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Introducing Project SAVE

One of my favorite things to hear about is children helping others.  There’s something just so inspiring about it!

So, naturally, I’m excited to share a very special new initiative that Tripura Foundation is launching, called Project SAVE.  And what better way to introduce it than to show you the following video!

In this video, Yadeesh, our Tripura trustee who works on the ground in India and has created new lives for many children and elders, shares a story about Project SAVE and three HoPE Heroes.

Press PLAY below to watch and be inspired by the heroic LIFE-SAVING efforts of these young girls and boys…

Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories to come and to learn more about the children featured in this video.

In the meantime, please consider taking a moment to visit to discover how you can contribute to our efforts in creating HoPE for everyone! 🙂

Warmest Regards,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member

Your Chance To Pay “It” Forward!

In today’s busy world, some of us rarely have time to slow down and appreciate all that we have – comfy homes, reliable cars, supportive loved ones, etc.

Yet, so many others don’t even have the very basics – over one billion people don’t have enough food!

One way to better appreciate the assets and honor the good people in your life is to take a few seconds to give thanks and then make a donation to feed others who are in need.

Tripura Foundation recently launched its most ambitious project yet – to feed a million meals to the poorest of the poor. We need your help to raise $330,000 as an important step in helping eradicate Hunger on Planet Earth!

Every dollar raised will cover the costs of three meals. Start Now! You can donate nutritious meals with just one click:



Get Ready to Help Us Feed A Million Meals of HoPE!

Get Ready! Tripura Foundation is going to launch an initiative to feed the world, and we would like YOU to be a part of it. We are going to invite you to join our volunteer army of compassionate feeders by logging on to a website that will allow you and others to pledge serving meals directly to people in your community or to donate and therefore allow us to serve meals on your behalf. There will be spaces for you to share stories and videos about your adventures and we look forward to the feedback. We will be the only organization in the world to encourage and guide direct hands-on feedings in a “pay it forward” sort-of way. Also, this will be our Guru Purniuma gift to Dr. Pillai (on July 22)!

My Name is Powrnica

Our first step in screening children to be admitted to HoPE Learning Centers is to visit their homes to view their living conditions. During one visit in May 2012, we met this 12-year-old angel. Even though there was a sad look in her eyes, she was bold and said, “My name is Powrnica. My parents toil in the fields and make very little money.  I want to help them by becoming a doctor. I would love to construct a small hospital for my people who live in this village and provide treatment free of cost. I will work hard to learn and will get into medical school.”  Her words still echo in our ears and have made us even more aware of the importance of our Mission.  Since she fulfilled all criteria, we have chosen to help her actualize her dream at a HoPE Learning Center. 

Brotherly Love for Valentine’s Day!

‘Brotherly Love’ was the message we had for the kids of Tripura yesterday.  We visited Girlstown in Madambakkam, the Boystown in Selaiyur and then traveled to the other side of Chennai to Gumudipundi Boystown.  It was an all day love and cake fest!

The annual day is thought of for ‘lovers’ only but we reminded the kids how much love that people (their supporters both financial and through good wishes) have for them.  Love for No Reason– just because that is part of being a good human being.

The girls sang some Tamil Love Songs, the Selaiyur Boystown  demonstrated their Mind Sound classes that they do daily, and their in house cricket team posed proudly for pictures and went off to play a game.  The boys from Gumudipundi also demonstrated the MST and gave us an impromptu dance performance the when we left the country-side property the boys lined both sides of the driveway and showered us with pink flowers.  We can still feel the LOVE form all the ‘Kidstowns’!

Happy Valentine’s Day to All of Our HoPE Friends!

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