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HoPE = Sponsors like Heather

Artist Extra-Ordinaire & HoPE Center Sponsor, Heather Anderson

While reading a multitude of articles about Heather Anderson’s artistic accomplishments, it is hard to believe that this vivacious illustrator was once down on her luck and barely able to pay monthly rent. All of this changed when she met Tripura Foundation’s founder, Dr. Baskaran Pillai, at a temple in Singapore. In fact, she soon started to channel artwork from other dimensions.  To further tune into vibrations of gratitude and pay not only rent but appreciation for such a huge shift toward success forward, she recently signed up to sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center. After visiting Centers in rural India, Heather wrote: “It was amazing to see the children at the Hope Centre and to know how much has been done to completely turn their lives around. Thank you for making our visit to them possible. I was deeply touched by their sincerity and openheartedness towards us all. One little girl just held onto my hand for ages when we were leaving, she was like a little beam of bright light. “

Tripura Foundation’s Volunteer of August – Meena Mulloy

Meena met Dr. Baskaran Pillai, the founder of Tripura Foundation, while working at Credit Suisse. She soon took a trip to India and her life took on all new dimensions. She noticed that 12-year –old children looked like 6-year-old children in the USA.  She soon moved to India to run the Corporate Communications division for Office Tiger. In 2008, she decided to sponsor Tripura Foundation children with a pledge of $300/month because she was impressed with TF’s thoughtful decision making processes, vision and integrity. Meena Ann Marie Mulloy is Director of Corporate Communications for and a new Board Member at Tripura Foundation.

“Becoming” on Independence Day- India

On this Independence Day, we need to reflect on the question: What is Independence?

This was a question posed by our founder Dr Baskaran Pillai.

Our girls are learning the importance of independent thinking and how to live independently of the poverty cycle.  Just as India became freedom fighters lived to help Indians to free from British rule, our MST and other core programs for enhanced education give the girls tools to break free of the poverty struggle.  They are becoming courageous and lit up about life, the future and the world.

Jaya He, Jaya Hind

Hoisting the Flag, Singing the National Anthem, Handing Out Sweets

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