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Why I Made The Leap To Giving $1 Per Day

My name is Ryan Irving, and I’m 28 years old living near Chicago Illinois. I first discovered Tripura through studying with Dr. Pillai. I started out by making sporadic donations to the foundation. I remember seeing pictures of the children Tripura was helping and it really struck something deep within me. In a recent trip to India, I had the privilege to attend an event where some of the children from the HoPE Centers came out to a hotel and put on a show for donors from around the world. Prior to this I had seen some pictures of these kids, who literally came from slums with hopelessness and despair etched on their faces. When I looked into their eyes at this event, they were bright beyond imagination! I experienced the joy and happiness that came out of them and it made quite an impression. The transformations were literally night and day. I am happy to say I now donate $1 a day ($30 a month) in continued support of this incredible organization that is giving the “have-nots” an opportunity to shine. Giving $1 a day helps me shine with them!

Click here to learn how you can shine like Ryan and make a HUGE difference!

Feeding 3000 People in Singapore on a Sunday Morning

Dr. Pillai’s community members gathered at Willing Hearts soup kitchen. A week earlier, we raised funds to purchase food ingredients – 90 kgs of rice noodle, 240 cans of braised vegetables, 24 kgs of dried bean curd, and 24 cans of sardines. Many volunteers – from kids to the elderly – cut cartons of vegetables, and cooked tons of rice, noodles, fish and chicken to prepare lunch. The lunches were packed into boxes and delivered to 38 locations for distribution. For many of us, it was a first time and very heart-warming experience to prepare food on a massive scale to feed 3,000 hungry and needy. Several of us were so touched by their experiences, that they blogged to encourage others to contribute towards this worthy mission. They were so grateful to Dr Pillai for this opportunity to serve the less fortunate. We hope that many more will stand up and be counted upon to contribute to a Million Meals worldwide. — Community Member of Willing Hearts + Tripura Foundation’s Million Meals of HoPE Project.      Donate To Monthly Feedings

Get Ready to Help Us Feed A Million Meals of HoPE!

Get Ready! Tripura Foundation is going to launch an initiative to feed the world, and we would like YOU to be a part of it. We are going to invite you to join our volunteer army of compassionate feeders by logging on to a website that will allow you and others to pledge serving meals directly to people in your community or to donate and therefore allow us to serve meals on your behalf. There will be spaces for you to share stories and videos about your adventures and we look forward to the feedback. We will be the only organization in the world to encourage and guide direct hands-on feedings in a “pay it forward” sort-of way. Also, this will be our Guru Purniuma gift to Dr. Pillai (on July 22)!

Fully Unified & Very Diversified

Now that we have fully funded and almost completed the creation of 100 HoPE Learning Centers within 5 regions in 3 states in India; we feel it is only fair to tell you about all and some of them…

First and Foremost, ALL HoPE Learning Centers transform the lives and destinies of 35 children (ages 12 to 14) through traditional academics, Dr. Pillai’s brain-changing Phonemic Intelligence Program, socially brilliant Personal Transformation Program lessons, yoga, nutritious snacks and cultural or career-centered field trips.

In addition, each HoPE Learning Center serves needs unique to its surrounding community. Here is the recent scoop on SOME of them:

  • Guruvarajpet Center children visited a local library and learned all about Indian authors
  • Kallakudi Center children learned about handiwork, craftsmanship and stitching
  • Querim Center children are focused on learning English and winning dancing competitions
  • Ghandijipuram Center children learned about cleanliness, health and trafficsafety issues
  • Kizavanam Center children embraced religious harmony during chats about tolerance

To sponsor a one-of-a-kind 100% unique HoPE Learning Center for only $300 per month or a special child for $10 per month, follow this link:

Corporate Cowboy = Hero To HoPE

Forrest Wray

In addition to maintaining a passionate life with interests in Gardening, Motorcycling, Modern Art, Alternative Energy Technology, Mind Science, Rugby, World Religions, Poker, Literature, Tennis, Racquetball, Horses and Military History; Forrest Wray works as a Sourcing Analyst for the Staples Business Advantage printing division. He graduated from Burges High School in El Paso and then spent two years in Honduras working in volunteer and welfare projects. After returning to the states, he attended East Texas State University for his B.A. and, later, American Intercontinental for his M.B.A.  As a native of Dallas Texas, Forrest and his wife Robin live in the city of Forney with their four children and four dogs. Forrest became acquainted with Dr. Pillai in August of 2009 and was immediately drawn to his vision. He nominated Tripura Foundation to receive grant funding through his company. Many children will benefit thanks to his generous efforts.


  This Just In From India – 
  100 Center Goal a Success!



On February 10th, 70 donors and sponsors of HoPE Learning Centers from around the globe enjoyed a heart to heart connection with 40 HoPE Heroes (special bright children who won awards for leadership, acts of compassion, overall improvements and personal transformations).


The purpose of this HoPE Gala in India was to celebrate Dr. Pillai’s Birthday on his Birthstar day and to thank all supporters who have helped us grow from 7 to 70 HoPE Learning Centers within 7 months! And now we have the funds for 100 Centers- his Birthday Goal was Victorious! Thank you for all of your love & support!


