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R.P. Jiccky

Jiccky is a true HoPE Hero from Singapore and a great role model. He is a successful businessman who works hard to share prosperity with the poorest people having built himself up from scratch. He was one of the first sponsors of HoPE Centers and is interested in every aspect of the children’s transformation. Jickky burns with a passion to help the rural poor, Jiccky now sponsors 11 HoPE Learning Centers. Last week, he came through once again by sponsoring HoPE shirts and Diwali clothing for all 385 of his HoPE Center children. Thank you Jickky!


Mrs. Raj Prasad

 Mrs Prasad is a 76 year retiree from Singapore and another of our unsung HoPE Center heroes. For many years, she has been knitting socks and clothes for our HoPE Center children to help keep them cosy.

Just last week, Mrs Prasad contacted Tripura Foundation out of the blue to inform us that she wanted to donate 80 of her new sarees for Diwali. 80 poor women such as Mrs Jayammal will now be blessed with clothes for Diwali. Thank you Mrs Prasad!



Serving The Million Meals of HoPE Project in Singapore

$1 = 5 meals

Tripura’s latest global initiative, Million Meals of HoPE, is doing just that – stretching the dollar to get food to the people around the world who need it most. Watch our Million Meals of HoPE project in action in Singapore.


Serving “A Million Meals” in India!

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This is Just the Beginning…

Serving “A Million Meals” in India!

For this month of August, HoPE Feeding Champions have a goal to feed over 40,000 meals globally:

20,000 meals to India’s poorest, most devastated rural families

  • 5,500 breakfasts in San Francisco to poor children who would otherwise start their day hungry
  • 3,000 meals to Mexico’s poor migrant children and families
  • 3,000 meals to Singapore poor, elderly and sick shut-ins
  • 5,000 Meals to New York City homeless
  • 6,667 meals to Los Angeles’ poor, including some Native American communities

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