Successful Implementation of Our First Phonemic Intelligence Pilot in Detroit Michigan

In Detroit, Michigan, three 5th grade classes (100 students total) were trained in the implementation of Tripura Foundation’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI) program.

Training the students to use the technique was delightful, easy and enjoyable. The children were all positive in their responses.  Their hearts were BIG, open and ready for the future!

Below are quotes from some of these Detroit 5th grade students after their very first time practicing the PI technique:

“It felt breathtaking.”

“I feel that I’m ready to take my reading test.”

“I feel like I can do anything.”

“I feel like I just woke up.”

“I feel energized.”

“I feel tingly.”

“I feel confident.”

“I feel weird.” [said with a big smile!]

“I feel like I’ve just been born.”

When the student who stated “I feel like I’ve just been born.” was asked: “Can you tell us more about what you mean?” he said: “Everything’s new, everything’s possible. I could do everything new.”


Detroit Public Schools’ Chief Innovations Officer, Lamont Satchel, had this to say:

“The meeting today with the principals and teachers went extremely well; far better than I imagined. Alice did an outstanding job of explaining PI, and the PI practice she led was both powerful and peaceful. The interaction of Meena and Alice with the principals and teachers during and after the presentation was key to solidifying their level of comfort and embrace of PI. We look forward to the results of the Pilot and eventual expansion of PI to all our schools.”

With positive feedback and response such as this, together, we’ve set the stage to potentially help many more students in Michigan and beyond, who will benefit from brain-enhancing education!

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