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Dear Mohini,

We arrived on Sunday night at La Paz, about 2 hours away from Cabo by road on the Mar de Cortez side. It is a semi desertic ecosystem.

On Monday we drove approximately 35 minutes to the city of La Pasion, where the Hope center is located, the poverty is extreme, the houses are made of plywood, most of them have one room where they cook and sleep. There are no paved roads and no running water, the temperature was 105 degrees, I believe Lucia told me the population was 400 and 200 hundred are children!!!!!

The PI and PTP are held in the town’s rec center which was donated , it is a plywood building consisting of two adjacent rooms, one aprox 12 X 24 and the smaller one that serves as a storage room mostly, there is a small bathroom which frankly i didn’t see.

We proceeded to visit some homes so I could meet the families, we visited 4 homes, we sat and talked to the moms, I guess dads were working. All the mother’s answer were very similar, I asked all of them if their kids had been attending the program from the beginning? What changes have you noticed? Have their grades changed? Are you happy and will they continue to attend?

Absolutely all of them answered the same thing, all of the kids had been there from the very beginning. They all had seen a difference in their character , calmer, more cooperative, less aggressive. All of them had improved their grades, they were very happy to be a part of this and planned to keep their children in the program.

Then we went to the rec center for the day’s session. I met all of the children and 2 of their teachers. There were 22 that day, we did the sounds in English. The PTP lesson for that day was personal safety, and then we did the sound again in Spanish! We handed them their snacks , guided by one of the girls they prayed and recited the ARUT PERUM JYOTI mantra. It was very touching. I’m in love with those kids!

We left and drove about 1 hour to the opening of the other center in the Colony called Ciudad del Cielo (city of heaven, go figure) where Lucia gave a short presentation, we did the sounds, I gave a little talk expanding on TF , today was the opening and they had 10 very enthusiastic kids!!!!!

Overall, I firmly believe that Lucia and her Tripura team (I met most of them) have done an amazing job. They all have put their hearts into this project and it really shows. The children know the sounds and participate eagerly. The teachers agreed that all the kids have changed tremendously since they have been participating in the program. One of them even wants to grow up to be a teacher of HOPE centers!!!!!!!

The Kids needed a sink and I left Lucia  $100 to buy it. We also bought them 2 fans (the heat is extreme) and an extension cord!! We will pay for the extra electricity charges too. I cannot imagine the summer there.

Thanks so much for allowing me to be  a part of this amazing experience. I feel truly blessed!!!!!!!!

Love, K

Here is a link to a video of K’s drive to the Learning Center: Drive To La Pasion – June 2014 Give it a couple of minutes to load.

HoPE Comes To Mexico!

This center is located at La Pasion, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Most of the student’s parents are day laborers who earn less than $8 USD per day. Many of the fathers are addicted to drugs and alcohol, so they do not take care of their families. Their houses are like rough wooden shanties at best. The children were grateful to receive even blankets and thrilled about becoming educated at this Center of HoPE.

Christmas Posada of HoPE in Mexico

Here is a letter from our Director of operations in La Paz, Mexico:

The kids in the picture are Ariana and Osiel. They played the key roles –Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph– in our Xmas program last week, called a posada. They were selected by the group in an impeccable and organized way. This would seem impossible a few months ago, because when first coming to the HoPE Center, the children could not play or work together at all; they would just fight all the time.

Ariana and Osiel live in houses made of cardboard in a colony named La Pasión in La Paz, Mexico. Life at home is about survival: there is no electricity, running water or toilet. Their mothers are housewives and the fathers are day laborers and make very little money that is not used appropriately because of their lack of education. They hardly cover their most basic needs with sporadic help from the government and civil organizations.
Ariana is a very smart girl and wants to be a veterinarian. She has been one of the most constant students in our HoPE center because she sees it as her only chance to fulfill her dream. Otherwise, if she is lucky enough, she will finish high school to work as a cashier in a supermarket or something similar. Osiel is too shy and distant, he is in second grade and still cannot read and write. He is not interest in studying. He started coming to the center about a month ago, so he was very surprised to be chosen as Joseph for the posada. Although at first he did not want the role, the group gave him a lot of confidence and ended up enjoying it a lot. The next day he was very happy because his parents were proud of him.

The whole group enjoyed the celebration like a big family, and while playing games, they were helping each other instead of competing and making fun of the losers as they used to do at the beginning.

There were moments that it was almost impossible to hold the tears. In their sweet smiles I was seeing the little innocent children that they really are, instead of the young adults that –under their circumstances– they are forced to be.



Serving “A Million Meals” in India!

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Serving “A Million Meals” in India!

For this month of August, HoPE Feeding Champions have a goal to feed over 40,000 meals globally:

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A Sneak Peak at Upcoming Plans

Serving “A Million Meals” in Mexico!

Our “Million Meals of HoPE” project is off to a great start. To keep the red-hot momentum going, we are going to launch an all-new Sounds and Snacks For Kids program in the United States and Mexico, and open HoPE Learning Centers in Mexico. This is in addition to the existing 85 HoPE Learning Centers that we have in poor rural villages throughout India. More news about all of this coming soon…


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