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Shilpa is Passionate About PTP

With a PhD in Political Science and Public Administration and experience teaching Gender Empowerment, Indian and Western Political Thought and Goan Politics at Goa University and at two other leading colleges in Goa, Shilpa was well prepared to take over as Coordinator of 10 HoPE Centers in Goa, India. As a native of Diwar Island in Goa, Shilpa also feels a personal connection to children of the region and  a strong calling to train teachers of Phonemic Intelligence and Personal Transformation Program. When Shilpa noticed that feedback was needed to assess these programs, she developed worksheets for students and handbooks for teachers. Compiled data confirms that PTP students score better in academics; whereas Shilpa affirms that PTP students are more confident than others of similar ages.

Get Ready to Help Us Feed A Million Meals of HoPE!

Get Ready! Tripura Foundation is going to launch an initiative to feed the world, and we would like YOU to be a part of it. We are going to invite you to join our volunteer army of compassionate feeders by logging on to a website that will allow you and others to pledge serving meals directly to people in your community or to donate and therefore allow us to serve meals on your behalf. There will be spaces for you to share stories and videos about your adventures and we look forward to the feedback. We will be the only organization in the world to encourage and guide direct hands-on feedings in a “pay it forward” sort-of way. Also, this will be our Guru Purniuma gift to Dr. Pillai (on July 22)!

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