for supporting her with a monthly ration that helps her feed her entire family. She told us that as a widow, she would have to face a lot of challenges from her fellow village members if she had to go out to earn her living.

With the help and support offered by Tripura Foundation, it is now entirely possible that she will accomplish her dream and continue helping those in her village who need it most.

With YOUR help, we can support many more women, children and families around the world.  Click here to make a donation.  Your monthly recurring donation would mean the world to someone in need.

Tripura Foundation has been Hemalatha’s lifeline.

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Helping One Family Has the Power to Uplift an Entire Community

Through our Million Meals of HoPE initiative, we have become a vital umbrella organization with a national commitment to feed the hungry. To strategically consolidate efforts, we partner with food banks that have local community reach.

One of our partner food banks, City Harvest of New York City, recently shared the following wonderful story of HoPE from one of the clients they serve:

After living in a shelter for some time, Lenora moved to the Melrose Section of the Bronx, where she has been living for nine years now.

Last March, Lenora was laid off from her job as a nurse’s aide and began to worry about how she would be able to support herself and her five children, with a sixth on the way, without any government assistance.

Although she was skeptical at first, a good friend convinced her to attend their local Mobile Markets.

This initiative has since turned into a family activity for Lenora and her children. Her kids love bringing back food and enjoy trying new foods.  Because of Mobile Markets, Lenora and her children were able to try zucchini for the first time and all of them now enjoy eating it.

Lenora has also started volunteering at the Markets.  By picking up food for elderly residents who are unable to attend the market and delivering it directly to them, she is proudly able to give back to her own community.

Please consider a generous DONATION HERE to help us continue to uplift other women, children, families and communities like Lenora, her children and their neighbors.

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How To Get Meaning Into Your Life

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”
- Mitch Albom

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HoPE Hero Spotlight: Arjuna

Arjuna A. Ramnarine MBA, CPA, CMA, is Tripura Foundation’s volunteer CFO, and whose story stems from gratitude for his personal experience of change and fortune, and his desire to give back as a result of these blessings.

In sharing my story, it is my hope that you will be inspired to:

  • believe in a world of all possibilities and that you, too, can experience positive life changes;
  • nurture compassion for others; in giving, the Universe flows endless opportunities to you for your expansion;
  • take purposeful action – to join in our mission to transform the lives of those in underprivileged circumstances and care for children and seniors in meaningful ways.

I met Dr. Pillai in 2005.  At that time, I thought I was experiencing life challenges.  Little did I know at that time, that it was going to get worse.  In brief, it did.  Three years later, I lost everything, including my home.  I was emotionally tired from, frustrated with, and challenged by a personal perspective that desired change, yet faced with a hopeless day-to-day reality that reinforced the impossibility of manifesting that change.

It was the compassion and super-intelligence of Dr. Pillai, a Great Master / Teacher / Father, who helped me out of this life situation with grace and untouched by harm’s ways.  With Dr. Pillai’s blessings and the disciplined practice of his very scientific teachings, I regained everything.

The mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual turmoil I went through are no different from what the children and elders we serve experience day in and night out.  There are so many who are in dire need of a gentle, guiding and compassionate hand, just like I did.

Tripura Foundation is that Divine Hand in action!

Today, I’m happy to give back by serving in a strategic capacity and being part of the Tripura team that is focused on bringing positive change to these lives. With 20 years of comprehensive experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit industries, I bring leadership to adopting best practices, so we can continue to build a transparent and healthy financial and operational framework, which ensures its long term growth, success and sustainability.

Through the creation and implementation of programs, Tripura Foundation can make a significant difference today in the lives of those in greatest need.  Fortunate to have personally seen the growth and success of these programs over the years, I am convinced that every dollar you contribute gives way more hope to each child and senior than that dollar could ever purchase otherwise.

Please join Tripura Foundation to help us bring our programs to every village in India.  Donate today!

Be a part of our conscious and deliberate effort to manifest a vision of well-being, love, compassion and joy – to transform villages and give HoPE one child and one senior at a time.

- Arjuna A. Ramnarine MBA, CPA, CMA


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