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Farewell to Girlstown: It’s Not The End, But The Beginning…

Girlstown - Chennai, India


Yes, Girlstown is closing its doors.  Seven years of successful operation inspired Tripura to create and develop the HoPE Learning Centers where an exponential number of children can be touched by Dr. Pillai’s Enhanced Educational Programs.

I Want To Be A Part of The HoPE Phenomena!

A New Opportunity for HoPE

The success and enthusiasm for our first 10 HoPE Learning Centers have propelled us forward with a new goal to open 100 HoPE Learning Centers in communities across India this year.

Now is the time to take action. As we open the doors to new Centers we open the doors to a new destiny for children from impoverished families.

Education is the key to unlocking the unique potential of each individual we serve. We invite you to take part in our mission to Expand – Empower – Engage in 2012.

“Be an Opener of Doors for such as come after thee.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Help Open 50 HoPE Learning Centers in June 2012

Our first milestone for 2012 is to open 50 new HoPE Learning Centers in June- to enable 1750 children to step out of poverty and into a life of possibilities.

The Centers offer a holistic approach to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

MIND: Phonemic Intelligence creates a state of ‘whole brain functioning’.  Academic tutoring teaches critical thinking and encourages success in the classroom.

BODY: Physical activities and nutritious meals support positive health practices.

SPIRIT: Phonemic Intelligence also expands the child’s consciousness and encourages the development of individual talents.

Help these children discover their unique talents and lead a life of dignity and HoPE.


Support Enterprise Training for Parents of HoPE Learning Centers

The majority of the children attending Hope Learning Centers come from single parent families. For many of these parents, school was not an option as they were required to work and support their families at a young age.

HoPE Learning Centers are now offering enterprise and skills training to empower these parents (mostly mothers) with new found confidence to increase their earning ability.

With your support, we can extend this service to families and communities.


Bring the Sounds of HoPE to Your Community

As we expand HoPE Learning Centers throughout India, we also recognize the need for HoPE on a global level.

In 2012, we would like to share the foundational teachings of Phonemic Intelligence with communities around the world.

Phonemic Intelligence (formerly Mind Sound Technology) is an educational technique developed by Dr. Baskaran Pillai which uses sound frequencies (phonemes) to enhance intelligence.

A training program will be introduced to prepare volunteers to teach Phonemic Intelligence to underprivileged children in your local communities.

Be part of a collective commitment to HoPE through Education.

Light the Way for New Beginnings

The Triumph of Light

In October we dressed up for Halloween and celebrated by opening our doors and giving to children. In India, families from all corners of the country gathered for Diwali – the Festival of Lights. These holidays remind us how much happiness, love and generosity fill our lives when we give to others.

As November begins, we prepare for a feast of Thanksgiving and reflect on the people who brighten up our lives each day. Honor the gifts of light and make a donation for the triumph of HoPE over the darkness of poverty.

Our GirlsTown Angels Dressed Up in Celebration!

Choose to be an Angel for Others during this Season of Light!

Happiness Quotient

What are the simple things in your day that bring you joy?

Perhaps it is the delight of sipping a cup of coffee each morning?

Or it could be using your favorite smartphone apps during your commute?

Or maybe it is the simple pleasure of going to the movies?

Make the Little Things Count

In a time when our lives can be inundated with stress and discord in the world, these small moments of happiness are essential.  The greatest value of this joy is that it can be shared with those who need our help the most. By simply matching the cost of a small pleasure in your day, you can extend this joy to a child or family trying to overcome the perils of poverty.

$10 donation = 1 month for 1 child at a HoPE Learning Center

[That’s just a small coffee a day!]

$20 donation = 1 month of nutritious snacks for 10 children

[That’s a night at the movies]

$30 donation = 30 sleeping mats for the destitute or elderly

[That’s a sushi lunch!]

Even Small Actions can have a Big Impact!

A Ripple Effect

Our mission to bring HoPE into communities suffering from severe poverty is made possible by extending our service to its greatest capacity while spending with the greatest efficiency.  With the help of your generous donations we have opened 6 HoPE Learning Centers with outstanding successes.  Your angel gifts are miracles in action!

Inspiration in the Classroom

Our classrooms are bright, colorful and stimulating. They are made with durable, cost-effective materials that are easy to maintain. We also put great emphasis on the quality of the teachers and select them based on experience, love and dedication to the children.

Recipe for Success

Healthy food creates the essential energy children need to do well in their work and studies. Our HoPE Learning Centers provide a daily snack of fresh and flavorful dishes prepared by caring women in the local community. This high quality meal only costs $2 per child per month.

Expanding HoPE

Looking ahead, we are excited for new opportunities of growth in 2012 with a goal to open 200 HoPE Centers across India.  Our ambitions are high because the need is so great. Please be a part of this ripple effect and send waves of HoPE into these impoverished communities.

Participate in the Success of Others!

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