World Food Security Day

Even though we are now in the thick of July, we have stories and photos from October that we just have to share.

In India as well as other nations, October 6th is celebrated as World Food Security Day.

Within HoPE Learning Centers, teachers and children spoke about the importance of food and our need to cultivate land for food to meet the need of growing populations.

Creatively repurposing vacant lots in villages and unused niches in urban areas to grow food was emphasized over deforestation.

Children understood the importance of food. They grew crops and prepared their own meals from the ground up.

They promised that they will never waste food and instead will give away delicious and nutritious leftovers to poor, infirm and elderly people in need.

On the plus, we at Tripura Foundation annually serve almost a million mini-meals to poor children at our HoPE Learning Centers. Many of these children otherwise subsist on watery rice, so the mini-meals offer more in quantity and nutrition than their food during the remainder of their day.

Sponsor a HoPE Center child (for only 30 cents a day) or an entire HoPE Learning Center (for $360 a month). Your modest contribution will uplift their lives and destinies as well as everyone who will benefit from their knowledge and generosity.

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