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Staples Brings Change to 35 Special Children

Tripura Foundation has been awarded $5,000 by Staples Foundation, the private charitable arm of Staples, Inc., under a new program that lets Staples associates direct donations.

“The funds will be used to cover all costs of 35 children in a new model HoPE Learning Center in Vellinaipatti, Coimbatore, India,” announced Tripura Foundation Global Director, Mohini.

The grants are part of a philanthropic initiative created by Staples Foundation which allows Staples associates around the world to direct funding to non-profit organizations that are focused on education or job skills. The program, called 2 Million and Change, will award funds to organizations around the world, reaching more than $2 million in grants by year’s end.

“Staples Foundation is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where our associates live and work,” said Katy Dobbs, Director of Global Community & Giving for Staples, Inc.


A Special Message from TF’s Global Director

Dear Friends,


I am deeply touched by your support for Tripura Foundation, and most of all, your love for the bright and beautiful children that we serve throughout India at our HoPE Centers.  Because of you and other great souls like you, we are celebrating wonderful milestones this month in our recent expansion of our work to bring transformational education to the forgotten children living in desperate poverty.  Please read and celebrate with us. Thank you so much for helping to make this magic happen for so many children, and many, many more to come! So far:


  • 31 HoPE Learning Centers are now filled with joyful children who came from the most dire circumstances imaginable – generational cycles of extreme poverty, abuse and neglect.
  • 25 HoPE Learning Centers are fully funded by generous sponsors.
  • Over $134,000 was raised in June and July through our first ever “HoPE With A Heart” Membership Drive to cover regular expenses of innovative educational programs and nutritious meals.
  • $75,798 came in as one-time gifts and $4,861 will continue to flow in each month as recurring donations.
  • Our Facebook fan base has increased by 1150%.
  • Our Newsletter distribution list has increased by over 200%.
  • A new logo, images and good news stories shine through on our website and social media pages.
  • Our Board of Directors will soon benefit from the skills and experience of two new members – Vipool Desai and Meena Mulloy.


In Love & Service,





It’s Official: 7 HoPE Centers Launching


“A Bright Future For The World’s Children”

What if you could actually help a child to change his/her destiny?

Gummudipoondi (Kannan Kottai) Centre

Our HoPE Learning Centers are opening this month in India – 4 have opened already and 3 are opening at the end of month, serving a total of 245 children! They will provide poor children living in unimaginable conditions with the chance to learn educational tools to sharpen their minds and open their hearts, to play creative games, to enjoy food with taste and nutrition, and to expand the scope of their world.

These children come from families that have been living in a cycle of poverty caused by lack of education, disease and abuse.  Most of the children are being raised by a single parent and they have been exposed to horrific stories of alcoholism, addiction, malnutrition and inhuman living conditions.

This month we would like to share a few inspiring stories about the power of education and the creation of our Learning Centers. We also invite you to meet a few of the children and families in need of hope.

In India, there is a special day for honoring the teacher, known as the Guru in Indian tradition. The Guru is the one who guides you in life. The day is called Guru Purnima as it is marked by the Full Moon. As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, giving light to the world at night, a Guru or teacher sheds light on the students intelligence, brightening their future.

This year it falls on July 14th, the beginning of the school year in India. A child needs benevolent supporters who take an interest in their well-being. Be that beacon of light for the children and in turn “give back” to the Gurus in our life. Transform our world by giving the basic human necessities of love, nutrition, exercise and education to those who will carry us into the future – the children.

Tripura HoPE Centers Launch:

Mohini – Our Global Director – Shares from India

Hi Everyone,

I had a most heart-warming and eye-opening experience during my visit to the sites of our Chennai HoPE Learning Centers.  I learned a great lesson from the poor about the value of education – how education is the key to creating a new destiny for the poorest children.

I met the local champion of each center – a school headmaster, or politician, or social service worker or simply a dedicated person seeking to give back to the children who will be our future leaders.  I was so impressed by our champions’ hard work in the careful selection of the neediest children with fully supportive mothers, of neat buildings that were being painted beautiful, bright hues of purple and green, of passionate and caring teachers who are excited about this opportunity to help children to blossom into their highest potential.

