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Introducing Project SAVE

One of my favorite things to hear about is children helping others.  There’s something just so inspiring about it!

So, naturally, I’m excited to share a very special new initiative that Tripura Foundation is launching, called Project SAVE.  And what better way to introduce it than to show you the following video!

In this video, Yadeesh, our Tripura trustee who works on the ground in India and has created new lives for many children and elders, shares a story about Project SAVE and three HoPE Heroes.

Press PLAY below to watch and be inspired by the heroic LIFE-SAVING efforts of these young girls and boys…

Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories to come and to learn more about the children featured in this video.

In the meantime, please consider taking a moment to visit to discover how you can contribute to our efforts in creating HoPE for everyone! 🙂

Warmest Regards,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member


  This Just In From India – 
  100 Center Goal a Success!



On February 10th, 70 donors and sponsors of HoPE Learning Centers from around the globe enjoyed a heart to heart connection with 40 HoPE Heroes (special bright children who won awards for leadership, acts of compassion, overall improvements and personal transformations).


The purpose of this HoPE Gala in India was to celebrate Dr. Pillai’s Birthday on his Birthstar day and to thank all supporters who have helped us grow from 7 to 70 HoPE Learning Centers within 7 months! And now we have the funds for 100 Centers- his Birthday Goal was Victorious! Thank you for all of your love & support!


This was the first time that these very poor rural children left their remote villages, experienced a city and visited a 4-star hotel! Yet, their light shone brightly as they received candles of light and love from donors, offered hand-made flower bouquets, shared happy feelings of their new lives, performed skits and danced to a heart-warming song called “You Have Made A Difference.”


Dr. Pillai was delighted like a child himself when he witnessed the brightness and boldness of these shiny, happy children at this event and the transformation of children during his visits to HoPE Learning Centers. The event and completion of this monumental goal are the best presents that we could have given Him. He now wants to open up Centers all throughout India!


Enough words for now… experience the incredible joy in this heartwarming video!

A Genuine Diwali Santa Claus

Diwali Santa Claus, Jiccky

Jiccky is a true HoPE Hero. He is a great role model of a successful businessman who works hard to share prosperity with the poorest people. He is one of the first sponsors of HoPE Centers and is interested in every aspect of the children’s transformation.  Gifted with authentic passion to help the rural poor learn how to live fulfilling and empowered lives, he has many plans of how he would like to personally get involved in community initiatives.  Yet, while he is extremely busy directing his enterprise, Jiccky generously sponsors 7 HoPE Learning Centers and is going to buy Diwali gifts for all 245 children that attend his Centers.  TF and the children thank you, Jiccky!

Sunny- Volunteer MST Teacher at Selaiyur Boystown

At age 20, Sunny is a student in the second year of university studying Bio-informatics.  His career objective is to bring down the cost of drug discovery.

He volunteers at the Selaiyur Boystown.  In his own words:

“I am very excited about the new MST. Its a delight to teach the techniques to the boys as I get to witness first hand the transformation in the lives of these children. Its heart warming to see these children glow with light.

Whenever I go to Boystown, and the boys see me, they welcome me with the sounds. They are very enthused about it.

I have witnessed increasing levels of self-esteem and “can-do” spirit among the boys as they continue to do the techniques.

In the past I have explored NLP and other mind training programmes but I have never seen anything work like this. I always remind the boys to keep saying the sounds throughout the day, that way they become “friends” with the sounds.

The management at Boystown inform me that they have seen an increase in the well being of the boys as reflected in better grades and better athletic performance. It gives me incredible joy to be part of this transformation. It is transforming me too.

But most importantly it is teaching the boys to dream and to let go of their fears and take action.

In particular, they love the sound “Ah” and the technique “Ara Kara”, it gives them a strong dose of energy and positivity and they demand more and more of it.

I wish every institution concerned with Child welfare experiment with the MST.

From my own experience, I consider MST the most effective tool to transform the lives of these children.

Thank you


Sunny Dasgupta


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