This was the first time that these very poor rural children left their remote villages, experienced a city and visited a 4-star hotel! Yet, their light shone brightly as they received candles of light and love from donors, offered hand-made flower bouquets, shared happy feelings of their new lives, performed skits and danced to a heart-warming song called “You Have Made A Difference.”


Dr. Pillai was delighted like a child himself when he witnessed the brightness and boldness of these shiny, happy children at this event and the transformation of children during his visits to HoPE Learning Centers. The event and completion of this monumental goal are the best presents that we could have given Him. He now wants to open up Centers all throughout India!


Enough words for now… experience the incredible joy in this heartwarming video!

Dr. Pillai’s Big Holiday Wish (Part II)


Dr. Bakaran Pillai, Founder of Tripura Foundation

 His vision is big. It is ambitious –

In this vision, poor children everywhere are transformed through the help of his successful HoPE Learning Centers. The education provided at these centers has literally been proven to be the answer to breaking the cycle of poverty. Education is the #1 Key.

Our revolutionary “Phonemic Intelligence” is our core educational program that offers poverty-brain- changing sound technologies and simple techniques that transform children at a fundamental level.

We currently have 50 Centers that are serving 1750 very poor children on every level – body, mind and spirit.

The Big Wish?

Dr. Pillai asks YOU to join us to DOUBLE the number of centers to 100 by Jan.1, 2013!

Together we can make it happen!

You can contribute according to your means. It will be helpful to give the same amount every month, so that the children have long-term security.

Contribute $10 US (and up) a month OR Sponsor an entire Center for only $300/ month.

This provides for our special Phonemic Intelligence program, academic tutoring, life skills lessons, daily yoga sessions, field trips, creative art activities and daily healthy snacks.

HoPE = Sponsors like Heather

Artist Extra-Ordinaire & HoPE Center Sponsor, Heather Anderson

While reading a multitude of articles about Heather Anderson’s artistic accomplishments, it is hard to believe that this vivacious illustrator was once down on her luck and barely able to pay monthly rent. All of this changed when she met Tripura Foundation’s founder, Dr. Baskaran Pillai, at a temple in Singapore. In fact, she soon started to channel artwork from other dimensions.  To further tune into vibrations of gratitude and pay not only rent but appreciation for such a huge shift toward success forward, she recently signed up to sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center. After visiting Centers in rural India, Heather wrote: “It was amazing to see the children at the Hope Centre and to know how much has been done to completely turn their lives around. Thank you for making our visit to them possible. I was deeply touched by their sincerity and openheartedness towards us all. One little girl just held onto my hand for ages when we were leaving, she was like a little beam of bright light. “

Farewell to Girlstown: It’s Not The End, But The Beginning…

Girlstown - Chennai, India


Yes, Girlstown is closing its doors.  Seven years of successful operation inspired Tripura to create and develop the HoPE Learning Centers where an exponential number of children can be touched by Dr. Pillai’s Enhanced Educational Programs.

I Want To Be A Part of The HoPE Phenomena!

This “Tripura Flower” Blossomed In Girlstown

Sarala Came to Girlstown in 2005 and Soon Thrived


Sarala came to Girlstown when we started in 2005.   Her single-income family of six relied solely on her father’s ‘cooly’ or day-labourer income of 1000 Rupees per month (approximately $20 US).  Sarala’s chances of being freed from the cycle of poverty were slim, especially being a girl and the third of four children.

At one of the first meetings with the girls, they were all asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Silence filled the room.  Blank stares showed on their faces. We thought that perhaps the phrase didn’t translate into Tamil well.  It had.  The girls had simply never thought that there was a different live than what their mother and fathers were living, or that their grandparents and great grandparents had lived.

Dr. Pillai’s Innovative Transformation Program with PI at it’s core, changed all of that.  Sarala recognized the opportunity and took it to heart, quickly excelling at school in academics, computer science, sports, the arts and community service.  Sarala and her sisters were frequent visitors at a local old age facility and soon became the darlings of the community.

Sarala and Two Other Tripura Flowers

Supported with love from generous supporters and well wishers, the daily guidance of caretakers/champions/angels and particularly the Transformational Educational Tools; the girls thrived and truly blossomed into bright, beautiful, caring and valuable members of society.

In 2009, Sarala completed 12th grade and enrolled at a nearby technical college. Tripura Foundation financially supported continued education and encouraged her to remain living at Girlstown while going to college as “Akka” (big sister/ caretaker/ tutor) to her little sisters.   

In 2012, she earned a BSc in Computer Sciences and recently wrote her entrance exam to attend the Masters program at a prestigious university in Chennai.

Like lotuses that rise from the mud, Sarala and her friends blossomed into strong, beaming, inspirational young women. It was the girls that called themselves “The Tripura Flowers”.  A logo was designed that was set into a wristwatch to remind each girl who attended a heart-felt Farewell/Reunion in April, 2012 of the importance of their time spent at Girstown and not to waste a single minute of their lives.

Our Tripura Flowers are now Leaders.  There are countless more children in poor rural villages who need HoPE.

Please join us by supporting our goal to open 27 new centers in this Season of Growth.

Your basic contribution commitment of $10 US a month will make all the difference to a child like Sarala.

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