And of course, I was most impressed by meeting the children and some of their parents.  Even though living in huts and hovels that are below human living conditions, most children being deserted by a father due to alcoholism and the family living on only 1 dollar a day through the hard labor of a dedicated mother- these children have bright faces, light in their eyes, eager interest and an expectation they are embarking upon something wonderful.  I see these children as the great heroes of India- living each day with HoPE for a brighter future despite their current life.

Truth was revealed to me in one final meeting.  I visited the homes of several children who will be attending our HoPE Center.  The mothers stood in front of their tiny, meager huts with no water, power or toilets- deserted by their husbands and working as servants.  One mother spoke for them all, “We are illiterates, so we suffer.  Please give our children a chance, so they don’t have to suffer like us.”  She held her hands in a pleading posture.

In privileged countries, we often take education for granted.  For these mothers, they viewed the alternative education we would be providing their children as their child’s only chance to live a new life, a new destiny.  Education is the difference between a destiny of a maidservant or laborer, and a destiny as a future engineer, teacher or computer operator

We have already been requested to open 3 more centers, beyond our 7 centers already opening.   Champions of other poor communities are so eager for our help for their poorest children.

Please help us accomplish our goal to open more centers as quickly as possible by sharing your financial support.

Peace, Mohini

Share in the Passion for the Children

Structure and Nourishment for the Mind – Body – Consciousness

The primary focus of our HoPE Learning Centers is to provide supplemental education and support for disadvantaged children so that they may develop the necessary skills, values and character to rise above their present circumstances.

  • Classes are conducted 6 days per week and include these daily practices:
  • Enhanced Education Techniques including Mind Sound Technology (MST) and Personal Transformation Program (PTP) created by Dr. Baskaran Pillai
  • Physical Exercise and Yoga
  • Tutoring and Guidance with academic subjects
  • A healthy and nutritious snack
  • Each center serves 30-35 children who are enrolled in grades 5-8
  • Facilities are painted in beautiful bright colors to provide an environment for creativity, joy and imagination.

An Insider’s Glance: Yadeesh Introduces Families in Need of HoPE

Tripura Foundation’s Indian Trustee, Yadeesh, has played an integral role in the development of these new HoPE Learning Centers.  He has had the opportunity to visit some of the children and their families at home.  Yadeesh shares two profound and heart-breaking personal experiences of his first meeting with two of these children.

Meet 11 year-old V. Rajesh. He is currently in the sixth grade.  We went to visit Rajesh’s home with the coordinator of the HoPE Learning Center and we were shocked to see that his “house” was merely an 8 x 6 foot covered enclosure with only one small light bulb. Rajesh’s mother, Bhanumathi, worries constantly about her children’s safety because snakes frequently enter their small dwelling.

Rajesh’s father is an alcoholic who used to beat Rajesh, his sister and his mother every single day.  His father has left the family and married another woman. Bhanumathi said she is happy that they no longer suffer at the hands of an alcoholic.  She works as a house maid for a meager living.  Bhanumathi’s daily prayer is that God will keep her alive until her children are grown up.  She expressed her confidence in the Learning Center and hopes this education will provide Rajesh with the courage and strength to stand up on his own two feet and find success.

Meet 13 year-old Santhiya. She is in the 8th grade and she has a congenital disorder prohibitting her from walking properly.  We met Santhiya’s mother, Bakkiyalakshmi, who described the torture that she suffered at the hands of money lenders.  Her husband is an alcoholic who borrowed money from these money lenders and gambled it all away.  When he was not able to repay his debt, her husband simply ran away, leaving his family vulnerable to the violent retribution of the money lenders.  She was then forced to give these lenders everything she had to repay what her husband could not.

Bakkiyalakshmi was fortunate to meet a kind-hearted woman who helped her move out of her old village and settle down near Selaiyur.  She is presently working as a house cook and earns Rs. 2500 per month.  After paying her monthly rent of Rs. 900, Bakkiyalakshmi has to take care of her family on the meager amount of Rs 1600  (about $40 USD).

Help Brighten the Future!

Thank You for Your Continued Support

Youtube Video- Interview: Global Director Tripura Foundation- Elaine Kueper- with Founder of Gawad Kalinga- Tony Melato


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