This “Tripura Flower” Blossomed In Girlstown

Sarala Came to Girlstown in 2005 and Soon Thrived


Sarala came to Girlstown when we started in 2005.   Her single-income family of six relied solely on her father’s ‘cooly’ or day-labourer income of 1000 Rupees per month (approximately $20 US).  Sarala’s chances of being freed from the cycle of poverty were slim, especially being a girl and the third of four children.

At one of the first meetings with the girls, they were all asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Silence filled the room.  Blank stares showed on their faces. We thought that perhaps the phrase didn’t translate into Tamil well.  It had.  The girls had simply never thought that there was a different live than what their mother and fathers were living, or that their grandparents and great grandparents had lived.

Dr. Pillai’s Innovative Transformation Program with PI at it’s core, changed all of that.  Sarala recognized the opportunity and took it to heart, quickly excelling at school in academics, computer science, sports, the arts and community service.  Sarala and her sisters were frequent visitors at a local old age facility and soon became the darlings of the community.

Sarala and Two Other Tripura Flowers

Supported with love from generous supporters and well wishers, the daily guidance of caretakers/champions/angels and particularly the Transformational Educational Tools; the girls thrived and truly blossomed into bright, beautiful, caring and valuable members of society.

In 2009, Sarala completed 12th grade and enrolled at a nearby technical college. Tripura Foundation financially supported continued education and encouraged her to remain living at Girlstown while going to college as “Akka” (big sister/ caretaker/ tutor) to her little sisters.   

In 2012, she earned a BSc in Computer Sciences and recently wrote her entrance exam to attend the Masters program at a prestigious university in Chennai.

Like lotuses that rise from the mud, Sarala and her friends blossomed into strong, beaming, inspirational young women. It was the girls that called themselves “The Tripura Flowers”.  A logo was designed that was set into a wristwatch to remind each girl who attended a heart-felt Farewell/Reunion in April, 2012 of the importance of their time spent at Girstown and not to waste a single minute of their lives.

Our Tripura Flowers are now Leaders.  There are countless more children in poor rural villages who need HoPE.

Please join us by supporting our goal to open 27 new centers in this Season of Growth.

Your basic contribution commitment of $10 US a month will make all the difference to a child like Sarala.

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