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Mrs. Raj Prasad

 Mrs Prasad is a 76 year retiree from Singapore and another of our unsung HoPE Center heroes. For many years, she has been knitting socks and clothes for our HoPE Center children to help keep them cosy.

Just last week, Mrs Prasad contacted Tripura Foundation out of the blue to inform us that she wanted to donate 80 of her new sarees for Diwali. 80 poor women such as Mrs Jayammal will now be blessed with clothes for Diwali. Thank you Mrs Prasad!



Feeding 3000 People in Singapore on a Sunday Morning

Dr. Pillai’s community members gathered at Willing Hearts soup kitchen. A week earlier, we raised funds to purchase food ingredients – 90 kgs of rice noodle, 240 cans of braised vegetables, 24 kgs of dried bean curd, and 24 cans of sardines. Many volunteers – from kids to the elderly – cut cartons of vegetables, and cooked tons of rice, noodles, fish and chicken to prepare lunch. The lunches were packed into boxes and delivered to 38 locations for distribution. For many of us, it was a first time and very heart-warming experience to prepare food on a massive scale to feed 3,000 hungry and needy. Several of us were so touched by their experiences, that they blogged to encourage others to contribute towards this worthy mission. They were so grateful to Dr Pillai for this opportunity to serve the less fortunate. We hope that many more will stand up and be counted upon to contribute to a Million Meals worldwide. — Community Member of Willing Hearts + Tripura Foundation’s Million Meals of HoPE Project.      Donate To Monthly Feedings


Serving “A Million Meals” in India!

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Volunteers of November – Marrio & Chantel Romero

Marrio and Chantel Romero

 Volunteers of the Month  –  Marrio and Chantel Romero

Marrio and Chantel Romero developed curriculum for HoPE Learning Centers’ innovative Personal Transformation Program, which helps children to transform every aspect of life and unleash their highest potentials. In Chantel’s words, “Love and devotion run deep within the roots of our family.  Each time we see the smiling faces of the children at the Hope Centers, we are touched in a way that reminds us that they too are a part of our family.  We devote our time to loving them knowing that this is the power that can move mountains and right wrongs.  These children are an awesome measure of love, determination, and resilience.  Even in their early years, they are leaders without knowing.  From their example, we are reminded to laugh more, appreciate more, share more, and love more.  By these standards, even our own children have experienced the rewards of participating in the creation of the Hope curriculum. This work has been an inspiration to push beyond self-defined limits and become a part of something bigger than ourselves. “

Volunteer of the Month – Varakulan Kantharaja

Varakulan Kantharaja
As you are probably now aware, a HoPE Center is many things; but, Tripura Foundation’s 37 Centers wouldn’t exist if kind-hearted skillful volunteers didn’t set them in place and keep them up and running via a multitude of services. Varakulan Kantharaja tops this month’s list of volunteers who bring HoPE to thousands of children in rural India. He was born in Sri Lanka but has lived near Chennai for 27 years. He had no experience working directly with poor children, but came to work as IT Project Manager for Pillai Center and Astroved over five years ago and has since been inspired to build up Internet presence as HoPE initiatives continue to develop.  Varakulan has yet to walk away from a challenge, whether late at night or early in the morning. He offers solutions to countless problems but modestly requests that we acknowledge his teammates for all successes on the techy front.

Sunny- Volunteer MST Teacher at Selaiyur Boystown

At age 20, Sunny is a student in the second year of university studying Bio-informatics.  His career objective is to bring down the cost of drug discovery.

He volunteers at the Selaiyur Boystown.  In his own words:

“I am very excited about the new MST. Its a delight to teach the techniques to the boys as I get to witness first hand the transformation in the lives of these children. Its heart warming to see these children glow with light.

Whenever I go to Boystown, and the boys see me, they welcome me with the sounds. They are very enthused about it.

I have witnessed increasing levels of self-esteem and “can-do” spirit among the boys as they continue to do the techniques.

In the past I have explored NLP and other mind training programmes but I have never seen anything work like this. I always remind the boys to keep saying the sounds throughout the day, that way they become “friends” with the sounds.

The management at Boystown inform me that they have seen an increase in the well being of the boys as reflected in better grades and better athletic performance. It gives me incredible joy to be part of this transformation. It is transforming me too.

But most importantly it is teaching the boys to dream and to let go of their fears and take action.

In particular, they love the sound “Ah” and the technique “Ara Kara”, it gives them a strong dose of energy and positivity and they demand more and more of it.

I wish every institution concerned with Child welfare experiment with the MST.

From my own experience, I consider MST the most effective tool to transform the lives of these children.

Thank you


Sunny Dasgupta


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