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The ‘PI’ Phenomena is Spreading Through South India!

HoPE Center Children Practicing Phonemic Intelligence/ PI

‘PI’ or Phonemic Intelligence (formerly known as MST or Mind-Sound Technology) is what Dr. Baskaran Pillai, the founder of Tripura Foundation, calls the core of his Revolutionary Educational Program.  This program utilizes sounds to ‘upgrade’ the mind, body and spirit as it cultivates intelligence and maximizes concentration. Bottom line, PI builds HoPE!

The phenomena that is happening in South India, is how quickly our HoPE Centers have become the buzz – not only in the communities that host them, but surrounding communities that have witnessed the almost miraculous transformation of their neighbours.  Many of these remote villages are communities of “untouchables” and considered the lowest of the low, useless and left to suffer daily humiliations and indignities.

Children who have enrolled have become the superstars of their villages. This is truly a way to help the poor and a solution to poverty. Teachers and mothers have become the champions for the future.  All who have seen the transformation are pleading for a HoPE Center in their community.  HoPE is accepted and HoPE has been embraced.   Everybody Needs HoPE.  Everybody WANTS HoPE!

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Boystown Seniors Get Help With Writing CVs

Sunny has been teaching Mind Sound Technology to the boys at the Boystown in Selaiyur for about 1.5 years now.  He shared with me last week that it wasn’t until he volunteered here that he knew passion.  To spend time with the boys, to teach them such a valuable practice and too see them thrive and grow is what keeps him up at night thinking of how to spread the MST to more and more youth.  He started a new venture helping other students at his college write their CVs.  This is a profit enterprise that Sunny uses the revenue from to help fund a new venture his fellow school mates started called Ansh.  More about that later.  He helped Karthik from Boystown to write the CV that got him placed at Caterpillar as a Mechanical Engineer.  Congratulations Karthik and thank you Sunny.

left Sunny, middle Karthik, right Mr. Armugam (manager at Boystown)

He also teaches the boys MLA or Standardized Research Writing to get them involved in national and even international conferences that will give them experience and exposure and ultimately, empowerment!

Brotherly Love for Valentine’s Day!

‘Brotherly Love’ was the message we had for the kids of Tripura yesterday.  We visited Girlstown in Madambakkam, the Boystown in Selaiyur and then traveled to the other side of Chennai to Gumudipundi Boystown.  It was an all day love and cake fest!

The annual day is thought of for ‘lovers’ only but we reminded the kids how much love that people (their supporters both financial and through good wishes) have for them.  Love for No Reason– just because that is part of being a good human being.

The girls sang some Tamil Love Songs, the Selaiyur Boystown  demonstrated their Mind Sound classes that they do daily, and their in house cricket team posed proudly for pictures and went off to play a game.  The boys from Gumudipundi also demonstrated the MST and gave us an impromptu dance performance the when we left the country-side property the boys lined both sides of the driveway and showered us with pink flowers.  We can still feel the LOVE form all the ‘Kidstowns’!

Happy Valentine’s Day to All of Our HoPE Friends!

“Becoming” on Independence Day- India

On this Independence Day, we need to reflect on the question: What is Independence?

This was a question posed by our founder Dr Baskaran Pillai.

Our girls are learning the importance of independent thinking and how to live independently of the poverty cycle.  Just as India became freedom fighters lived to help Indians to free from British rule, our MST and other core programs for enhanced education give the girls tools to break free of the poverty struggle.  They are becoming courageous and lit up about life, the future and the world.

Jaya He, Jaya Hind

Hoisting the Flag, Singing the National Anthem, Handing Out Sweets

MindSound Music- US Musician George Stass Brings it to India

Mind-Sound Technology is our core enhanced education programs taught at Girlstown, the 2 Boystowns, and to many other children in India and other parts of the world.  We were blessed in Chennai with the visit of George Stass, an American musician who has written songs and music for  MST.  The kids love the new method of learning sounds through music, song and dance!  Ah ah Ee ee Oo oo!

Sunny- Volunteer MST Teacher at Selaiyur Boystown

At age 20, Sunny is a student in the second year of university studying Bio-informatics.  His career objective is to bring down the cost of drug discovery.

He volunteers at the Selaiyur Boystown.  In his own words:

“I am very excited about the new MST. Its a delight to teach the techniques to the boys as I get to witness first hand the transformation in the lives of these children. Its heart warming to see these children glow with light.

Whenever I go to Boystown, and the boys see me, they welcome me with the sounds. They are very enthused about it.

I have witnessed increasing levels of self-esteem and “can-do” spirit among the boys as they continue to do the techniques.

In the past I have explored NLP and other mind training programmes but I have never seen anything work like this. I always remind the boys to keep saying the sounds throughout the day, that way they become “friends” with the sounds.

The management at Boystown inform me that they have seen an increase in the well being of the boys as reflected in better grades and better athletic performance. It gives me incredible joy to be part of this transformation. It is transforming me too.

But most importantly it is teaching the boys to dream and to let go of their fears and take action.

In particular, they love the sound “Ah” and the technique “Ara Kara”, it gives them a strong dose of energy and positivity and they demand more and more of it.

I wish every institution concerned with Child welfare experiment with the MST.

From my own experience, I consider MST the most effective tool to transform the lives of these children.

Thank you


Sunny Dasgupta


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