Volunteer of the Month – Varakulan Kantharaja

Varakulan Kantharaja
As you are probably now aware, a HoPE Center is many things; but, Tripura Foundation’s 37 Centers wouldn’t exist if kind-hearted skillful volunteers didn’t set them in place and keep them up and running via a multitude of services. Varakulan Kantharaja tops this month’s list of volunteers who bring HoPE to thousands of children in rural India. He was born in Sri Lanka but has lived near Chennai for 27 years. He had no experience working directly with poor children, but came to work as IT Project Manager for Pillai Center and Astroved over five years ago and has since been inspired to build up Internet presence as HoPE initiatives continue to develop.  Varakulan has yet to walk away from a challenge, whether late at night or early in the morning. He offers solutions to countless problems but modestly requests that we acknowledge his teammates for all successes on the techy front.

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