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Introducing Project SAVE

One of my favorite things to hear about is children helping others.  There’s something just so inspiring about it!

So, naturally, I’m excited to share a very special new initiative that Tripura Foundation is launching, called Project SAVE.  And what better way to introduce it than to show you the following video!

In this video, Yadeesh, our Tripura trustee who works on the ground in India and has created new lives for many children and elders, shares a story about Project SAVE and three HoPE Heroes.

Press PLAY below to watch and be inspired by the heroic LIFE-SAVING efforts of these young girls and boys…

Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories to come and to learn more about the children featured in this video.

In the meantime, please consider taking a moment to visit to discover how you can contribute to our efforts in creating HoPE for everyone! 🙂

Warmest Regards,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

Serving The Million Meals of HoPE Project in Singapore

$1 = 5 meals

Tripura’s latest global initiative, Million Meals of HoPE, is doing just that – stretching the dollar to get food to the people around the world who need it most. Watch our Million Meals of HoPE project in action in Singapore.

Feeding 3000 People in Singapore on a Sunday Morning

Dr. Pillai’s community members gathered at Willing Hearts soup kitchen. A week earlier, we raised funds to purchase food ingredients – 90 kgs of rice noodle, 240 cans of braised vegetables, 24 kgs of dried bean curd, and 24 cans of sardines. Many volunteers – from kids to the elderly – cut cartons of vegetables, and cooked tons of rice, noodles, fish and chicken to prepare lunch. The lunches were packed into boxes and delivered to 38 locations for distribution. For many of us, it was a first time and very heart-warming experience to prepare food on a massive scale to feed 3,000 hungry and needy. Several of us were so touched by their experiences, that they blogged to encourage others to contribute towards this worthy mission. They were so grateful to Dr Pillai for this opportunity to serve the less fortunate. We hope that many more will stand up and be counted upon to contribute to a Million Meals worldwide. — Community Member of Willing Hearts + Tripura Foundation’s Million Meals of HoPE Project.      Donate To Monthly Feedings

Off To A Winning Start! 25,000 Meals Served in July 2013!

Serving “A Million Meals” in San Francisco!

Thank you everyone for getting our Million Meals of HoPE Project off to a triumphant start! Your very generous donations made all of this possible.

Over 25,000 meals were served across the globe since July 22, 2013, the launch of Tripura Foundation’s new initiative “Million Meals of HoPE” to serve a million meals to the poor, hungry, handicapped and aged.

Donate To Monthly Feedings

A Sneak Peak at Upcoming Plans

Serving “A Million Meals” in Mexico!

Our “Million Meals of HoPE” project is off to a great start. To keep the red-hot momentum going, we are going to launch an all-new Sounds and Snacks For Kids program in the United States and Mexico, and open HoPE Learning Centers in Mexico. This is in addition to the existing 85 HoPE Learning Centers that we have in poor rural villages throughout India. More news about all of this coming soon…


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