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Off To A Winning Start! 25,000 Meals Served in July 2013!

Serving “A Million Meals” in San Francisco!

Thank you everyone for getting our Million Meals of HoPE Project off to a triumphant start! Your very generous donations made all of this possible.

Over 25,000 meals were served across the globe since July 22, 2013, the launch of Tripura Foundation’s new initiative “Million Meals of HoPE” to serve a million meals to the poor, hungry, handicapped and aged.

Donate To Monthly Feedings

Get Ready to Help Us Feed A Million Meals of HoPE!

Get Ready! Tripura Foundation is going to launch an initiative to feed the world, and we would like YOU to be a part of it. We are going to invite you to join our volunteer army of compassionate feeders by logging on to a website that will allow you and others to pledge serving meals directly to people in your community or to donate and therefore allow us to serve meals on your behalf. There will be spaces for you to share stories and videos about your adventures and we look forward to the feedback. We will be the only organization in the world to encourage and guide direct hands-on feedings in a “pay it forward” sort-of way. Also, this will be our Guru Purniuma gift to Dr. Pillai (on July 22)!

HoPE With A Heart Global Circle – This Is The Season of Growth

With your encouragement and support, we can we continue operating HoPE Learning Centers.  Only when we know you are truly with us and we have your commitment, can we grow the success of HoPE by touching more poor and marginalized rural areas.  We have the invitation and support of locals to launch 27 new HoPE Learning Centers by July and to to have 100 Centers in operation by the end of the year.

$10 US per month will give a child HoPE for a purposeful, dignified life

$300 per month will support the operations of an entire HoPE Learning Center

HoPE Learning Centers focus on the development of children from single-parent families living in abject poverty. We serve 30-35 children at each center and also provide educational and entrepreneurial opportunities to poor adults.

$10 per month saves a child from a life trapped in poverty, alcoholism, and innumerable indignities 

$100 per month feeds an entire HoPE Learning Center full of children who are hungry to thrive

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