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On Baba’s Birthday we were able to open up 5 brand new HoPE
Centers and support 200 needy children.

The children that were helped were living in what some of the
volunteers are calling ‘the worst conditions they have ever seen.’

Considering how many impoverished areas these people have
witnessed over the years – that’s saying A LOT.

You see, Rameshwaram has a very unique set of circumstances.

Being an island it’s literally cutoff from the mainland, and the
usual support and opportunities simply aren’t available here.

It has led to a vicious cycle of suffering including:

  • An uncivilized, volatile fisherman community…
  • Rampant alcoholism…
  • Virtually non-existent hygienic standards…
  • A sub-standard education system with the average child
    unable to read till 12 years of age…

But thanks to you it’s all started to change for the better!

Watch this video to see the
difference you’ve made already >>

The local teachers and parents were so thrilled to have Tripura’s
support in uplifting their community, and there have been some immediate
results reported so far.

Remember how I mentioned how poor the hygienic standards were?

We wanted to change that so we also handed out ‘HoPE Gift Packs’
that include essential items such as:

  • Toothbrush & tooth paste
  • Soap & hair oil
  • Nail clippers & shoes
  • Underwear
  • Shirt & pants

Well, the teachers and parents shared how thrilled the children
were to receive everything they need for self-care.

In fact, they reported how the children immediately began brushing
their teeth and washing their hands – something they have resisted in the past!

Find out more about what happened
here >>

Its results like this that have motivated us to aim to uplift the rest
of the island…

That’s why we’ve decided to continue the incredible momentum that
began with Baba’s Birthday Celebrations to fuel an exciting NEW initiative
HoPE For Rameshwaram.

Our goal is to literally transform all of Rameshwaram, and
permanently free it from its current cycle of suffering.

We’d like to start by opening 5 more HoPE centers to help 200 more

I invite you to continue to partner with us to make this dream a

$10 will support one child and $300 an entire center [per month].

If you’d like to join us in bringing HoPE to Rameshwaram here’s
how you can help:

  1. Click this link
  2. Select donation amount
  3. Designate to ‘HoPE For Rameshwaram’
  4. Click ‘Donate Now’

Thank you for making it possible to change not only the lives of
the current people in Rameshwaram, but of all the future generations to come.

Be A HoPE Hero

Hi everyone,

We need you! During Diwali, our HoPE Children identified the most destitute elderly people in their villages who require immediate care. Some of these people are disabled, abandoned, unable to care for their bodily functions, or even able to get food or water, and most are all of the above.
It breaks my heart to say, they are experiencing a slow, and incredibly painful death with no one to look after them.

We couldn’t just stand by and watch this happen. That’s why we have started a new initiative “HoPE for the Elderly” where heroes like you can adopt one of these grandparents, and make sure they don’t suffer anymore.

It brings me great pleasure to tell you our HoPE children are leading the way! Just read what our 6th grade HoPE Hero Archana did…

Immediately leaping into action, she identified Periyandi, a 100 year old blind widow living all by herself in a mud hut.

Periyandi has no relatives to look after her, only a local neighbor who gives her the occasional meal when she can spare it. Being blind, Periyandi struggles to do anything without someone’s help.
Out of her immense compassion, Archana was compelled to do something. She discovered that Periyandi enjoyed drinking tea, so on her own, she started to bring her tea every day to make Periyandi smile. Still concerned, Archana ensured our HoPE champions started providing daily, vital food rations to give Periyandi strength and energy.

She could have stopped there, but Archana wanted to ensure her critical needs were taken care of. So every day she travels to a faraway well on Periyandi’s behalf to fetch fresh water. This young girl’s actions just blew us away!

Thousands of our HoPE children are doing heroic feats like this every day. They have taken it upon themselves to provide the love and care these elderly people so desperately need, and have gone out of their way to deliver precious food, water, and clothes – but they need YOU for this support to continue.
It only takes $30 a month/$360 a year to save one of our innocent elder’s lives, and to continue the blossoming of our HoPE children into the compassionate leaders of tomorrow. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Now it’s your turn to be a Hero. Take a moment and click the yellow button below to not only save a life, but to be a Heroic role model for our HoPE children. Choose “Hope For The Elderly” from the “designate to” box, and send our children, and the destitute elderly in their communities, the financial support they need to end this suffering.

Every penny you donate for this program goes to saving these people’s lives. HoPE for the Elderly- $30/month or $360/year to save a life with daily food, clothing, and essentials to restore dignity and HoPE.

You’ve heard the inspiring story of our HoPE Hero Archana, and her commitmentto saving Periyandi’s life. Our children have identified thousands of other severely impoverished elders just like Periyandi, and now we’re asking for your commitment to save the rest. Our children have stepped up to make sure these people get the loving care they need, but they can’t do it without you

Be A Hero And Help Our Children Continue To Save Lives. They Need You >>

Receiving AND Giving!

 Last year, we provided food and clothing to all of our HoPE Center children in India. This year, we armed them with food and clothing for the abandoned poor and crippled elderly people. In this photo, our children are delivering clothing and food to 97 year-old Pannaiyura of Poovanthi Village. Please help us cover the remainder of costs to make this all possible:


Special Significance Of Diwali – Nov. 2, 2013


Diwali is one of the most sacred festivals celebrated by millions of people around the world both young and old. It marks the triumph of good over evil; of light over dark. People celebrate Diwali just like how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world. On Diwali, it is a time honoured tradition to wear new clothes to symbolise starting anew.

However, on this joyous day, thousands of the forgotten poor across India can never dream of a new set of clothes (costing as little as US$5).

Take for example, Mrs Jayammal, a 70 year old widow whose children abandoned her. Mrs Jayammal lives in a mud hut, is blind in one eye, and despite her age, has to work as a day labourer earning 60 rupees (US$0.97) a day just to survive.

As work is not regular, Mrs Jayammal barely has enough to money to feed herself, let alone dream of buying a new saree for Diwali. A simple saree costs 300 rupees (US$5) but this is money which Mrs Jayammal does not have.

In our feeding and educating the poor children throughout India each day, we have come across many similar heart-wrenching stories of elderly men and women struggling such as Mrs Jayammal to survive each day.

That is why for this Diwali (2 November 2013), besides all our 2,900 HoPE Center children, we want to give 200 elderly poor people a joyous Diwali and we are asking for your help to make a difference in their lives.

This Diwali, besides a nice hot meal, we want to give the gift of a new set of clothes to 3100 young and old poor people that we serve in and around in our 83 HoPE Centers across India.


Diwali Gift Pack


 It doesn’t take much to give a Diwali gift of love and compassion. With just as little of US$10, you can sponsor a Diwali gift package, which consists of 1. Two festive hot meals for two people, 2.a saree or shirt and dhoti for an adult 3. a beautiful new outfit for a girl or boy.


Mrs. Raj Prasad

 Mrs Prasad is a 76 year retiree from Singapore and another of our unsung HoPE Center heroes. For many years, she has been knitting socks and clothes for our HoPE Center children to help keep them cosy.

Just last week, Mrs Prasad contacted Tripura Foundation out of the blue to inform us that she wanted to donate 80 of her new sarees for Diwali. 80 poor women such as Mrs Jayammal will now be blessed with clothes for Diwali. Thank you Mrs Prasad!



Make It The Greatest Day Of Their Lives

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