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Off To A Winning Start! 25,000 Meals Served in July 2013!

Serving “A Million Meals” in San Francisco!

Thank you everyone for getting our Million Meals of HoPE Project off to a triumphant start! Your very generous donations made all of this possible.

Over 25,000 meals were served across the globe since July 22, 2013, the launch of Tripura Foundation’s new initiative “Million Meals of HoPE” to serve a million meals to the poor, hungry, handicapped and aged.

Donate To Monthly Feedings

Get Ready to Help Us Feed A Million Meals of HoPE!

Get Ready! Tripura Foundation is going to launch an initiative to feed the world, and we would like YOU to be a part of it. We are going to invite you to join our volunteer army of compassionate feeders by logging on to a website that will allow you and others to pledge serving meals directly to people in your community or to donate and therefore allow us to serve meals on your behalf. There will be spaces for you to share stories and videos about your adventures and we look forward to the feedback. We will be the only organization in the world to encourage and guide direct hands-on feedings in a “pay it forward” sort-of way. Also, this will be our Guru Purniuma gift to Dr. Pillai (on July 22)!

HoPE Heroine – Jeevetha Takes Action

A HoPE Center is made up of students, like Jeevetha. She is from the village Puducherrymedu, which is north of Chennai and has 120 houses.  It is very dry, so agriculture is entirely dependent on rains.  Jeevetha is in 9th grade.    Every day, she and 50 other children from her village used to walk 6 kilometers to school because there was no method of public transportation.  Last January, when the District Collector visited a nearby town, she wrote a petition requesting a bus facility for her village, got signatures of friends and then submitted it. Needless to say, the Collector was impressed by her self-initiated leadership and immediately passed orders for a nearby transportation department to run busses during school hours.  The entire village is proud of Jeevetha for taking initiative when so many others felt resigned to accepting conditions as they long had been.  She is now a role model for youngsters and adults. She is a living example of what is possible when HoPE is in the mix. In upcoming months, Tripura Foundation will launch a program to encourage young people to take actions to help themselves and others as HoPE Champion Super Heroes.

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